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First of all, I do not know if I should put this in tips & tricks or bugs and errors because while it may be a bug, it’s also a neat trick (it’s kinda cheating but some people are into that stuff)
Anyways, about 3 levels ago, I discovered that if you sign out of WaniKani, close the tab you’re in, and then open a new tab, while doing reviews, the reviews reset. Now that sounds confusing, (I think it was a run-on sentence too) so I’ll elaborate.

You take a nice nap, completely forgetting about WaniKani, and when you wake up you’re greeted with 75 reviews. Obviously, you decide to do these reviews. They’re all vocab or kanji and you end up getting the first 5 reviews wrong. --but not completely wrong because you ONLY did the meaning/reading of these kanji or vocab-- you’re upset now, because who in their right mind misses 5 reveiws in a row. So, you do the little sign out trick mentioned above, and abracadabra, those reviews are back in your queue, just like you never did them before.

Obviously this trick has it’s downsides, with the most major one being that every review in which you got only the meaning right and still have the reading to go (or vice versa) will also be reset, giving you ultimately more work. (But hey, in my opinion, more work is better than getting stuff wrong)

Personally, I keep exploiting this, and it hasn’t yet, but I assume it will eventually hurt my studies. I’m not asking for it to be fixed, I don’t think. (Maybe I am?)
I just wanted to hear what other people thought of this and if other people have been using it.

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I discovered the same bug by accident. You don’t have to sign out, just closing Wanikani and reopening it can have the same effect (maybe not consistently? I dunno, I haven’t experimented). I learned that when I accidentally burned an item I should have failed. Unlike you, my response was to look up how to resurrect burned items, and install the burn reviews script in case I ended up burning something undeservedly again.

Speaking of scripts, if you’re looking for a way to undo your mistakes, there are plenty of scripts that allow you to do that without your convoluted method. You’re already hurting your own learning, so may as well make it even easier for yourself.

Because yes, what you’re doing is bad for your learning.

more work is better than getting stuff wrong

If your goal is to learn to read kanji, that is objectively not true. Learning to read takes work, and time, and if you’re genuinely making mistakes, then you deserve to get those items wrong.

But, whatever. It’s your own learning. You do what you want.


You could also switch to another browser, log in using an incognito/private browser mode, clear local storage, or wait 2 hours to get the same effect. Not the best idea to do this for reviews you actually got wrong though…

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Noticed it on my phone occasionally - you start your reviews, might get something wrong, but then have to drop everything because real life comes inbetween, so when you come back a while later and the session is reconnected (or partially restarted), you might get a second go on some of the wrong answers. Not quite cheating, but you do feel like you got a freebe there :wink:


I completely agree with you, but I made my question quite unclear. I was asking how to break this habit. If I get a word wrong that I know I should have gotten wrong, it’s obvious I won’t do this. But if I get a word wrong because of a typo, then I might do it. However, typos are still techinically getting the word wrong, which is why I want to break this habit.

I’m planning on stopping. Thanks for the reply! :grin:

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Self-control. :grin:

In all seriousness though, supplement your wanikani with other sources. Making a typo is frustrating, especially if it’s on a kanji you were going to guru. If it gives a little extra downtime from WK because you have to wait on a couple items, then double up on your grammar studies or find a book/news article to read.

I think we all want to reach 60 sooner than later. Push all you want, just don’t forget to smell the roses. :wink:

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Or just…

I only do that if I typo something so that it goes wrong and I notice that for some reason the script that allows typo correction has not turned on. Usually it works so I can correct typos. But I never exploit this if I honestly answer something incorrectly.

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I usually try to take your approach as well

I have kind of done a similar thing. When I’m too tired or not yet fully awake, or very distracted, but start a review session anyway, I’ll end up making silly mistakes on items that I know I wouldn’t otherwise get wrong, like forgetting to type する on suru verb readings. In those cases I will just return to the dashboard and do my reviews at a time where I’m in a better frame of mind. I think the memory lapses after about a half hour or so.

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