Script for profile page progression?

Is there any script which displays the actual number for Kanji/Vocab Progression on the profile page, instead of just a bar between 0 and the max number?

But even after installing that, there doesn’t seem to be anything different?

I don’t think there is any script for profile page. You can just look at wkstats

I created a fun project here: WaniKani Profile Beautifier

Please let me know if it doesn’t work…


Works here! It would be cool if you could somehow maintain the percentages too :slight_smile:

Should be fixed now. I forgot that I have already done all words. Only if I have somebody else’s apiKey.

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The bars did get fixed, but I’m getting a 0 in the supposedly progress percentage :thinking:

Also, the numbers in the burned bar are getting cut, but that’s not really important :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for creating a script at such a short notice.

I wish I knew how to script, so I could change it according to my needs.

Actually, I don’t need anything like displaying the different Kanji SRS levels on the progress bars (since I can just hover over above to get the values anyway). What I wanted was just a black bar, with my total amount of non-apprentice Kanji/Vocab maybe similar to this


Is there a way to change into this by some minor modification of your script?

Line 38 from

$('.kanji-progress .progress').html(html_array.reverse().join(''));


$('.kanji-progress .progress').html('<div class="bar-supplemental" style="text-align: right; float:left; width: ' + (total_count - data.requested_information.apprentice.kanji)/$('.kanji-progress .total').text()*100 + '%; background-color:black"><span class="beautifier_box"">'+ (total_count - data.requested_information.apprentice.kanji) + '</span></div>');

and Line 53, from

$('.vocabulary-progress .progress').html(html_array.reverse().join(''));


$('.vocabulary-progress .progress').html('<div class="bar-supplemental" style="text-align: right; float:left; width: ' + (total_count - data.requested_information.apprentice.vocabulary)/$('.vocabulary-progress .total').text()*100 + '%; background-color:black"><span class="beautifier_box"">'+ (total_count - data.requested_information.apprentice.vocabulary) + '</span></div>');
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Thanks a lot. It works like a charm!

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