Hey guys, I’m back and I need more help… I’m doing online college for obvious reasons and I had a period where doing WaniKani was almost impossible while I got adjusted to university. Now, aim have about 900 reviews, help!!! What do you think I should do, I don’t want to go back a few levels…


Aim to do a set amount per day, maybe a hundred, 150, until the reviews are back to 0, then ease back into lessons as your daily amount of reviews becomes managable. Good luck! And keep us up to date on your progress!


Like @saida said. Do a said number everyday. Stop doing lessons until the number of reviews is down to a mangeable level. Every lesson you do will generate more reviews and you have too many of them. It makes sense to stop doing lessons for a while.

You may also consider using the Prioritize Overdue Reviews script. It will make sure the reviews that are most overdue will likely to be scheduled first. This makes sense when catching up from a large number of past reviews. This will make sure that will make the most out of the SRS even though the reviews are delayed.


Personally, Id probably just do as many as I could before my head started to hurt. Take a break. And start again when my head felt up to it. The most reviews I had backed up was 538 and I did them in about an hour and a half. 92% accuracy.


Would you like REVIES changed to REVIEWS or would you like to keep the title the same?


Didn’t notice it XD.

Same thing others have said:

Do NOT do new reviews. At all.
Do as many reviews as you possibly can in a sitting. Multiple times a day if you have Apprentice items if you can.

If you think you need to level down, do your reviews before you do that. If you are pulling off 80% or around 80% accuracy absolutely do NOT level down. If you know them, you know them and should just move on in my opinion. Level down will get you some short term gains but could end up making you spin wheels because you may end up re-learning things you already know well.

Good luck, keep at it, and keep us updated!

You meant “Do NOT do new lessons. At all.”, right?

You can use the reorder script to start with the older lessons (hoping that that are Kanji you know better with longer intervals between them).

There are lot’s of thread on the forum about it. You could also read them to see what others wrote there.
For example:


Also why do people never use the vacation mode when they are busy? I thought it is mentioned in the introduction in the first levels?

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The way I got out of my review hole is that every time I get the urge to fill my time with random things like check instagram or reddit, I replaced that with doing reviews in 5 item increments (I’m using the flaming durtles app). The 5 item increments really helped me because it didn’t feel like a big commitment and that stopped me from feeling overwhelmed. The fact that I could get it over really quickly made me do more per day.

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I only read this topic to find out what REVIES are.


That’s what brought me too :joy:


Effective clickbait?!


New reviews come back faster than old reviews, so it makes sense to do them oldies first (you’d need the reorder script for that tho). So maybe he did mean that, or maybe it was a typo as you pointed out :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, both suggestions are good.

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Yeah… whoops. Don’t do lessons.

I wasn’t really recommending @Naldomi17 quit! Don’t quit!

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