[Userscript] WaniKani External Definition v0.6

The original topic for this script was closed for a while, so I created this new topic.
It is now open again, so please head over to the original thread and post there!

Original contents of this topic

On various WaniKani pages, the script displays information about kanji from Kanjipedia and information about vocab words from Weblio.

This script was originally developed by polv who is no longer using WaniKani and therefore cannot test new versions of the script. That’s why I decided to continue to work on this script.

I have released a new version today which hotfixes an issue that can lead to error 429 “Rate limit exceeded”. So if you have an old version of the script (version 0.5 or below) please upgrade to the new version.
Note: You cannot simply update your script because the script author has changed, therefore technically it is a new script. Please delete the old script from your computer and install the new version from scratch. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

@jprspereira It would be very kind of you if you could update your “greatest scripts ever” list so that people are directed to the new version. Thanks :slight_smile:


I’ll be adding a new chapter to my Guide these next days. I’ll make sure to take care of this as well :sunglasses: :+1:


You could ask CyrusS to open the thread again

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Oh, good to know! Next time then…

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No you couldn’t

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Well played :clap:t2:

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Just for everybody’s information, the original thread is now open again. If anybody has questions or bug reports for this script, please add them to the original thread:

Also, @Mods could you please turn the original thread’s OP into a Wiki? I would like to add a link to the new version to it as I have taken over maintenance of the script from polv.

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Done! :durtle_hello: