[Userscript] Integrated Dashboard Overhaul

Hey Guys!

Have any of you already seen the new preview and thought: Awesome! But… ( Gasps ) now my scripts don’t work anymore :open_mouth:

Well. I got your back! I’ve combined ideas from other scripts into one nice package and integrated them into the new dashboard.
I didn’t copy the scripts but reimplemented everything (with modern JavaScript) and in most cases just adopted the ideas.
Here once again a big thanks to the original authors!

But now to my script! Wanikani: Integrated Dashboard Overhaul

I put a reduced version of the “[Userscript] Progress Percentages” next to the search bar because it fits there perfectly. If you want all features of the original version, just install it. The original version will “replace” mine, but use the new styles anyway.

Furthermore, the “[Userscript] Critical Review Countdown” unfortunately no longer works with the new design. It was indeed a bit tricky but now the next Critical Review is highlighted in the forecast on the right side → see screenshots
The idea is that you know what review is important for leveling up. So if your lowest radical is at apprentice 2 the next critical review will be the review that puts your lowest radical to apprentice 3. In other words: if you want to level up fast do all reviews that are highlighted. The ones before it are not important (at least not for leveling up fast).
If nothing is highlighted… do your lessons :wink:
wanikani-critical-now wanikani-critical-10pm

Another very cool script is " [Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Hover Details". I thought this would fit perfectly on the new dashboard and now you can see directly on the big “Lesson” and “Review” button if you need to do radicals, kanji or vocabs. You do not get the hover effect from this script. But I can certainly implement this if asked.The original script adds only information for the next lesson (if I’m not wrong). Here you can see both.

Additionally I have adjusted the spacing of the page a little bit, because I didn’t like some things so much :confused:
Works also on mobile!

If you like it, feel free to write a comment. If not then in any case also! I’m happy about feedback, I’m happy to customize the script and the styling and implement features you want :slight_smile:

Oh yeah… since the script is designed for the preview version of the 09.03., it is possible that the dashboard on the non-preview page does strange things before the 09.03. :wink:


That looks neat. They mentioned thinking about doing something about the search bar taking up a lot of space, but if they end up not doing anything I might just steal your CSS

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Sure pls do :wink:
And sorry for stealing part of your script :S

No problem. I bet your implementation is better anyway


Nice, I really like how you display the item breakdown in the new picture. I’m working on adding the hover functionality to the dashboard now, but this is really convenient for people that want to see all the information immediately.


Thanks! :).

so the green highlighted scripts are the ones not working on the new dashboard for me. Can anyone help point me in the right direction to get some of these back up and running if possible? I am a little lost…

I think it might be better to just wait until the new dashboard goes live and see if the authors update their scripts. If they don’t you could mention it in the scripts thread and someone else will likely fix it


I don’t think that implementing every other script into this would make that much sense as @Kumirei pointed out. My idea was to add features that wouldn’t work the way they worked before with the new dashboard in a new and interesting way. (Progress Percentages as an exception)

Most of the scripts can be updated with only a small change. If any of the scripts completely breaks and can’t be adjusted in a smooth way I will see what I can do :slight_smile:
Additionally some of the scripts may work on the new dashboard but aren’t activated because they doesn’t include the preview.wanikani url

My Levels overview plus script just wasn’t set to apply to the preview.wanikani.com url. I just pushed an update that will include the script in the preview so let me know if there are still issues after you get that.

I have a feeling most of the other scripts that don’t appear to be “working” are most likely just not applying to preview as well.


Yes think so too. Only some scripts need to change their coding or style.

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Any chance you will implement the styling changes to the progress percentages any time soon? I tried to look at @BJennWare’s script to just pull out that part (I don’t care about the rest), but I’m not versed in this type of code well enough to do it without possibly messing something up. -.-’


Am working on updating my scripts right now!


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Whoa! :open_mouth:

@MissDagger is right on with that image :laughing:

@Kumirei is the bestest!

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dashboard progress plus is up!

@MissDagger @inspectatoro I have updated the scripts I noticed were broken. If you notice something off don’t hesitate to tell me.


Seems to be working as it should. Thanks!


Thank you for this, I love it.

Although I have opened the main page 2 or 3 times and see the review button with 4K, 15V or something like that, and my brain panics for a second: “4K??? 4 thousand reviews!!! WTF… wait… no, no, no… 4 Kanji reviews!! 4! only 4! OK, OK, all is well”


Wow you guys are awesome.
I love the way you all integrate and improve upon each others work.
Thank you for putting all your efforts into this.
Impressed and appreciated!!!