Level 60 in less than a year (350 days)

As my first thread, I’d like to use it to document my milestone. :slightly_smiling_face:

So, today (21/03/2019) I’ve just leveled up to level 60. It’s been 350 days from the time I started (05/04/2018).

These images below will show you how the progress has been done on this journey. :rocket:

By the way, I just moved to Japan yesterday, I hope that helps me to burn all the items. And I’ll do my first job here in April, I hope it won’t hinder me to burn all the items. Hahaha :sweat_smile:


Watches @jprspereira notice that he’s no longer the fastest :eyes:


Oh man… 6d20h… YOUR SLEEP MATE! :joy:


Wow, what a journey… and you moved to Japan? Yesterday??? You must be so hyped right now :heart_eyes: How does it feel?


lol Naph defeated me as well. I can think of 2 other people that might have been faster… and 2 other people that will beat me in the future.

message for the haters saying that I brag about being the fastest, pure lieessssssssssssss fiteme


Congratulations! I imagine you woke up in the middle of the night to do those radicals and kanji, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

What happened during level 21? You must feel about that one, I’m sure. :sweat_smile:


Man that’s amazing. Was there ever a moment where the reviews got crazy and you thought about slowing down?

Congratulations! :birthday::champagne:


Congratulations! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:



That’s crazy impressive, such consistency! :bar_chart::durtle_love:

Congratulations on getting to 60, and congrats on the move! Wishing you all the best, enjoy the cake :grin::cake:


I feel great 'cause it helps me to do initial paperwork like getting a resident card (住民票), finding an apartment, etc. I also can finally frequently practice speaking with natives!
Yet, because of the preparation of moving to Japan in the past few days, I’m getting a bunch of reviews and lessons to clear right now.

Yes, I always set the alarm if I have to.

Oh, that was my last week of Internship in Japan! I couldn’t handle it together, so I set WaniKani aside.

Reviews got crazy during level 21 due to the above reason (internship). But, after it ended, I felt the urge to clear all the piles and back to fast pace.
Because I’ve been having a lot of free times in this past year, I can easily dedicate myself to it. I tried my best to avoid slowing down the speed.


Congrats! 350 days is no small feat. Great job and don’t get overwhelmed by all the reviews coming you way. Keep up the good work!



congrats!! hell of an achievement!! :tada::confetti_ball::tada:

but reallly keeping that rythm while moving to a different country :anguished::anguished:

I’m doing the exact same, moving in 10 days… and it feels like


respect … :ok_hand:


Haha, so true. Although it is 12 days for me. I’m doing a lot of lessons now because I know I will slow way down when I get there, but I also know I’m setting up a lot of reviews.

@adeyura Respect. Both for keeping up while moving, but also for the consistency across a whole year. I’ve had a lot of free time too the last six months, but I did not manage to go full speed and be like level 30 now. Well done, and I hope it will all serve you super well in Japan!


Congratulations. The determination to sacrifice sleep to go even faster is far beyond my own. I’ll stick to a full one week cycle, thank you very much. Besides, I like the routine of having my lessons and reviews at fixed days of the week/times.

Still, I can respect the effort you put in.

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wow! That’s pretty freaking amazing! Way to go!


Wow, that’s very impressing.
Congratulations! What an incredible speed :hushed:

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Nice work - it’s definitely an achievement.

I raced through it the same way a few years ago… and now I remember close to nothing, so started back from level 1. If you’re living in Japan hopefully you’ll fare better, but I wouldn’t recommend this approach to other folks unless you can keep up the intensity afterward.

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Just curious, did you use Japanese much after finishing WaniKani?

Wow! Extremely impressive! Although, seeing this makes me scared of level 21 :open_mouth:

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yoooo wot? that’s really impressive! congratulations! :tada::tada::tada:

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To be fair, fast levels changed from when he got to 60.

@adeyura Congrats mate, good job