Hovering over "current level" kanji in the dashboard

I’ve been using the new dashboard preview, and I noticed when you hover your mouse over one of the kanji being tracked for progress in the current level, the tooltip that’s displayed says something about how the kanji is either locked or it’s in your review pile. I think the tooltip would be better used as a place to display the reading and meaning of the kanji, as it is in other places in the app.

The only compelling reason not to do that that I can think of is so that people don’t “cheat” by abusing the tooltip to remind themselves of the meanings/readings, but that would probably justify not putting that feature anywhere in the app.



A big reason for the dashboard overhaul is to give more information to absolute newcomers about what items are doing in terms of SRS, though, since many got confused about needing multiple reviews before hitting Guru. I think they chose the tooltips very specifically for those goals.


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