📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

I finished Chapter 1 yesterday in honor of the end of this challenge. I plan to continue to read every day regardless of a Fall challenge but I like writing out my plan or what I did to remember I didn’t waste the day, good work everyone.


One of those days when I’m in the mood for nothing, not even reading… I don’t think it has to do with the Summer challenge being officially over, but who knows. I’ve been thinking of doing a short Grammar challenge, maybe I could start on that. Although I’m not sure how to go about it. Read a couple entries from Japanese Grammar Patterns (or Bunpro, or whatever) every day? Keep reading (not that I was going to stop) and then look up at least one grammar point I came across? I don’t know. I do think I internalize grammar (and vocabulary to a lesser extent) by just coming across it repeatedly and looking it up the first few times I see it, but I’d like to study it a little more formally too. No exercises or anything - just input. I’ll have to think about it.
To stay on topic, I have read nothing yet today, but I’m planning on finally finishing the current Tugumi chapter for the book club. This book is strange, I enjoy it quite a lot as I’m reading it, but when there’s a gap between finishing one chapter and starting the next, and especially if I’ve read other things in between, I find it hard to get sucked in again - even though I do want to continue reading it once I start. Maybe I should just read it continuously, independent of book club schedules? That’s a thought. I might enjoy it better this way.


Sep 1, Thu of Week 10 of Summer :beach_umbrella: 2022

So, I have completed SPY×FAMILY Vol.2, and also bought Vol.3. But I don’t plan to read Vol.3 just yet. (Although I skimmed a little.)

Summer Challenge 2022 Summary

Reading Challenge for this season is not a promise any more. It is highly on a whim. But in the end for my case, it’s not a daily, but weekly, thing – I planned to complete 1 volume of manga per week.

There is also the wall of text part, but I simply avoided tackling those, unless it is 1 or a few pages only (as a part of a manga). That’s a bad habit, but I always have an excuse of wanting to focus on listening first. (Which is probably already an intention, not really an excuse.)

For some not so many weeks ago, the intention of making vocabulary list changed. I made for myself for the sake of taking notes, but not really translation; before I eventually decided to share vocabulary lists. The translation of vocabularies doesn’t matter, as I can always look up with Yomichan, and not typing in translations is already a quiz in itself.

Vocabulary lists also evolve. They are not only about vocabularies, but also Kanji, homophones, collocations and set phrases; and eventually, proper nouns.

About the challenge, eventually focusing on reading is broken. I made my own topic, and weekly plans are there; not inside the challenge itself. There are other kinds of challenges as well, and probably even more in the near future.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Falling Leaf Party: Date 20220901 :fallen_leaf: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 13.89% :spiral_calendar:

Forgot that yesterday was the end of the challenge, might as well keep on until the next anyway, because I’ll no doubt still be reading about Wagahai-cat and his adventures.

Congrats to everyone who has taken part in this challenge! It’s great to see so many successes! Hope to see you all in the next one, or to just continue in this one until then :raccoon:

:chestnut: Japanese found with the acorns :chestnut:


晩餐「ばんさん」ー Dinner; supper
暇乞い「いとまごい」ー Leave-taking / requesting leave (from work); saying goodbye
絶間なく「たえまなく」ー Incessantly; without pause
譫語「せんご」ー Talking in a delirium
曖々「あいあい」ー Faint; dim; unclear
提灯「ちょうちん」ー Paper lantern


Whoa, that’s really impressive!! Congrats! :tada:

I am so intrigued, I look forward to the cute!

Congrats! :tada:
23 pages a day is real impressive!

Great job on keeping up with your goal!


September 1st!

A new month, and I’m starting it by starting a new series! I read chapter 1 of Flying Witch today, and so far it feels like its going to be a cute fun read. I had to look up a few pieces of vocab but only a small amount and other than that it was a nice smooth read for me :slight_smile:

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:books: :video_game: :thong_sandal: :sunny: August 31

Played バリバリ for about 15 minutes and finished lvl 2 of the route I’m on.

