[Userscript] WaniKani Hide Buttons in Review

46 PM

var button_to_hide = [1, 3];
var button_name = [
        /*0*/ "option-wrap-up",
        /*1*/ "option-last-items",
        /*2*/ "option-item-info",
        /*3*/ "option-kana-chart",
        /*4*/ "option-audio",
        /*5*/ "option-double-check",
        /*6*/ "option-retype",
        /*7*/ //"option-mark0",
        /*8*/ //"option-mark1",
        /*9*/ //"option-mark2",
        /*10*/ //"option-mark3",
        /*11*/ //"option-mark4"

Select the button name you want to hide.

Hide overly clunky buttons. Can be modified to hide buttons in [Userscript] Item Marker and (Obsolete) [UserScript] WaniKani Double Check

To make Item Marker Script works

I should learn more about Web Scraping with Javascript, to automate such modification…

My dream is to create WaniKani Blacklist.

Screenshot please?

It’s not clear to me what buttons this script is hiding.

Updated the code. Should be working as it should now.

in the pictures it shows an example sentence directly below the kanji? how do get that?

thanks :slight_smile: