[UserScript] KanjiDamage mnemonics for WaniKani

This script adds a section to WaniKani.com that shows mnemonics from KanjiDamage.com for the given kanji.
The mnemonics that WaniKani provide are usually too lengthy for me, KanjiDamge on the other hand, has very concise (short and to the point) mnemonics, so I thought that seeing these mnemonics in WaniKani will greatly enhance my understanding of the kanji, and therefore speed up the learning time of all the kanji! So I posted it here to share my script with the world.

This script will add mnemonics to the Kanji section, Lesson section, and review section so that you’ll never miss out on a good mnemonic!

Here’s an example of what it looks like for the kanji 休:

As you can see, it automatically puts radicals in blue, meaning in pink, and reading in black just like the built in mnemonics. Also, this is a good demonstration as to why these are better mnemonics (IMO). It puts everything you need to know in one neat sentence! So you have the radicals, meaning, and reading in the same sentence. This is better because there’s less memorization.

Also there are pictures sometimes that can really help, take 五 for instance:

Possible future updates include:
  • Show KanjiDamage radicals that differ from Wanikani's within the mnemonic that use said radical
  • Automatically add KanjiDamage kanji definitions into Wanikani's 'user synonyms' to make their mnemonics even easier to remember
  • Since this couldn’t have been possible without KanjiDamage, be sure to support them at KanjiDamage.com

    I made this script when I was level 3, and have been crunching bugs since, so I don’t think there are any left, but if you do happen to come across any, please report it below and I’ll fix it ASAP.

    Script: https://openuserjs.org/scripts/grenzionky/KanjiDamage_mnemonics_for_WaniKani


    I don’t use mnemonics much but I figure having more options can’t hurt, so I installed it. Will be going through 300 reviews and 100+ lessons today so I’ll report if I see anything out of place.

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    this is awesome :slight_smile:

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    I don’t use mnemonics religiously, but if something doesn’t stick, then it is time to break one out. I rarely use the mnemonics as given, but they can be a good starting place, and having the extra doesn’t hurt one bit.

    I tried it, found that it didn’t match WK reading for some of the kanji on my critical list, then uninstalled.

    Then I had a review session. I immediately remembered one of the KanjiDamage mnemonics, despite being completely hammered.

    I have just reinstalled the script.


    The KanjiDamage readings are only onyomi. So it won’t match when WaniKani gives kunyomi readings for a kanji.

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    Are mnemonics better because they’re short and to the point, though? I usually remember them better when they’re whacky, convolutes stories.


    Well, I just saw the one for 女 and am now definitely keeping the script installed. Hilarious. Thanks for the tip!

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    Totally disagree that WK mnemonics are “not that good,” but cool script!

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    Oh holy crap. I remember that place! I was using that website before I learned about WK. It’s really nice :stuck_out_tongue:

    To each his own, I guess.

    I think WaniKani should let us easily substitute our own mnemonics; while the system is overall pretty good, it’s a bit irksome to have to use the ones they tell you to use when you already have another one you prefer to remember.

    There is a notes field

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    i just installed the script, loving it so far!! thxs for sharing. Any updates on adding the KanjiDamage definitions to user synonymus? cheers!

    I tried implementing it a while ago, but it was a hit or miss.
    Meaning that it worked sometimes, but other times it refused to work, so idk…

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    I started using this in hope to improve my kanji learning. The script works in /kanji and lesson/session, but not showing in review/session

    is this a bug on the script side or my side? The community mnemonics script also not working with same problem.

    Will check tomorrow.

    A bit of update on the situation.

    Since the connection I had right now is very bad, the mnemonic scripts probably need time to load and not showing anything in the meantime.

    I was trying to take a screenshot when suddenly the community mnemonics shows up. However, no Kanji Damage mnemonic had showed up though…




    Console Errors

    So probably it is my connection that causes the problem. Will check again tonight when the connection is better (I hope).
    If anything, treat this false report as a feedback on what might happen on slow connection users.

    Sorry for this

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    I tried it out and it works well, so it was probably just your connection.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me.