[Userscript] WaniKani More Kanji Info (JLPT and Pinyin, Oh My!)

Have you ever wanted more info on your kanji? More? Moooooore?
Well fear not, WaniKani Kanji Info will give you all the info you need!

Specifically, this plugin adds the following information to each kanji’s page:

  • Japanese school grade
  • Frequency of occurrence (within newspapers)
  • JLPT level
  • Mandarin reading in pinyin

It will also display grade, frequency, and JLPT level on a Kanji’s lesson page, so you can decide when learning the kanji how useful/relevant it is.


Install here!

Any suggestions for other information you would like to see are welcome.


Minor update Fixes issue causing the Add Synonym button to not work. Felt pretty stupid when I realised it was my fault haha.

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This is really useful!
Can we have this information in the pane when you do reviews, and optionally near the Kanji when it’s displayed a review?


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Bit of a wild suggestion, but bear with me. I’m learning Mandarin in addition to Japanese, but WaniKani is a far superior tool than any of the Mandarin equivalents. So, if you were able to somehow make it so that WaniKani tests the Chinese reading in addition or the on’yomi or kun’yomi (depends on the kanji), that would be so helpful!


There seems to be a problem with the JLPT data though. Jisho, wkstats and Yomichan all list the kanji 説 (theory) as N3, while this script says it’s N4:

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Hello, I am trying to install the plugin. However I always get this error →

Annotazione 2019-12-25 133708

Can you suggest any way to solve this?

@ArseNiko have a look at this

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Sorry, I’ve been inactive and haven’t touched this script in ages. By some sort of Christmas miracle it still appears to work haha.

@ArseNiko Try using another browser (Firefox or Chrome)? It sounds like it might be a compatibility issue.

@Chikuhitsu (sorry for the very late response) I forgot what website I pulled the JLPT data from. I don’t think JLPT publish official kanji listings? I should probably redo it using wkstats’ data.


Yoo… ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

I found this script a few months ago and I really liked the idea. But for me it did not really work in chrome. It was behind the lesson banner so you could not see it and it did not update its data properly.

So I decided to renew the script myself because I didn’t want to bother you and this script seems to be discontinued (guess I am 2 years late). Anyway, I hope it’s no problem that I kept your name as the author for the extended/fixed script.

While I was at it I added a few additional features too:

  • item info while reviewing (not only while doing lessons) and improved info page
  • Kanji: Joyo info
  • Radicals: radical number, stroke number, and frequency
  • Vocab: JLPT level and frequency (top most used and percentage in texts)
  • All: WaniKani level

Because this was originally only a fix meant for my own needs it is not complete, it is a beta. Please report bugs and give me feedback. Thank you :smiling_face:

Here is the download link for anyone interested:

(’ ^ ω ^) vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv (^ ω ^ ‘)
(^ ω ^ ‘) > Install WK Item Info < (’ ^ ω ^)
(’ ^ ω ^) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ (^ ω ^ ')

Edit: I didn’t have the chance to check if it works on multiple browsers. And the radical info while reviewing is also not tested yet (I don’t have any radical reviews for quite some time). So sorry about that! But please report bugs when you find any (ᵔ◡ᵔ)

Image of WK item info box while reviewing:

Image of WK item info box while doing a lesson:

This is the page for the 母 (mother) Kanji:


Unfortunately both scripts don’t work for me. The original one does not show any information anywhere at all - your new script works partly. Where it does work is during the reviews/learning process:

If I understand the script correctly, then for the overview page it creates not a <div id=“wk-kanji-info” …>-Element, but a -Element? I searched for it on the page, to see if there is any interference with other scripts that might be running - but there isn’t - the Element is missing, and even if I deactivate all the other scripts and have just the “Open Framework” and this script running, there is no change. So I don’t think there should be any interference.

I am running a Firefox (on an Arch Linux, but I guess that shouldn’t be of any interest, as this is just a JavaScript running inside the browser…)


I found the bug. It was because I did not properly tell wkof to load a module. For me it still loaded because another userscript included that module. But I uploaded a fix that should make it appear again!

Thank you for reporting this :smile:


Wow! Thank you for this extremely fast reaction, and of course for the effort you put into this. Highly appreciated. Just tested the fix, and it now works like a charm. This is really interesting and useful information.

どうもありがとうございます :bowing_man: :pray:


It doesn’t work anymore since the last update y_y