Is there a way to check "apprentice" words


Is there a way to check which words are in my “apprentice”? I want to see which words I keep getting wrong so I can better prepare when I am tested again.

Also, on a unrelated note, why does the “ignore” button not work anymore? I know it was discontinued etc but it was working up until 2 days ago for me until I installed another script that has “retype” option.

Thanks in advance!

My script Item Inspector tracks which items you keep getting wrong. By default it tracks leeches according to a leech formula, so an apprentice you get right won’t show up and a guru item you got wrong will show up. But if you prefer to check only apprentices you can define a custom table with a filter on SRS Level that targets the apprentices.


Because that script has not been maintained for almost a decade, haha. Just use the retype option in Double Check instead


Thanks a lot!

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Oh that makes sense! Thanks!

there are so many options there I get confused!

is there a way to check only leeches? item inspector checks and shows them only in export mode to excel file? or does it show in popup on browser?

is there an option to see the recently failed on reviews as well?


Item Inspector works with table displayed on the Wanikani dashboard. There is a dropdown on the left hand side of the Item Inspector top bar that let you select the table. If you pick “Leeches” your table will display your leeches. The “Failed Last Review” table will display items that failed the last review.

There is no need to export if you just want to display your table. Just move the mouse over an item and the popup will show.

I hope this helps.


is there a way to “write in kanji form” in this window?

I mean, I would like it to be the same when we type here on forum, we write in hiragana and then we can choose which kanji we want.

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In the top left dropdown of Self Study Quiz choose Japanese to English.

I’m surprised you didn’t link to your dashboard apprentice script :eyes: :caught_durtling:


Haha, oops. I completely forgot about that one, despite having made it for and using it myself! Great script 10/10

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wow awesome, thanks! Btw, what does the different apprentice numbers mean? apprentice 1, apprentice 2 etc

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They are the different stages before an item reaches guru, illustrated like this for each of the current level kanji on the dashboard:

More information here:


oh right!! thanks!! :smiley:


On a somewhat related note…

I have recently tried following the 100 apprentice, 500 guru rule so I am not bombarded with tons of reviews daily as I found it extremely unsustainable for me.

So far I’ve managed to get it down to 16 apprentice and 440 guru. I know I am within that rule now but I want to get the guru further down so I get less daily reviews in the future.

I just started a new level but haven’t done any of the lessons yet. Should I start now or wait until guru goes down?

Thanks in advance!!

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You could install these scripts to check how many reviews you’re getting on a daily basis: [Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline and [Userscript] Expected Daily Reviews

A bit redundant if you use the first script I linked to, but if you want extra details (like the pink and purple and :fire: as shown above) on the forecast you can install this one too: [Userscript] Forecast details / critical reviews

Other than that, my only tip would be to not add a large amount of lessons at one time, stick to a set number like 5 or 10 per day/week or whatever you feel comfortable with. If the load of reviews become overwhelming, take a break from doing lessons, which you’re already doing, so good job :+1: If you feel like the guru pile is too big you could go for a lower number like 400 or 300. See what fits you :slight_smile:

Good luck with your studies, buddy! :crabigator: :sparkles:


Thanks a lot!! I love the forecast details/critical review, exactly what I need!


also: ?

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