:sunny: Summer Challenge recap :sunny:

During this challenge I only missed 3 days (a friend got married so it was for a good reason P:)

Mi tentative goals were:

  • Play VN バリアブルバリケード : finish at least 3 routes
  • Read ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖
  • Follow along with VN reading club for ルーパーズ :infinity:
  • Finish 10 manga volumes

I’m only through 1.5 routes of the VN since they proved to take longer than I expected. I did read the book ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 from beginning to end, followed along with the ルーパーズ club and finished 7 volumes of manga. I also finished reading 夜カフェ during the challenge.

I didn’t meet all my goals but I did quite a bit and I’m pretty happy with it. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and was able to read more than usual toward the end due to holidays. During previous challenges I’d just updated my home thread, but this time I started posting (almost) daily what I’d done and it was even more motivating.

As always, I loved reading about everyone’s progress and I’m really looking forward to the next challenge. For now I probably won’t keep up with the daily updates but I’ll try to keep reading daily and I might do some updates here and there.


:butterfly: Home :butterfly:


start - 35

I feel like it was a terrible idea to start since I marathoned all of the new Stone Ocean episodes and spent a considerable part of my day studying or practicing Japanese. I had a headache after nearly 12h straight of Japanese lol


September 1 :blossom: Home Post

Too sleepy to do my summary post today actually :laughing: time continues to be a struggle, but I read a teensy bit of 跡を消す as I’ve been doing so… I’m out here :man_shrugging:



I read HQ vol 13 through without looking anything up, partly because my phone was charging in the next room and partly because I wanted to get the Jouzenji match over and done with. I don’t like them. So glad it doesn’t span the whole volume. I forgot about Kageyama accidentally blocking with his face and trying to pretend he doesn’t have a nosebleed lol, plus we get to see Daichi be cool. That ending though! So I immediately had to start vol 14, which of course had to start with pg 1 being Jouzenji. Why. I hope they don’t show up again. If they do, it shoulda been Ougiminami. Anyway, I just read the one chapter of it though since it’s late.


:spiral_calendar: Day 63: September 1st :shark: :sailboat:

spacer:tangerine: orange Volume 2 (49% ➨ 74%)


Summary post

I’ve been too busy to post about this until now, but I finished one last translation: Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling’s August 27 show, which I posted about here.

This was a short one (the Korakuen Hall show the next day is another story… :sweat_smile:), but it did bring us some fun moments. Hyper Misao came into this match right after having watched Green Bullet, which inspired her to want to become the New Assassin (in addition to being the New Hero protecting love and peace, which is her normal gimmick), because it is more lucrative.

She brought a couple guns into her 3-way match with Mizuki and Yuki Aino, and conducted an audition for an assistant, and the winner was Mizuki. Naturally, Mizuki turned on her at the first available opportunity.

This translation was one of the shortest ones I’ve done, but for some reason, a couple TJPW wrestlers found my translation for this one, of all shows… :sweat_smile:.

Wakana Uehara, who is not technically a wrestler yet (she’s one of four candidates in a youtube program TJPW is doing called 夢プロレス - dream on the ring -, which grants one person the chance to become a TJPW wrestler at the end), found and liked my tweet somehow?? I guess she must have been browsing the TJPW tag on twitter (honestly, the fact that she cares enough about TJPW to follow the tag makes me feel more inclined to root for her to win haha).

The other wrestler who liked my translation tweet was Miu Watanabe, whose comment I did translate in the post, though I didn’t mention her by name in the tweet, so she must’ve also just been browsing the TJPW tag :sweat_smile:. Miu’s English is famously very terrible (she misspelled her own English display name on twitter at first), because she didn’t bother to study much in school, thinking she had no need to learn the language (if only she had known where her career would take her…).

So I highly doubt she read my tweet without the auto-translate function, much less my full show translation in the attached blog post. But my fear is that I’ll accidentally teach the wrestlers weird English through my translations, so I hope I do not make her English even worse, haha.

