Stuck in reviews

Hi guys! Hope you are doing great.

I’m writing to you all because I need advise on my situation. I’ve been using Wanikani for about 3 years now and I’m stuck in reviews. I did not put my account on vacation for at least two months last year and ever since I never managed to finish all of them. I have 1500 waiting in reviews and 130 in lessons, most of them are radicals update from last year. I can manage to do about 100 per day but I can’t remember half of the kanji and only manage to score a 40% at best in reviews.

So I guess my question is, should I reset my account level and start over?

Thank you all!

in a similar situation, i ended up by resetting to a safe level. it was an advise from a fellow forum patron to check burned items and reset to a well known level.
I first tried 10 but again resettled to 5 :frowning:
it is fine now.


I wouldn’t reset. Just keep at it. There are dozens of similar threads here where you can get inspiration, which you can find with search.


I wouldn’t. Even if you only get 40% right, you’d be throwing away all the progress on 600 cards.

For some perspective, I took a few months off and came back to WK with 3100 waiting reviews. Likewise only getting 30-50% correct. But after a few weeks to a month of rough sledding it’s back to business as usual.

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My advice would be to stop doing lessons until you clear your review pile. Do as many as you can in one sitting, but try to have at least two sessions a day. If you get something wrong, don’t quickly move to the next one, instead take a minute and re-read the explanations and the mnemonics. You should use a reorder script to have your reviews in a consistent order, like by level, so that if the items come back again soon, you can catch them in the next session. At one point I had 4000+ reviews, and I just powered through them over the course of a couple of weeks. While you could reset, you’re gonna have to relearn the items anyway, and it can be demoralizing to reset all your hard work. Just re-learn them while doing reviews, is what I’m suggesting.


Thanks for the answer, I did not know such script existed. I will look around if I can find how to install one.

I just looked around for similar questions and it doesn’t seems that people who reset were really coming back. All of them seems to really enjoy the reset, but none of them got back to where they were in years. I think it is a really bad idea to reset after realising this :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the answer

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Sadly this one is outdated but I get the idea thanks :slight_smile:

Edited my post. :+1:

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I did reset a few levels when I let my reviews stack up, but one thing that really helped me clear things out was using the reorder script. Mostly I could get reading and meaning back-to-back so that reviews would actually get cleared out, but also because after two months, a lot of those are gonna be burn reviews. Using the reorder script makes clearing out a huge review stack way more efficient.

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Alright, after a month, I managed to increase my reviews score from 40% to >80% and to do more every day. I’m still in the thousand reviews waiting but I see it going down, it is really encouraging.

Conclusion, it’s working! Thanks again! ありがと皆様


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