Returning after long hiatus, tips for getting started again, and must have scipts?

Returning after a long time absent.

I am having trouble deciding how to re introduce myself slowly to wani kani or anki. The issue for both is that the review lists get too overwhelming for me, and I need a way to appropriately slow down the introduction of new stuff plus limiting how many reviews per day.

What would you do and what are some must have scripts to help the slog?

Thank ya


First for me. I don’t do more that 10 lessons a day.

I use the reorder/filter script to do lke 2-3 kanji and 8 or so vocab a day.

I also find the retype or redo script to be important because I often just mistype and being worried about mistypes would just slow be down to an annoyingly slow review pace.

Other than that I just take it slow and steady.


I dont think you need scripts. I had the same issue after taking a long break. I had over 800 reviews and over 130 lessons. What worked for me was studying wanikani for a set amount of time each day. Each day I studied reviews for 25mins which let me get through 120-150 of them. After a few weeks of this the number of reviews was small enough that I could complete all of them in under 25mins, so with the remaining time I started doing lessons. Now I can pace myself on the lessons so my number of reviews is under 150 a day, which lets me complete them all in under 25mins


Same. I do use Ultimate Timeline because I like a long-range view, longer than the (can I still say “new”? It’s been a while) forecast sidebar. But no scripts that change the functionality.

Maybe the first thing I would surrender on is typo-undoing, but so far I still like it without. If i make a typo, I’ve still learned something - I learned that one is a tricky one to type. I start recognizing it and double-checking before I hit enter when that one comes up.

The reviews kind of limit themselves if you limit lessons. No more than 20 a day seems to be a sweet spot for me where a level still goes by in 10-ish days, apprentice stays around 80-100, and reviews stay around 100-150 per day.


highly, highly recommend Double-Check for dealing with typos and some other improvements (lightning mode rules). i’d struggle without it. a little deeper in the weeds is Item Inspector and Self-Study Quiz, if you find you’re wanting to customize the study experience without altering WaniKani’s internal SRS, or if you just want more info on stuff. make sure you get all the open framework dependency stuff as instructed on the pages. i have way more installed but i don’t think the majority are essential. less important but still very nice to have is Dashboard Apprentice, i’d really miss being able to see that info if it weren’t there.

oh, and i guess as long as the feature is still broken/removed, this Review Summary script restores it very nicely.

Edit: my b i misread the post and thought it was asking for script recommendations in general. well i still do recommend these. as for slowing it down, yeah i pretty much just do fewer lessons at once manually so the reviews won’t all hit at the same time. you could try this or possibly this (?) though

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In fact I’ve found that everything, EVERYTHING! is controlled by your lesson pace.
Fewer lessons/day → higher accuracy, fewer failures, lower review workload.
A consistent steady pace from day to day in lessons → consistent level of reviews, instead of wildly varying, some days hardly any, some days hundreds-of-item waves.
Fewer failures → lower variability in re-review numbers.

And it really doesn’t slow down your level-up pace as much as you would think, as long as you’re doing some lessons every day. In some sense, it’s like driving in the city. If you rush ahead from every traffic light, it just means you wait longer at the next one. But if you drive the speed limit you can mostly just pleasantly cruise around the city with minimal waiting.