Unfulfilled Level 4 promise :)

Well, I didn’t check closely at the time, but I am getting all their other emails, though.
(Like the 2018 learning plan from Koichi or the weekly summary email).

If you email hello@wanikani.com, I’m sure they’ll sort you out.
Ideally, they give out two stickers and a handwritten postcard.
Viet wrote mine! :sparkles:

Also tagging @TofuguKanae since she’s the Happiness Officer and can confirm all these.

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Could be some sync issues between wk and our emailing service going on too - also been seeing delivery issues happen with Microsoft owned email services, so it could be that depending on the service you use. Emailed them, but hearing back feels pretty unlikely :frowning:



Well, here goes nothing. I just emailed hello@wanikani.com

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Let’s spread some WaniKani love…here’s the handwritten postcard and stikers I’ve received after hitting level 3 :star_struck:



That sure is a derpagator.


What did you say in the email? I don’t want to appear rude or attention-seeking, so I am a bit hesitant (especially if 12389257 other users are sending them an email as well)

I remember that happened to me too!

I signed up with my Gmail, though, and it was a level before for me iirc.

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I have a mighty need!
How long did it take till you got your sticker treasures? I hit level 3 on Feb 3rd and have been eagerly checking my mail since :3
Stickers are the best!!!
:tomato: :heart: :tomato:

Nothing special.
I just mentioned I didn’t get the emails you are supposed to receive at those levels. I added a link to the forum to explain why I am contacting them directly. That’s it.

I didn’t get an answer, though :thinking:

EDIT: it’s the weekend, durrr. Of course I won’t get an answer just yet.

I’ve finally received the stickers! It took them a while because I’m already lvl 7 :grinning:
Also postcard is handwritten and they even wrote “Hello” in my native language! It made me really happy :heart_eyes:

Motivation increased! Big thanks for WK staff!!

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Is it too late for an old geezer like myself? Im sure viet would make sure to hook me up with that good stuff.


I have yahoo and I check my spam folder often. Maybe it is because I signed up a long time ago and stopped at level one then started using WK again last month?

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Didn’t rerceive anythjing, is that a thing for US Residents only?

Any South American received?

That’s so cool! I continue to be very impressed by WK staff and the community too!

We send our international friends stickers, too (of course, including countries in South America ) !

If you haven’t received the email awhile after completing level 3, send me your mailing address and your full name to hello@wanikani.com :slight_smile:


Yes I got mine recently!!!




Aaaah, the pokemon one is really cool :star_struck:

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