(Script request) old content script


First of all Wanikani has been so far the best kanji/vocabulary learning tool that i have encountered.
At the time of writing i am on lvl 15.
After each level i notice how i can understand more and more so thanks for that :smile:

When i heard about the major content update i was excited especially after reading that it isn’t mandatory to switch to the new mnemonics.
However after doing my reviews i noticed that some kanji don’t have the older mnemonics available.
Also when checking kanji specs some radical names, affected by the update, still remain in their updated form even though i have enabled “show old mnemonics”.

i have those old mnemonics sticking in my head so i would like to keep them as long as i can.

i see that others too have written about these “problems” but these have yet to be addressed.
i would be grateful if someone would be able to make a user script that would “correct” these minor problems.

i am happy with new content added here and there, it is just these new mnemonics and names.

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The old mnemonics only exist for the radicals, not the kanji. There is no way to retrieve the old mnemonics for kanji any longer, so no script would be able to do what you want.

Thank you for the quick reply.

What about crawlers and offline apps like tsurukame?
Those most likely have older versions available.

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I can’t speak for tsurukame, since i don’t use it, but as far as crawlers go, I doubt they’ll have a copy.

The mnemonics are technically part of the deep web; they can’t be indexed by search engines since they’re locked behind an account. So, a crawler wouldn’t be able to see the item pages with the old mnemonics.

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Aren’t there flashcard decks that basically ripped all the content off the site anyway? WK would prefer people not do that, but I don’t think they would object to people taking the old content and doing with it what they will.

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Honestly you probably don’t want to hear this but just rip off the bandaid. You’ve got 45 levels to go, you might as well just do it now.


WK should just dump all the old stuff into a file as a community service, making a script takes only a day or two, they don’t have to do anything else, and no complaints (except for mobile).


Thank you for all replies.

i know that i am at the younger side of learning but i tend to take things literally
so if someone promises something i expect it to stick.

Anyway, there is WaniKani to Anki exporter that anyone can use:

Then there are custom decks like:

Core 10k WK breakdown


And then there are archivers.

i wonder if posting a link to an archived copy of all kanji, radicals and vocabs is allowed?
If these things are not allowed, would someone with correct knowledge reply to this thread?

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It has been a week when i asked if posting a link for an archived copy of the older material is allowed.
There has been no replies that would indicate it would be against the terms.

Respectfully, if there are no declining answers within five days i take it that there is a tacit agreement (An agreement through silence with no contradiction*).

*i am not a lawyer nor an attorney so i am not giving any legal advice.

Hi HaSec,

For this kind of question, you should ask directly the WK team e.g. @anon20839864 and @koichi or send an email at hello@wanikani.com.

You probably have to send them an email, “I posted it in some odd corner of an Internet forum” doesn’t count as a successful notification :slight_smile:


i got a reply from Koichi, どうもありがとうございます.
As long as the mnemonic data isn’t used commercially it is okay to use for scripting.

The old content file in this thread is intended for non-commercial purposes only.
The main idea is to provide source material for script makers.
i did my best to remove identifiable information but if you find some then please inform me.
If you use this file to make a script etc. please give me a credit.

So here:

The file contains 477 Radicals, 2027 Kanji and 6300 vocabulary words.

The password for the download is: 5612
and for the file: wanikani5612

And yes, the file is just about 4MB as compressed (260MB uncompressed).

Bump this thread now that they’re killing off the old mnemonics and adding them to github.

Sinyaven made a script, available here: Update on the Old Mnemonics - #23 by Sinyaven