I took a break from Wanikani for about Two Months. Would it be best for me to reset at my current level or just pickup where I left off?

Basically the title. I wasn’t able to focus on Wanikani recently and now I am very behind with ~700 reviews, and I have forgot a lot of the more recent level Kanji. Should I just restart from level 1, or my current level? Or should I just do the reviews and pickup from here?

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My suggestion (I never reset, so this is just my best guess as to what might make sense):

I would try a batch of like 100 reviews. See what percent you get right. If you are below 50%, it might not be a terrible idea to reset because you are still pretty early on in the game. If you seem to still remember a decent amount from the first few levels (higher percentages correct), maybe you can just spend a week or two doing ONLY reviews until you have relearned the items that you forgot. Anyway, that would be my two cents. Good luck either way!!

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You can also use the reorder script to sort those reviews by level.
That way, if you have less than 50% on level 8 and 7, but 80%+ on level 6 and below, you can just reset to level 7.


Also, people always seem to ask whether they should ‘reset to level 1’ or not reset at all. I also have never reset, but could you not reset a few levels instead? Maybe do a review session as TamanegiNoKame suggested, and see whether there are a few levels you’re still pretty solid on.

You can always reset further back, but you can’t do the opposite!


What @Nath suggested was an excellent idea and better than what I said :stuck_out_tongue:


Two questions:

How much time do you have?

How comfortable are you with (temporary) failure?

I fell off the wagon for about five months, because I didn’t really have the time. Circumstances changed, and now that I have more time I just spent about 2 weeks turning 1200 reviews into nothing. Another two weeks catching up on lessons and bringing all the items which dropped back to apprentice back up to guru, and now I’m on the edge of leveling up for the first time in 6 months. If you can just put in a hard slog (300+ reviews a day), even getting a lot wrong, then eventually you will start to get some right, and the ones you don’t get right will come right back at you till you do learn them. This is a scary thing for a while, but if you can ride out the wave, you can get back on track.

If you can’t push through this, or if you don’t have the time, then there is no shame in dropping a couple levels to make things easier. Think about what kind of time you can put in, and then act accordingly.

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I think @Nath suggestion is your best option. This way you’ll know what level to reset to. There’s a lot of info on this forum about installing userscripts and using the reorder script in case you need it! I’d start reviewing from level 1, though, not the other way around. It make take some time, but it’s better than resetting, I think.

Hm, my reasoning to suggest that they start from their current level is that stuff that are too recent are the one that are the least fixed in memory.
It’s much more likely that they forgot everything about level 8 than that they forgot everything about level 1. Going from level 1, they will need to do a lot more reviews before finding the point where they were supposed to reset.

Obviously, if they complete all their reviews before reseting, then it doesn’t matter in what order they are doing them.

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Yeah, I agree with this. 2 months isn’t much, if you think about Enlightenment items for example. You’re already supposed to wait 4 months to be able to burn them, so stopping for 2 months did nothing in this situation.



i ended up taking a break for a period of time myself due to lack of time. So I did a reset from level 25 back to level 3. I just hit 22 again yesterday. While it might seem a bit demotivating at first, I took the opportunity to really learn the ones that I did struggle a bit with, in addition to study the kanji more in depth, and also write them by hand whenever I learn new vocab and kanji.

I think it was the best decision I could make, even if I’m still not back to where I was - which I should be within a month. But you should ask yourself if you would be motivated to go through the same levels again. On the pro-side, it would be fast, as you will know a lot of the vocab and kanji already. on the con-side, lack of progression/not learning anything new.

I agree with a lot of this, your situation could be worse but it might be worth it to drop a few levels.

When I ranked for over a year, I came back with over 2000 reviews. Most of that I just had to work through, but I ended up scrolling through the kanji of the last few levels and seeing which I knew and which I didn’t. Then I reset to the last level I knew (because I suspected I could still use a refresher).

Yeah- I went through this recently- fell off the wagon for about the same amount of time. I’d just finished level 10 before getting too busy at work.

I looked over kanji lists by level and felt most comfortable restarting at level 4. Some stuff is just so simple/basic that you won’t forget it (like numbers)- and those early levels go by reeaaaallllyyy sloooooowwwlly. Now, about a month later, I’m almost done with level 6 and expect to be back where I was by mid March. I think it’s worth it to go back a good bit just because of how much the mnemonics and presentation within wanikani build on each other.

ALSO- i’m finding it much easier to really learn and remember the words that gave me trouble last time I went through. Because I know they were problems before, they just seem to stick now with the extra repetition.

