WaniKani Updates April 18, 2018


Hello everyone. 久しぶりだね!

I bet you didn’t think you’d see me here, and that’s because we did a maintenance update today without needing to take the site down for the first time ever! (Cue cheers and applause for the dev team.)

Anyway, here’s everything we touched:


[Level 1→3] アメリカ人
[Level 1→3] フランス人
[Level 2→3] ビー玉
[Level 7→9]千円札
[Level 21→23] 保守主義
[Level 21→23] 楽天主義
[Level 30→32] 背広
[Level 30→32] 白旗
[Level 44→46]辛子


[Level 2] 円 - Changed to suffix 〜円
[Level 7] 〜札 - Changed to さつ & removed “label” meaning
[Level 11] 主位 - Changed to 首位 and made “first place” primary meaning (more common)
[Level 14] 約する - Changed to 約束する and moved to level 16 (more common)
[Level 19] 仏徒 - Changed to 仏教徒 (more common)
[Level 25] 革命者 - Changed to 革命家 (more common)


[Level 7] 札
[Level 7] 以後
[Level 9] 使用
[Level 10]番号札
[Level 13] 特選
[Level 14] 人参
[Level 16] 荷札
[Level 18] 品物
[Level 22] 値札
[Level 25] 優れる
[Level 34] 以降
[Level 39] 御札
[Level 46] 辛口
[Level 51] 洗濯する


[Level 11] 相図 - Uncommon, 合図 already included
[Level 16] 面 - Redundant
[Level 20] 文句する - Not common enough, too many complaints (haha I did a pun)
[Level 39] 六 (Six Radical) - No longer needed, no associated kanji
[Level 40] 堀川 - Outdated, used for proper nouns nowadays

And it looks like those of you who are at the right levels to get new words should have them in your lesson queues right… about… now (probably). So go do them!

:heart: :crabigator:

Low level lessons at higher level
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I was way more excited than I should have been seeing this in my lessons queue.


Psst… Are there any plans to add new kanji to new or existing levels? Or is it just backfilling some vocab for the foreseeable future?


Right now we have some big projects we’re focusing on that we’re eager to get out to you guys. That means new kanji are on the back burner for now, but it’s definitely on the list. (Just like, really far down on the list atm.)


Oooh 14 new lessons! that’s exciting!


I know it’s just my personal experience, but I saw 主位 a while back while watching a stupid celebrity race on Japanese TV. But if 首位 is more common, then I guess it makes sense to change it.


Now you old timey WK users will know both :muscle:


Are you referring to that long awaited radical/mnemonic rewrite? :scream:


It affects like… a fifth of the site so it’s taking me a million years. But yes. And some other things like new sentences. And secrets.

Has anyone actually reached level 60?
Kaitenji, an upcoming SRS japanese learning tool
Empty wanikani for Non-native speakers or be able to change the "official translation"
[feature suggestion] Demote button on radical/kanji/vocab pages

WaniKani Matrix Interface Edition confirmed.


Still waiting for the anime versions of the art on this site to be released to appeal to the otaku userbase.

In the meantime, I’ll take this update. Thanks for your hard work~


rainbow_heart :durtle_noice:

That made me laugh way more than it should.


Aaaaaaaah so exiting :sparkles:


New lessons! :smiley:


Oh! Because I was wondering why I was seeing 札 in my lessons and I’d passed that several levels ago :slightly_smiling_face: I was so excited to get new lessons then came here and saw that they were part of the update :sweat_smile:

Kudos to you hardworking, masters :ramen::champagne::durtle_love:


Oooh, so that’s why suddenly my lessons got piled up right after finished doing a session of lesson marathon. lol

Keep up the good work!


Ooh, thanks for keeping us updated! Thie bit about 文句する gave me a giggle, ha.

Also congrats about this:

So @ all of y’all:


:clap::clap::clap: :bowing_woman:


I was both surprised and oddly happy to find 14 new lessons waiting for me when I logged onto WK :see_no_evil: it’s been a while ^^

Just a couple proofreading things I noticed as I went through them:

  • For 値札:

    –>“The king always buys stuff without[…]”

  • This is really really really minor and doesn’t even really matter or make a difference at all, but for 優れる:
    –> Quotation mark before the question mark instead of after: “at once”?

  • For 以降:

    –>"…you’ll never need to find new means of descending."

A big thanks to all of you for all the work you continue to do! お疲れ様〜 :crabigator::sparkles:


Oh, this is why I kept getting this weird kanji wrong though I’m at lv 26 now. Grrrrrrrr!!!


Little updates like these make me strangely happy and increasingly content with my decision to go for lifetime subscription :smile: