[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

Yeah my observation was, at least for me, that it only happens when the wanikani tab is selected on browser startup. But if i restart my browser without the wanikani tab being selected, it seems to be working again.

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This is a good tip. Thanks.

Sometimes looking up the kanji on Jisho.org can help you see the radicals. Look under Radicals for the “Temporary” kanji. Some of the other radicals change too depending on their position.

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Something’s not quite right here, I think… (signpost paticle)


Yeah this script has been breaking all my other scripts, too.

I only just started using the script, and I like it a whole bunch when it works. Is there any chance of a fix, or an alternative script, please? Pretty, pretty please? :pleading_face:

The author has not been around for a while so a fix is unlikely. There is a work around. If you make sure the current tab is not Wanikani when you close your browser the bug doesn’t happen. This way you can still use this script without the annoyance of the bug.


It seems that with this script I have double audio pronunciation played and it sounds like a weird echo…

It’s not this. It’s Double-Check.

Hmm. Could be as I disabled this one and it worked but now it happens again.

This script stop showing info during reviews. After I got a wrong kanji, I usually read the info but it is not showing any info. But outside the reviews, the scrip works fine. And since the script code relies on lots of external files, I have not idea on how to fix this. Is anyone having the same issue?

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I don’t understand why this feature is not directly available on Wanikani, it’s a missed opportunity :face_with_monocle:


It would help a lot with memorising readings. At the very least, they should incorporate this in Wanikani and make it optional for each user.


Yeah, it stopped showing up for me as well. It’s a bummer because it’s the best script on the website alongside the Reorder Script




Thank you so much!

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Thanks a ton!

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I’m wondering why the phonetic-semantic section in my lessons and reviews displays with no gap between it and the section above? Not that big of a deal but it would be nicer to read if it was spaced out. Looking at other screenshots in this thread it seems not to be a problem others are experiencing. I’m using Chrome if that makes any difference.

The first thing to do is disable all other scripts to see if it’s caused by another one conflicting.

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I’m not sure why I didn’t try testing that before. :man_facepalming:t2:

A script called Integrated Dashboard Overhaul is causing it. I really only have that because it puts the critical review time in bold on the Review Forecast. I’m not sure why it would be having an effect in Reviews and Lessons.

Don’t know if the script author is still around but I’ll post in that thread and see if someone can resolve the conflict.