The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

Hey guys, is there a script that allows you to fast forward to the next review session? Like when I am about to shutdown the computer and there’s a review in the next 30min / 1 hour / … I want to instantly do that review. Thanks in advance.


That’s the whole point of Wanikani


I understand about the SRS system, and I am grateful for it because that system worked rather well for me. I timed my review to be before my sleep but sometimes, I miss the timing of the previous review session by an hour or so … The result is that when I shutdown my computer, I see the next review session is just an hour away … Is there any API that allows me to skip just 1h to review immediately?

No, this is not possible right now.

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OK thanks.

When I try to click the link to the Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition Script, I get an endless redirect loop. Searching for it manually on the forums, the link is this:

Is the problem something to do with the kanji in the title/is it fixable?

Yes, I believe it is related to kanji in the title. If you post the exact link it’ll work. If it has to redirect it doesn’t work. This only happens on Chrome apparently, and only when you open it in a new tab. I reported this to Discourse, but they said it might take a while to track down the cause.

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Thanks for the heads up, at least now I know to preserve the full link.

@Kumirei Tbh, I think the ToC table is about as neat as it can be for a post of that size. Though, my personal preference would be not to put it behind the details section. Also, I think the ToC should be the very first thing after the post title, with “Request Userscripts Here” and “How to Use Userscripts” coming afterwards, and added to the start of the ToC. But these are just ideas, it’s been this way for a long time people seem to be fine with how it is now. I’d feel bad changing it without some kind of mass-approval :joy:

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I’ve needed this list in my life, thank you

I guess I’m too new to edit the wiki post, but I wrote a dark theme for KaniWani, because the others posted above are now outdated, and I need my dark themes. If anyone’s interested, feel free to give it a spin.

In the same vein, I wrote a dark theme for WK Stats, so all my Kanji learning stuff can be dark. The styles are also uploaded to UserStyles and OpenUserCSS, where a quick search will turn them up.

Let me know if you find issues with the styles. Perhaps someone here might find these useful. :slight_smile:



it seems the Rendaku Information app is not listed in the comprehensive list of 3rd part apps:

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I went ahead and added WaniKani Rendaku Information to the list. Nice to think that some people might be using it!


the leech training link needs to be replaced as its unsupported.

Thanks for this this list (and its authors as well)! Binge-installed scripts today. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

Coming back after a bit of a hiatus. There used to be an extension which would allow me to undo my answer and retype it by using the “delete” button (the one that deletes single characters) (can you tell that I don’t know how technology works or what terms to use?).

I can’t find it in the list above. Does anyone know, which extension I mean? I’d appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

I don’t know exactly the extension you’re talking about but I know other two ways to achieve the same result as you want. They are “Ignore” script and “WK Double Check” script. I don’t remember how one use WK Double Check but I do remember how to ignore an answer we give on WK and retype it again later. We usually just press “Esc”. And the red becomes yellow and we’ll be prompted the same quiz again later, allowing us to retype correctly.


Is it possible to insert links (In general and also to WK items) in reading and meaning notes? And then somehow click on them. It seems that if I simply click in a note it goes to edit mode.

There’s a script for enabling markdown in the notes, you may be able to make links with that

I didn’t even know there were Markdown standards back then…
…which makes me want to revisit that script.

But that’s so low on the priority list that I’m certain it will never happen!