[Userscript] Keisei 形声 Semantic-Phonetic Composition

I took this on the page of level 12 kanji 僕, somehow the level is mislabeled as 44.

Presumably the kanji was moved from level 44 at some point

Is anyone else using this in Safari 14? I’m not sure if there is just an issue with Safari, but if I have this userscript enabled it cases all my other userscripts to fail to load. As soon as I disable it, everything else works.

Edit to add:

Unfortunately the Javascript Console doesn’t show any errors. I only happened to figure out it was the cause of the rest of my userscripts not running through trial and error of disabling/enabling the various scripts I have installed.

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I might be if it wasn’t for the weird situation with Tampermonkey on it…

First of all thanks for the script, I think it will be quie usefull for me in the future.

Now I only have a question what do the symbols on top of the of the kanji mean? And what do the color stand for?
For example てん green, ちゅう red and so forth.

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天 = perfect phonetic match
上 = strong phonetic connection
中 = weak phonetic connectiom
下 = no phonetic connection

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Thanks a lot, that helps!

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