What's this box around some kanji on the new dashboard?

What’s this box around some of the kanji supposed to indicate? I’ve tried to search around this forum, but I haven’t seen anything about this specifically.

Maybe some kanji that you haven’t learned yet.

Once all the kanji in the box have a full green line under them then you’ll move to the next level.

Note that you actually move up a new level when X% of your Kanji are at Guru level. So the order of the Kanji will change as you progress though your reviews so that those closest to Guru are always within the box.


You must have the Dashboard Progress Plus script installed as this is what produces the box as far as I know.

It then works as @thomasmichaelwal has mentioned in his post.


Ahh- I’ve had scripts installed for soo long now I didn’t even realise that wasn’t part of the revamp!


It took me a moment as well to realise, and then turning the script off and on again to confirm :sweat_smile:

Same here!

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Indeed I do have one of those scripts.

Ah-HAH! Thanks for clarifying! I didn’t know that about the % of Kanji. I just assumed I had to get them all.

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