Scripts just stopped working

Hello, I visited my dashboard today as usual to do some reviews and noticed that my scripts werent running at all. I have restarted chrome… I have checked that the scripts are running and tamper monkey shows they are. I haven’t changed anything. Has anyone else had this happen?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Do you use Keisei Semantic-Phonetic composition script? If you use this script it causes that when you close your browser with the Wanikani tab open your other scripts won’t work when you start Wanikani again. The work around is to set your browser to a non-Wanikani tab when you close the browser. Then the problem doesn’t occur.


Got it. Thank you. Any idea how to get the scripts working again now though?? I am not super familiar with scripts and their workings. just the installation process.

EDIT : I figured it out. just needed to disable and re-enable in Tamper monkey. All fixed… I didn’t reactivate the Semantic script ha

You can use the Semantic script. Just make sure Wanikani is not the selected tab when you close the browser. This makes the problem go away.

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