Script for a quick hover review?

Hey there,

I’m fairly new here, or at least I’m new to trying to understand better how everything works (I discovered scripts last week!)
I searched a lot but can’t seem to find a script that would let you hover over the kanjis of your current level (on the dashboard) and quickly see the meaning and pronunciation instead of having to open them in another tab. Right now, when I hover, I see when I’ll be able to review the kanji again but that’s it.

Thank you!

Hi, welcome! :wave: That sounds like you’re looking for Dashboard Progress Plus:

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Hey there! Thanks for your reply but unfortunately I don’t think that’s it. I’m looking for a script that would show the meaning and pronunciation of current level’s kanjis by hovering over them. I wanna be able to check those info without having to open the kanji page in another tab. Do you see what I mean?

The item inspector is probably what you want.

Let me know if you can’t figure out how to configure it.

Actually, it includes what you want out of the box. Just select the “current level SRS” table with “No View, No Report”. Hovering over each item displays as follows:


I see, thank you! I’ll look into them when I get home. This community is fantastic!

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Unless Dashboard Progress Plus is broken, it does show reading and meaning when you hover over the kanji on the dashboard. You do have to make sure that option is enabled in the settings, though.


Yes, I hadn’t noticed it at first when I checked iut the script. So sorry!


You can check the kanji page for the level manually WaniKani / Kanji it does have all of the kanjis from levels laid out neatly. It’s not on a dashboard yet a few clicks away.

I actually use it for a quick overview after lessons together with [Userscript] Self-Study Hide Info
I can only assume you want something like that.

I also made Dashboard Apprentice, which shows you all your apprentice items on the dashboard


This is exactly what I had in mind!!! I knew it was out there. Thank you!