[UserScript] WaniKani Lightning Mode

When used during the lesson quiz, after getting a wrong answer that causes an info box to automatically open, this script will sometimes cause that box to immediately close again without user interaction. Any chance you could fix this behavior or make doublecheck work in lessons?

Edit: Upon additional investigation, it looks like the relevant lines are:

case 'warning':
case '':
	$('#additional-content #option-item-info').click();

So if there is no explicit case for incorrect, and this causes it to click the item info button. This means that when the answer is wrong, the item info box will be automatically opened if it was closed and automatically closed if it was opened. What is the expected behavior?

hey, I since I updated chrome the lightning mode script doesn’t seem to work anymore :confused:
hope you can help me out, thanks in advance

First recommendation would be to switch to Double Check script, which contains a newer (and still supported) version of lightning mode. You can disable the Double Check features that you don’t want to use.


just installed it and everything works just fine, thank you :relaxed:

edit: still have one question. enabled the "Show Item Info
" feature but the info won’t show when my answer is incorrect. the page will drop down a bit but the info won’t pop up


these are my enabled scripts btw

To get the info to display upon wrong answer when lightning mode is enabled, turn on “Delay when wrong” in the Mistake Delay tab.

I suppose I could make that more intuitive by automatically turning on “Delay when wrong” if “Show Item Info -> After incorrect answer” is enabled.

Then again, I wonder if that would create confusion for people who want lightning mode to auto-advance even during a wrong answer. In that case, “Delay when wrong” would have no effect. So, maybe it’s better to leave it as-is.

Anyway… as I said, just turn on “Delay when wrong”.

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thanks for replying

I actually have this option turned on. I guess something is hindering the info box to open when I get a wrong answer :thinking:


Hmm… okay.
Unfortunately, I won’t have time to look into it for at least a few weeks. But if I remember by then, I’ll take a look.

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I’m pretty sure it is because you still have the lightening mode script enabled. It is interfering with the double-check script.


thank you, guess I overlooked that.

everything’s working fine now :blush:


Is there a way to put the button basically anywhere that isn’t right next to the home button? Misclicks from that (especially with a slightly janky mouse) have caused me quite a lot of pain.

hey, I’m so sorry if this has been asked a bunch already, my brain is super tired lately, but is there a plugin that pairs well with this one where I can click something to show info on the previous item? or better yet automatically shows the info

You could remove this script and install [Double Check] instead. Double Check contains its own version of Lightning Mode, plus an option to automatically open the Info panel if you answer incorrectly (And also if you answer correctly, though probably only if you’re not using Lightning Mode).

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yesss, thank you! this is what I was vaguely remembering

edit: checked everything under Mistake Delay and it works just like I was thinking, helps remind me not to just fall back on one single meaning/reading, while keeping lightning mode going :cherry_blossom::sparkles:

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Maybe you should update the OP to redirect to Double Check?

Not sure if this is just me, or if WK was recently updated, but with lightning mode enabled audio no longer plays on reviews.

WaniKani recently made changes to how audio playback works which cause this script’s audio playback to break. I doubt this script will be updated with a fix. Instead, you could try using the DoubleCheck script, which is made by the same person, works with the new audio changes, and has its own lightning mode functionality already included. If you do that, make sure to disable or uninstall this script so that they won’t conflict with each other. Also, note that right now, people seem to be experiencing some audio related issues in the current version of DoubleCheck, but there is a version here which includes some fixes I made that people have reported resolving their audio issues.


Thanks a lot for notifying about this and fixing the script. I freaked out a bit ^^’

This script suddenly stopped working for me today…

So I searched around but could not find an obvious reason. Maybe it’s just me. :woman_shrugging:

Anyways, I went and installed the Double-Check script instead:

I thought I’d leave this note here in case somebody else encounters the same issue.


Thanks @NicoleRauch! It stopped working for me as well, but only the part where correct answers move me to the next card. The correct answer remains and I have to tap Enter again in order to move on. I’ve reinstalled it, but I’ll wait a bit to see if there’s anything else to do to get it working right.

Thanks for the Double-Check recommendation.


Could it be related to this somehow? :eyes: :thinking:

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