WaniKani lvl 3 stickers

Hello everyone!

I haven’t ever posted on this forum before (although I’ve done a lot of reading here!) and I’ve only started using WaniKani for the past 2 weeks, but I felt like I had to come over here and say a big thank you to everyone and anyone involved with this site!
I received my level 3 stickers and letter and was very moved by the gesture even though I knew beforehand that I was going to receive them!!!
I love the personalised nature of the letter and the Japanese-written part, which I’m still missing Kanji-knowledge for and I’m excited to reach level 10 to be able to properly decipher the message!

A big THANK YOU from me for this much needed encouragement on this journey!!!

All the best,


That’s great to hear. ^^

The question is~ drum roll

Will you manage to convince yourself to actually stick them somewhere, or will you forever search for the best place to put them and then never use them? I’m in the latter category.


I stash all my stickers because in the Mad Max post-apocalyptic world to come they will become the new currency. You can trade stickers for food, medicine, transportation, etc.


WK stickers will be the greatest treasure everyone covets.

Water? Please.
Petrol? Pfffft.

WK stickers?


I had my diploma on my wall until I got my wanikani lvl 3 stickers in the mail. Now my diploma is in the closet and my wanikani stickers are on the wall as a testament to my proudest academic achievement. This is not a joke.


I love it! :crabigator:


Wait, you get stickers after level 3? How do you get them? Seems like I missed that.

I’m already excited for them.

I filled out the form after I woke up so I’m low key anxious I misspelled something. But I doubt that.

Haha, I think I’ve already made the decisions to pack the letter again and keep it displayed somewhere safe. Those stickers are too precious now to use :smile:

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You will get an email about them, if you can’t find it, you can always email them.

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Thank you. Seems I didn’t gotthat email. Only got one for level 2 and 17.

I also never got any stickers or e-mail about it. And the first e-mail I ever got after leveling up was just last week when I advanced to level 15. I don’t understand how it works. :worried:

I’m level 25 lifetime member and I never recieved any stickers or a letter for level 3.

It shows level 24, but I am level 25.

Yes, the letter was unexpected and so cute! My correspondent used ofurigana and I know more vocabulary than kanji so I was able to read it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think I received a sticker offer in my mail when I reached 3… :frowning:

Is this a newer offering? I need to go check my mail…
edit: yeah, I don’t have a mail for that. ;__;

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