The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps

@rfindley Hi, I had a look at the README and found the following:
var config = {
wk_items: {…}
So does that mean I could add e.g. my_items where I put additional kanji and vocab perhaps in a local file and use it in Wanikani as an additional level?
Is there already a userscript which is giving an example of adding items where I can see how to intergrate it in Wanikani?
You see, I’m at 26 now and my plan is at 30 to try reading stuff and adding new kanji I meet to a private database. Also it’s Easter time and I’m on vacation until 1st of May. So I could try to implement something if it’s not too complex and I get some pointers.

Yes, the intent was to be able to add something like the 10k deck. Items that you add will only show up in scripts that use the interface… which is probably only Self-Study Quiz.

If I remember correctly, all you have to provide is a fetcher function that returns a Promise that resolves with the list of items. The items have to be formatted like the regular WK items (json objects) returned by the WK API.

Thanks for making it clear. So it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I would like to be able to add something to Wanikanis get() and set() accessing my own data. So that perhaps I can put my data in virtual levels 100+ and I could work with them like Wanikanis own data.

I think the general appeal of the feature rfindley is describing is for self study. Are you saying you want your data to be part of WaniKani’s SRS? If so I’d just recommend using a separate SRS tool like, which would be much more reliable. It’d be a shame for you to lose your SRS progress just because you switch browsers or your browser’s database gets corrupted.

If I’m making bad assumptions just ignore me. :sweat_smile:


I keep getting a message requesting an API key when I initiate reviews but i’m not really sure where to submit it?

What scripts do you have installed?

WaniKani Condensed Progress Bars
WaniKani Example Sentences
WaniKani Lesson Hover Details
Wanikani Lightning Mode
Wanikani Open Framework
WaniKani Real Numbers
Wanikani Reorder Ultimate 2
Wanikani Ultimate Timeline
WaniKani Vocab Beyond

there is no plugin to add an image to a vocab word?
I read this helps retention. I know there is a script for community mnemonics but nobody actually uses that (I found 1 example in 200)

Another option for me is to start a separate deck for vocab (core, kitsun or w/e) but Im starting Tango N5 too

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Honestly, if you want images for each one, use Anki and make your own decks. I’ve always found that the images are way to arbitrary or work for others but not me when it comes to connecting a meaning to something. My guess is that’s why they don’t even use the images here.

I’ve scrolled through this list of 3rd Party apps, and haven’t seen anything for managing students. Is there a way to view multiple users progress? Currently in a Japanese course and we’ve all recommended Wanikani to our school to replace the current model of Kanji learning but without a way to monitor progress I don’t feel they would be inclined to switch.

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The only thing I can think of is the leaderboard script


This is a late reply - I’m not aware of anything like this existing but given that there’s an API it wouldn’t be too difficult to build it. Could either be a fully fledged app with nice graphs, or just a script that uses a list of users API tokens to pull a bunch of data into a Google spreadsheet every day.

It could be worth contacting WK/Tofugu people directly, if I were them this is certainly something I’d want to build into the core product.

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Not everyone has enough time to maually make Anki decks, then review Wanikani, Anki, possibly Bunpro, which of course is not enough to progress in Japanese studying, because they don’t cover all the aspects of language learning.
Personally I’ve attempted doing Anki stuff a couple of times now, and either I lack time to make these flashcards or review them on a daily basis, I just don’t have enough time. I believe I’m not the only one here in this situation, just trying to stick to WK and 1, max 2 other SRS systems. :exploding_head:
We’re just wondering if there would be a chance to create something like WK community mnemonics and just add an option to embed an image or 2 instead of a text (e.g. from URL). If not for facilitated retention, then for non-English natives using WK.

Nobody is asking for WK to force their images on people, because as you said, it’s all arbitrary. We’re only talking about addons here.


あ、確かに! I had forgotten what subforum I was in!

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Hey guys, is there a script that allows you to fast forward to the next review session? Like when I am about to shutdown the computer and there’s a review in the next 30min / 1 hour / … I want to instantly do that review. Thanks in advance.


That’s the whole point of Wanikani


I understand about the SRS system, and I am grateful for it because that system worked rather well for me. I timed my review to be before my sleep but sometimes, I miss the timing of the previous review session by an hour or so … The result is that when I shutdown my computer, I see the next review session is just an hour away … Is there any API that allows me to skip just 1h to review immediately?

No, this is not possible right now.

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OK thanks.

When I try to click the link to the Keisei Semantic-Phonetic Composition Script, I get an endless redirect loop. Searching for it manually on the forums, the link is this:

Is the problem something to do with the kanji in the title/is it fixable?