Reviews are overwhelming

How do you get your reviews to a managable level?


Limit the number of lessons you do.


What do you consider manageable? I think that varies from person to person. Maybe try to set up a schedule. Do X amount of lessons at X time, and try to do the reviews in the correct intervals with the apprentice items, it will save you a lot of grief to do the reviews on time.

Use you cell phone to do reviews whenever you have few minutes free; never do lessons if you have more than 150 apprentice levels; use self-study script with leech training set to 1.1 for apprentice 4 and guru 1 items.


I’m actually moving very slowly… I only get 50-60% correct on the grade at the end of the reviews. I get like 250 reviews over night. And I’m only on level 12 and it’s taking me over 1 and a half years to get here. I want to move faster, but not if my reviews are too much. What an I doing wrong. Im not blasting through lessons or anything.

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How do I get the script?

How many apprentice items you have? Never try to finish 250 reviews in one go. Try to to it in smaller batches. Use the wrap buttom.


354 apprentices

I’ll try that

You have to install the wanikani open framework first, it is explained in these threads: The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps A more direct links: Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript and [Userscript] WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters (Recent Lessons, Leech Training, Related Items, and more)


I would say stop doing lessons until you pass your reviews to about 60 words in apprentice or under. As for reviews, do them slowly, and if you get an answer wrong, instead of moving on to the next word, look at the reading/meaning every time. If you don’t check your wrong answers every time you’ll end up typing more wrong answers overall, because you can’t answer what you can’t remember.

EDIT: OH AND USE THE WRAP UP BUTTON (the little clock icon), that is /major/. If you ever stop in the middle of a review session and don’t use wrap up, the review resets to the beginning with no progress being recognized by the system. Once you feel like you’re getting tired of the reviews, click that button so you can exit the session but still keep the progress you made.

I would halt lessons and work on your leech items (the ones you consistently get wrong). You’re always going to have a decently large number of reviews a day and it’ll be more overwhelming if you can only review once a day. But you should be able to get the number of reviews to a level you’re comfortable with by halting or slowing lessons for a bit. Reaching to go faster is a good goal, but don’t feel like it’s a race. I took over 3 years to get to level 60.


Sounds like you have a lot of leeches and far too many apprentice items. Doing your reviews on time during the aprentice stage is very important to prevent leeches. Say you do your lessons at 8AM, your first review will be at noon, the second at 8PM, the third 8PM the following day, and 8PM two days from then. You should really try to make sure you do the reviews of new items on time. Take some time to get your apprentice item count lower.


Considering the poster has over 300 items in apprentice, and you can approach WaniKani however you please, I would say it’s not conservative at all.

Sorry I misread your post, I thought you wrote he should keep no more than 60 apprentice items…

Yeah, that’s quite a few apprentice items. How many times a day do you do reviews?

I try to do the by the hour.

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I don’t
Haha :sweat_smile:

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No worries! Yeah, I only meant lower his current number to 60 before resuming lessons, not keep it that way the entire time.

This is fine for early Apprentice items, but if you get that accuracy for Guru+ items too, that’s a sign your studying method needs some work. It could be doing the reviews quicker (at least on the same day they become available), spacing lessons, using more mnemonics, using better mnemonics, searching related words on Jisho or some other dictionary, writing the Kanji, attempting to make sentences, making Kanji memes, etc.

Spending some time to figure out a more efficient study method or schedule could prevent a ton of frustration in the long run. Exactly what you decide to do depends on what kind of learner you are though.