A short hiatus and I'm dying over here!

Hey All,

This is more of a vent than anything else, but I took about a week and a half off of doing WaniKani, and I’m paying for it dearly. I’m over 1k reviews in debt, I’m bombing on simple kanji that are one point away from burning, my success rate is consistently below 50% per session, and I’m trying my hardest not to punch myself in the junk after every missed answer. Anyone else deal with this kind of slump returning to Wanikani? Thanks for letting me dump this right here. Oh, what’s that I hear?.. The sound of another review session? Duty calls. ::disappears in a cloud of self loathing::

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Maybe slow down a bit. Don’t do any more lessons until you cleaned up that mess.
I had to do about 800 reviews last week. I see it as punishment :smiley:
Or maybe turn on vacation mode next time if you need time off

That’s what I’m trying to do, haha. I’m down to 950 right now, so I’m making some progress. I just hate seeing my Apprentice level numbers go up because of dumb mistakes. I guess it’s good because it reminds me that I just don’t have in memorized yet. Thank you SRS gods!

my work schedule gets a bit crazy from may-september so i severely slacked off on all my japanese study, i’ve consistently had over 500 reviews since mid May, and have only been doing a pathetic amount of reviews each day just to keep them from reaching a thousand. Anyway i just started to get my study stamina back and i started cranking out more reviews, and yeah i apprenticed a lot of shit, but it just means i didn’t learn it yet, so that’s ok. I constantly have to remind myself to just guess something instead of staring at it for two minutes and hoping it comes back. Just crank out those reviews, you can do it!

i used to put cute stickers on my calendar when i accomplished my learning goals for the day, i might have to resort back to that…i don’t want this to happen again.


Just as a reminder, Wanikani has a vacation mode, so if you feel you won’t be able to do your reviews for a while, or if you don’t do them for more than 1 day in a row, it might be a good idea to activate it.

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Yeah, in the back of my mind I wanted to keep doing them but just got suuuper lazy. I’ll have to remember that next time.

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I posted in another thread earlier about the same predicament. I’ve just returned to WK after an (unintentional) extended break and found myself around 800+ reviews in debt, so it looks like you and I are in a similar shaped boat.

Time to knuckle down and clear those reviews, 頑張って!

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And I just replied this to you in another thread but I kinda would like to see if others can use it.

If you are feeling overwhelmed maybe try doing this:


Let me know what you think please.

Thanks @alexbeldan!

From the info on the spreadsheet I could have the reviews down to a more manageable amount within 25 days at 50 reviews per day, or around 13/14 days if I increase it to 100 reviews per day. I guess the ‘Percentage Right’ column assumes a certain degree of retention, which I can’t guarantee as I’m notoriously slow with remembering stuff ;), but hopefully it should cut down an otherwise lengthy process quite a bit.

I’ll install the script this evening and give it a shot.

The idea is that you will review things that you got wrong the previous day because you are using the reorder script and moving up by level. It’s not perfect, but it gives you an idea.

I hope it helps. :blush:

At the very least do more than are due the next day.

If you do your reviews at a computer, do it with a reorder script and start from the lower levels. Some people would stay to go radicals > kanji > vocab, but I’ve found that it means I don’t retain the vocab as well and tend to get it right simply because I’d reviewed the kanji 10 minutes earlier.
(This obviously won’t work on mobile and is why I reset - I had zero will to tackle 3k unordered reviews on mobile.)

This is the reason I reset back to level 1, although my hiatus was a lot longer. Vacation mode, which I have never used, is our friend here, so long as you know you’re going to be away, or if you take a short break, realize stuff is piling up and want to put a halt to it.

I neglected for 2 months and it never reached over 800 reviews. This is what happens when you take it slower and then go on a hiatus. :slight_smile:


Coming up on 4.5 years here, I see. :smile:

Got the scripts and powering through. Hopefully I can keep my head on straight long enough to get this pile of reviews down to a manageable stack. Thank you.

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It’s painful, but you just have to go through and things will settle in a few days. I do reviews in batchs of either 50 or 100 (I try to stay below 15 minutes to complete a block of 50 or 30 minutes for 100, then take a break and get back to it). I was just travelling in Japan two weeks ago and didn’t do my reviews for 2 days, came back to 900+ reviews in my pile. My apprentice items never gets below 300 these days, so I get between 350 to 500 reviews a day at the moment :sweat:

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Thanks. Yeah I’ve been doing the pomodoro technique and just do as many in 25 minute blocks as I can, then do a wrap up. I get too distracted so I need something to block out time for me.

I can say now that with the help of a reorder script and the wrap-up extension, I’ve been able to know my 1k+ reviews down to under 500 and dropping. The meanings and readings are coming back to me more and more so they aren’t up for review every day. Thanks everyone for the helpful advice. It is possible to dig your way out of the review hole! I see the light up ahead!!!

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OMG! I’m at 0 reviews!!! I haven’t seen that in over a year. in 26 days I was able to knock out over 1k pending reviews. I know I got a few hundred more coming up between today and tomorrow, but I’m just going to enjoy this moment. Thanks for all the helpful advice everyone.

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Congratulations!!! :smiley: