Is it worth resetting?

Hi everyone

I haven’t been on the platform since August/July.
Is it worth restarting or should I attempt as is to do the reviews?

Whatever I chose, it is going to be painful, haha
Looking for some advice on the most effective approach (in terms of time and learning)

Thanks a lot for your help!

I could be mistaken, but I think there’s a script that lets you order reviews by level . . . you could try using that to determine what you remember and what you don’t. On the other hand, you’re level eight, so resetting probably wouldn’t be that bad.

EDIT: I think I found it:


700 of your reviews are most probably your enlightened items, so if you get them right, they will be burnt and never return (and so your stack of reviews will quickly become less impressing).

If you think you can remember the enlightened items you learned some months ago, I think you could give it a try with a good 200 reviews per day ?


It’s been six months, it might be better to reset. Getting rid of that backlog would be like getting a new level and learning 210+ kanji in one go with the vocabulary to go with it.

What’s more important is setting up a reliable schedule that you can stick to rather than draining your soul trying to get a handle on so many review items. The hardest thing in wk isn’t the kanji/vocab, it’s sticking to a realistic schedule lol.

Plus, you’re not in a race with anyone right? It’s your own personal goal, do it your way and those regrets you might have toss them aside and try again.

Personally I had to drop bunpro while doing wanikani. When I revisit bunpro in march or so, I know I have hundreds of reviews waiting for me, but I’m going to reset. It’s not about time, it’s about doing it right and on my own terms.


Since you’re level 8, you could try resetting to level 7 (maybe 6). This way you will avoid doing reviews of items you only practiced a little bit before your break (and probably do not remember), but at the same time you do not start from scratch on items you already practiced a bit more (and most probably remember - levels 1-5).

As mentioned by Alika, those reviews from the earliest levels will probably be burnt and never come back :wink:

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Thanks everyone for your help.

I think I will use a bit of everything that was shared here.

I’ll assess my knowledge by doing a review of my enlightened and master items by level on wanikani stats or by using the plugin shared above. If I perform less than 80% overall on the meaning and pronunciation for a specific level, I will reset to said level.

I know that learning shouldn’t be rushed, so I keep that in mind. I just don’t want to spend 3-4 weeks reviewing things that I already know well and having them showing up in my reviews over and over.

I am pretty confident about my kanjis… it is mostly the vocabulary that poses problem I guess.

Of all those reviews, you might surprise yourself with how many of them you know, even after time away. Will it probably take a few days to get through? Sure. But I wouldn’t throw away the progress you have made.

Give it a shot and see how it goes just digging through them.

If you’ve got a huge backlog like that, it can be useful to use the reorder script to make sure you get reading and meaning reviews next to each other. Otherwise, you can do a chunk of reviews and wind up with no progress on the stack because only one half of an item was completed. Unless you know you’re gonna sit down and do 1000 reviews in one sitting.

I was in a similar situation and reset back just from level 9 to level 7, which was handy because it meant that a lot of the reviews I had left were Burn reviews, so then I could clear them out permanently and do the rest of my reviews without the huge backlog growing every day. And with the reorder script, I could get rid of the burns first, and then chip away at the rest day by day. But in my case, I couldn’t remember anything from the most recent levels at all, and trying to figure them out while wading through hundreds of reviews was a drag.

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