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I actually just finished up being in a similar position, except swap two months for almost two years :open_mouth: I came back to about 700 reviews, but took the steps others mentioned in the thread: batch reviews of about 100 keep your learning consistent while keeping your sanity in check. I wouldn’t recommend going overboard on all of them because you also run the risk of getting a bunch wrong, then discouraging yourself.

All in all, I’m very happy I didn’t roll back (as I did consider it too). That would have been one boring grind to go through all those levels again. Whatever you decide, good luck on your studying!

Never ever reset your level; when you do that, you are erasing your progress and sweeping reviews you are supposed to be doing under the rug.

You need to use a few crutches to get back to where you were comfortably: download the reorder script and sort by lowest to highest level, radical to kanji to vocabulary. You can get quite a few done a day doing this (you will be surprised how many lower-level items you not only remember but instinctively type in as soon as you see them). After you get your pile down to around 300-200 reviews: if you find yourself making very slow headway through your reviews, missing dozens of them at a time and generally getting frustrated by the lack of progress, turn 1 to 1 mode to get your batches done.

Do this for a few days. The goal is not to clear your review pile, that’s the easy part. The goal is to get your apprentice items around a manageable level (I prefer mine under 100 and preferably closer to 70-80 so I never get more than 100 reviews a day). After you do this, you will be back on track and can safely turn off the reorder script.

There is a reason the reset button is on a page buried on your profile settings: it’s not just irreversible, it’s counter-intuitive to the whole idea of doing reviews of things you’re supposed to be able to recall at that point in time.

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Eh…when you say “supposed to be able to recall”- that’s kinda not true anymore if someone has been away for months. They likely have many items they were supposed to be seeing at a much higher frequency. It’s almost like the system is treating everything they’ve done as enlightened, when the amount of memory hadn’t been built to that level yet. For me, no amount of beating my head against the wall was going to get me more than (at very best) a 50% correct rate.

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I took a half a year off and I reset my level to 4, it used to be 14. So happy I did! Maybe since it’s only been two months for you, you’ll only have to set back a few levels.

I stopped for 2-3 months as well. Mostly because the subscription was no longer in my budget and it was taking so long for reviews to happen without it because less material is open to me. When I finally came back I don’t know how many reviews I had left but I just did them in my own time.

You can do some reviews and choose to wrap up when you think you’ve done enough for the day (or just that moment). Just make sure you choose the wrap up option and not just exit out. At least that’s what I did, anything I didn’t remember just got bumped down and I didn’t have to needlessly start over from the beginning with the ones I know well.

A lot of those reviews are probably just radicals, which are generally really quick and easy to review.

Yes, you are “supposed” to be able to recall them, that’s the point. If you can’t recall them then you should be reviewing them more often, resetting won’t help with that since it won’t change the recall rate of items in your head, you have to hunker down and work on that regardless. Staring down 700+ reviews is harsh (I’ve done my fair batches of 1000+ reviews), but you are better off where you are than re-doing work a few levels down. Again, I recommend the reorder script to ease users back into a routine and avoid burnout.

People take that dumb percentage ratio way too seriously too: it has a terrible influence over people as they’re doing reviews and frankly, it’s completely pointless, it’s not a competition to be the most right, it’s a hike up a hill. If you have a low hit ratio, that’s a good thing, you’ll see that item again sooner, the system is working as intended.



But… what? You’ve got a load of reviews piled up. Some of them are Apprentice and Guru items which you haven’t seen in over two months because you took a break. You’re not ‘supposed’ to be able to remember them. You’re not even ‘supposed’ to be able to recall the Master items.

If you do the reviews, you will, understandably, get loads of them wrong and they will plummet back down. You then still have hundreds of reviews to do. You aren’t taking in any of the information because there are literally hundreds of items, so you get them wrong loads and it takes ages to get going again.

If you reset, they go back to being Apprentice when you unlock them, just as they would if you reviewed them and got them wrong. But instead of being an avalanche of hundreds of items it’s a manageable amount and you get a proper chance to review them in the lessons again.

I’m not necessarily arguing for a reset in this case or any case, but it seems bizarre to assert that nobody should ever reset and that you are ‘supposed’ to be able to recall all these items.

And I agree that it’s not a competition to be the most right, but I don’t think a low hit ratio is bad or good.

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I think it would be nice to have a “sudden death” style of reset. Where you can get something knocked down to “SRS Level -1” and then it goes back into Lessons.

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