Unfulfilled Level 4 promise :)

Hey folks, I’m here to bother with a noob question:

On Jan 25 I level up from Level 2 to 3 and got an email from WaniKani, informing me that I was eligible for receiving some cool stickers, and also anticipated that on my next level up, I would have received another email with some interesting statisics, but I never got that promised email in my inbox from when I level up to 3 to 4 on February 2nd (double checked the spam directory already).

Here’s what the email for the Level 3 update stated:

"And hey, keep up the good work. You’re doing awesome.

I’ll check back in when you hit Level 4 with some statistics about the things you’ve learned, and what you’ll be able to do with it.

Until then…"

Any idea on how to access to those described stats?

I don’t really remember if there was an email like that when I was around that level (I didn’t receive the email saying I could receive stickers - common problem don’t worry). However, people just go to wkstats.com to see their statistics. You need your API key to log in on that site and see your info. You can find your API key in here. This is a 3rd party website by the way, but the creator is a very smart lvl 60 guy :slight_smile:


Odd, perhaps it got caught in your spam filter? I just received the email a few days ago, here’s what it says.

Hey baggykiin,

Nice job finishing the first three levels! You’d be surprised at how many people don’t make it, so, you’re kind of special. I hope your time with WaniKani so far has given you an idea of whether or not WaniKani works for you.

Now that you’ve done a few levels, I wanted to pass along some stats. Because of the way we’ve ordered kanji and vocabulary, you know a lot more than you think. Here’s what’s coming up:
• Level 5: 97.50% of the kanji that Japanese 1st grade elementary students need to know, and 78.48% of the JLPT5 kanji. Think about it this way: 1st graders take a whole year to learn this many kanji. How long will it take you to finish level 5?
• Level 10: 98.73% of the JLPT5 kanji, 75.90% of the JLPT4 kanji, and 88.75% of the kanji that Japanese elementary school 2nd grade students have to know.
• Level 15: 86.00% of the kanji Japanese 3rd grade students have to know and 67.50% of the kanji that shows up in Japanese Twitter.
• Level 20: 76.00% of the kanji that appears in Japanese news websites.
• Level 30: 88.83% of the JLPT3 kanji, 86.48% of the kanji in Japanese Wikipedia articles, and 88.50% of the kanji that Japanese elementary school 4th graders should know.
• Level 40: 83.11% of the JLPT2 kanji, 86.83% of the kanji found in Japanese books/ebooks, and 90.61% of the kanji that Japanese 6th graders should know (yeah, we skipped a grade).
• Level 50: 98.05% of the kanji found on Japanese news sites, 53.49% of the kanji in JLPT1, and 96.92% of the kanji found on Japanese Twitter.
• Level 60: 84.78% of the kanji that Japanese 9th graders should know, 78.81% of the kanji found in JLPT 1, and 99.21% of the kanji found in Japanese books/ebooks.
Unfortunately, this is the point where I let you know that in order to continue your progress, you have to become a premium member. Besides access to the rest of the levels (4+), you’ll be able to use “vacation mode” (pause your reviews temporarily) and get a fancy color around your name in the forums. If you beat me to it and you’re already a member, then thank you so much for helping make this all possible. I really, really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing about all the Japanese you learn.


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Thanks @jprspereira.
I came across wkstats.com some days ago while digging in the forum looking for an answer to my problem and that’s indeed a top-notch website for WK stats :slight_smile:

However, I’ve seen some other WK members looking at their stats directly from some charts in the Dashboard page, so I thought this was a cool feature unlockable with level 4.

I guess I was wrong at this point :wink:

Awesome! Thanks for positing the full email content @baggykiin :+1:
It definitely contains some interesting stats to keep in mind.

My email was caught by the spam filter

There are a lot of 3rd party tools made my users. Maybe it was that.

Is this what you’re looking for? If so, you’ll need to install this first in order for the script to work. Here’s a list with most 3rd party tools (scripts) from users:

Ah, weird! I doubled checked all the emails in the spam directory and there was nothing there from WaniKani.

Just wondering if I accidentaly delete it while I was half asleep…I’m so addicted to WK now that I’m doing my reviews as first thing in the morning before even getting out of my bed :sweat:

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You could just send them an email directly and ask. WK peeps are very friendly

That’s exactly what I was talking about!

Thanks @jprspereira, I owe you a beer (or a bag full of mochi if you prefer) :wink:

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I most probably will, at least to be sure nothing was messed up with my account.
Thanks @Kumirei

Maybe when I get to visit Italy! :wink: Cheers!

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Ah? Aww, I didn’t get those mails either.

I’ve made my desktop into a little happy Wanikani learning spot, using a picture I found on the tofugu shop :blush: Geek factor 1000, but it works for me!


FYI: I updated the visual guide on how to install user scripts. It no longer mentions Greasemonkey for Firefox users. So at this point, referring people to that link will only confuse newcomers, doing more harm than good imo.

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Hey, thanks for fixing it and for letting me know. :relaxed: I edited my post.

Back to this thread with an update:

I’ve finally got the email I was waiting for after reaching Level 4, but there’s definetely a problem with that:

Today I’ve reached Level 5 and not 4!!! :smile:

The email starts with: “Nice job finishing the first three levels”…

I believe the problem was caused from deciding to become a Premium member, even before completing the first three levels.

The email in fact ends with: “Unfortunately, this is the point where I let you know that in order to continue your progress, you have to become a premium member. Besides access to the rest of the levels (4+)”

But I’m a Premim member from about 1 month now :slight_smile:

Just wanted to give an update on this in case enyone else will face this issue in the future.


This is a thing we run into with some users, where their “benchmark” emails show up a level behind. I’m still not entirely sure why it only happens some of the time. :confounded:

That reminds me that I never got any of those emails.
I wonder if it’s because I had such a long break between level 1 and 2…

I haven’t got any emails like that. Just ones that were trying to get me to sign up for life time and then an email about 50% off monthly plan…nothing ever about my levels or anything. So now the only emails I get are to tell me someone replied to me here. I want stickers…what do you have to do for that?

They’re often caught by spam filters

Email hello@wanikani.com, they’re nice people