Finally lvl 12 yay!


I’m so happy, I’m finally making some progress.
For the longest time I didn’t do any lessons or reviews on Wanikani and I ended up deleting all my progress. Back at the time I was on a level 10. Then I restarted the whole thing. And now that I’ve been actually more consistent with Wanikani reviews and lessons, (even though sometimes I’ve had 700 reviews but never gave up) I’m making some pretty good progress. It’s such a huge enjoyment when you see a kanji somewhere and you actually recognize it. Also, usually in the beginning of every level I’m in pain because there’re so many new kanjis coming right at me at once but after a short period of time I remember those new ones too. Idk, it’s such a big feeling of an accomplishment even though it might seem little to some people.
I’m really trying to make Wanikani a habit that stays because I want to get to that lvl 60. Still going on, on my own pase though.
I’m not sure if this post is super irrelevant but I just wanted to write/tell this to someone since I have no friends who study Japanese or even know about Wanikani.
Wanikani is the best site ever, really.
Have a wonderful day everyone.



Sounds like someone needs to hang around the forums more often. Make some new friends, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’m glad somebody made it to level 12. I stayed stuck on level 11 until i gave up and reset back to 1!


Aw, you’ll get there! I’m keeping thumbs up for you!


Congratulations! your post is very inspiring and it made my day, I gave up at level 10 too in 2016 and now I’m working my way up to reach where I was so I understand your pain and what you’re going through, stories like yours inspire me to never give up and continue no matter what even if life gets pretty hard (lots of nasty stuff happening right now irl for me) but no matter what let’s reach that level 60 together! :smiley:


Don’t listen to this person. The forums will consume your l̶i̶f̶e̶Japanese study time.



Thanks! I came to the conclusion though, that what level I am at is not the important part. I want to KNOW this stuff and follow/participate in conversations in 日本語. Which why I reset: i couldn’t recognize half the vocab I had burnt so i didn’t feel that those levels had been successful. Doing it veeeery sloooowy now!


I’m so happy to hear that my post cheered you up! Your comment is so kind! :slight_smile:
I’m sorry that you’re having some troubles irl, but the bad stuff never lasts. Stay strong!
We’ll absolutely reach lvl 60 someday. Let’s do it! :sunny:


It’s indeed important to know the basics. Now that you’ve reset your progress, your journey back to lvl 11 might not be so challenging since you’ll probably recognize some kanjis/vocabulary etc. every now and then in the lessons. :slight_smile:



I’m about 80% to level 12 as of now but probably won’t reach it today, my brain doesn’t feel like being used at all.

Edit: I did reach it, woo :smiley:



You’re doing great, but rest is important too. :slight_smile: After a small break you’ll be on fire again!


Great! I’m glad you got right back on the saddle! Join this forum a little more. You can complain about how Leebo levels up so fast compared to the rest of us. 'cept Vanilla or something. :unamused:


Well done! I found myself a little stuck in level 11, but I’m plowing through and hope to reach 12 sometime soon :slight_smile:


Hahah sounds good! I indeed want to be more involved with this community. It’s so much fun to read how other people are doing with their studies and get motivation or even help others. :smile:


Breaks really are amazing how they help study.



That’s awesome! I’m nowhere near 12 despite having this for a year (it took me a long time to convince myself to actually pay for the higher levels) so hearing that you’re powering through is inspiring lol


Hahah, well, I joined this site the 22nd of September 2015, so compared to me you’re doing great! :rofl:


lol I wonder how far we’ll be by this time next year


Let’s hope that at least a few levels ahead! :joy:


I can relate. Well, to be more accurate, I can relate to the first part of your sentence: I have no friends. BUT, I have WaniKani, and that means I have @koichi, though he’s more of an overlord than a friend, I can still tell people he’s a friend and no one can confirm or deny it, so that’s cool. If nothing else, let this comment serve as a form of solidarity, that there are other people in your same position that are rooting for you, and are here to help you. Whether you believe it or not, everyone here is your friend, and we’re super happy with your progress too! I personally am jumping up and down in my office right now because of how excited I am. You’ve motivated me to do better, so thank you, and keep working hard!