Script that automatically passes/skips cards?

As someone coming into Wanikani at N3 level that doesn’t use the Wanikani mnemonic story radical system, I would love for there to be a way to mark cards to basically never see again (or at least automatically pass them when they appear). For example, cards I 1000% already know, and radicals that deviate from their actual meaning and only have significance to the mnemonic system.

Does something like this exist? I hunted around for something but came up dry.


Sound’s like you’d be better off just ignoring WaniKani and using KameSame instead. Among other features, you can go through all the WaniKani items by level and block the ones you already know.


I don’t really get the point of blocking these. If you know them so well, it should be some easy peasy review. If you’re a fast typer, you can knock these out in seconds.

You can add “a” or another letter as a synonym.

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Looking into this! It looks right up my alley, thanks.

If it were just a few, it’s fine. However, they add up. When 30%-50% of my cards are wasting my time, suddenly it becomes really annoying to get through my reviews. Ideally I don’t even want to waste keystrokes on them.

It’s kind of the same idea behind the script that automatically moves to the next card when you type the right answer, without even pressing enter. It seems like a tiny silly thing, but it adds up with hundreds and hundreds of cards.


Honestly, to me that sounds like you’re better off not using WaniKani.
There are plenty other Kanji SRS platforms like or you could simply get an Anki deck that is to your liking. These tend to be way more customizable than WaniKani, which is what you need imo :man_shrugging:


These kinds of threads pop up with a good level of frequency. I recommend you go read through replies on them, because they’ll collectively provide better advice and insight than I can.

If you want a TL;DR, WaniKani is not likely to ever provide the feature you’re looking for, so if you decide it bothers you that much it may be best to move to a different platform.

There is no such script.

The only approximation is to use the double-check script to ignore those cards and mark them correct during review. And it’s quite important to do so, because failing a radical or a kanji can delay your level-up by quite a lot, so you really want to be sure to get them right to hit the 7 days level-up time and catch up with your N3 level quickly enough.

If you stay on a 7-days per level , you can reach level 10 in around one month and half. At that point new kanji for you should start to creep in more and more.


Yep, other than not using WaniKani, this is probably the best suggestion. I believe Double-Check also has lightning mode built-in (which automatically moves to the next item if you answered correctly) which would help you get through your reviews a bit quicker.

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+1, the lightning mode of double-check helps a lot to go through review faster.

I also use the reorder script to activate 1x1 mode in order to consistently get the reading and meaning of a card back to back, and it also cut down a lot the review time.

With this setup, on material I know very well, I can do 100 reviews in under 10 minutes.


Yeah, I’ve used Anki pretty extensively in the past, but it’s just a bit too fiddly for me to keep up with. I really like the user script ecosystem for Wanikani and like how easy it is to use in general. I kind of wanted to have something that starts from the beginning, just because I want to make sure I fill any holes, as my learning up to this point has been somewhat haphazard, which is why I figured I’d grind through Wanikani.

This is really the only problem I have with it that hasn’t already been filled by another script.

I think you might be slightly misunderstanding my post.

I don’t want to skip to my exact level, nor do I expect WaniKani to have such a feature.

It’s really just that there’s some percentage that I wish I could hide/mark correct automatically, which I thought there might be a user script for.


Ah, I am using Double Check already, but just primarily to re-type when I make a typos. Realizing that it has the ability to just mark cards correct is really nice.

Thanks! That might just do the trick.

There’s also this userscript: it allows you to go through your reviews without having to type in the answer.

Since the API has write access and can submit reviews for users, I’m surprised no one has made a lightweight app/website/browser extension to just take a list of items to mark as correct the moment the reviews become available. With such an app, they’d never even appear in reviews since they would have already been submitted as correct.


Exactly. This is what I assumed must exist, but it seems like it does not yet. It also seems like it would be fairly straight forward…I supposed I’ll take this to the What do you want now thread and see what happens.

Doing a “quick” version as a browser script probably wouldn’t be too hard. This would have major drawbacks though. For one, you’d have to always do your reviews in the same browser for it to work at all. Another issue is that if you ever clear your browser local storage or cache, you’d likely lose the list of words you want to skip, depending on how it was implemented.

Doing a “proper” version that worked completely in the background would likely require a server and persistence, so much more work.

Right, yeah. The browser script version is all I’d personally really need. Ideally it would have an import/export function, but even that would be gravy.

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If it’s that kind of percentage, I think after reaching level 5, the amount you already know will really decrease. The first three levels are pretty well known for having the most basic of kanji

I re-read your post and see what you’re saying now. I don’t know if anyone will ever make such a script, seeing as it still doesn’t exist, but I will agree with what a few others have already said.

Due to WaniKani’s order, you’re likely to see less and less kanji/vocab you already know at N3 level very quickly if you continue. WaniKani doesn’t strictly follow JLPT, 常用, or even frequency order, so it should start to get a bit more bearable fairly soon, I would think. N2 kanji start popping up a bit more around level 10, and just because vocab uses kanji from N3 or lower doesn’t necessarily mean the word itself is a common/low N-level word.

That being said, if you aren’t interested in the mnemonic system you may want to save some money and use Anki, or maybe even Kitsun if you’re really set on a quality UI. Anki is obviously free, but Kitsun has all sorts of decks for vocab and kanji, and you can skip any and every item you already know. It even has a feature to mass-hide items you learned in one deck from others to avoid double-studying.
Only reason being that WaniKani’s biggest selling point (in my opinion) is the mnemonics, which if you don’t need then maybe WaniKani isn’t going to fill the role you want as well as a different platform.