(This is already getting a bit long, so I think I’m going to make a separate post for the final wrap-up for this challenge.)


Summary post

Here’s my final chart at the end of the challenge:

Week 26
Week 27
Week 28
Week 29
Week 30
Week 31
Week 32
Week 33
Week 34
Week 35

= Japanese
= Japanese and Spanish

Got a perfect score! Even managed not to miss a single day of reading in Spanish, though things got a bit rocky there.

I only read 100 pages (out of 184) of Antes de Ser Libres by Julia Alvarez, which was a little disappointing. I’d hoped to finish the book… but, well, it ended up getting de-prioritized thanks to the increased time I had to spend on my Japanese translations.

And boy did I get a lot done there!

Here are all of the show translations I finished in July-August:

  • 2022.07.09 TJPW SUMMER SUN PRINCESS ’22
  • 2022.07.16 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.07.17 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.07.18 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.07.23 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.07.31 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.08.07 TJPW 上福ゆき地元凱旋興行~kewlest town is 湘南台だべ!~
  • 2022.08.13 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.08.14 TJPW 東京プリンセスカップ
  • 2022.08.21 TJPW PERFECTION
  • 2022.08.27 TJPW PERFECTION

This is by far the most productive couple of months I’ve had since I started doing this at the end of last year. Not only is this the most shows that I’ve had to do in a short period of time, but they’re also the longest in terms of number of characters to translate.

I’ve apparently done 45 wrestling show translations since I first attempted to take over for Mr. Haku after he stopped working for CyberFight last December. 11 of those happened over the past two months!

I have no idea how many characters total I translated. Probably at least 37,000? Maybe closer to 40,000? So that in itself is a pretty big milestone for me, especially since I finally took them public (outside of this forum, at least) and started promoting them so that other fans (and the wrestlers themselves, apparently?) can appreciate them.

I’ve made so many gains in Japanese comprehension during this time. My reading and listening comprehension have both improved, and my grammar and vocab are significantly better than they were in June. I’m not sure I can exactly credit it to this challenge (I’d have been translating these shows regardless :sweat_smile:), but I think it’s certainly proof that reading every day does in fact work. It was nice to have this thread to share stuff in anyway, since no one reads the pro wrestling thread haha. Thanks for putting up with all of the pro wrestling stuff here! I know that it’s probably not relevant to anyone else’s interests :sweat_smile:.

I ended up hopping back into the listen every day challenge for the off-month, so I’ll be posting updates over there until the fall reading challenge starts :blush:.


I might not be into pro wrestling, but I’ve been enjoying the pictures you’ve posted and enjoy reading your posts. So please continue sharing. The diversity is what makes this thread so amazing honestly. :sparkling_heart:


Honestly reading/hearing someone be so enthused about something is great. It’s good energy to bring to any thread :slight_smile:


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Falling Leaf Party: Date 20220902 :fallen_leaf: :raccoon:

吾輩は狸である progress: 15.10% :speech_balloon:

These guys can really talk…

The conversation never ends, one speech quotation was about 2600 characters long, these guys don’t need to breathe, their talking provides them with all the sustenance they need to live. It also feels like they’re not talking about anything much in particular, they could have said what they wanted to say in a few sentences, but they just don’t stop.

:chestnut: Japanese found within the acorns :chestnut:


参考「さんこう」ー Reference; consultation
三味線「しゃみせん」ー Shamisen (I really feel like I should have seen this one before now :thinking: )
薪水「しんすい」ー Firewood & water; fuel & water; housework
嚢中「のうちゅう」ー In a bag or purse
生憎「あいにく」ー Unfortunately; sorry, but…
悪寒「あかん」ー Chill; shakes
耶蘇「やそ」ー Jesus; Christ; Christianity
有為転変「ういてんぺん」ー Mutability of worldly affairs; fleeting shifts and changes of life; the ebb and flow of life
縮緬「ちりめん」ー Silk crepe
有形無形「ゆうけいむけい」ー The tangible and intangible; the material and spiritual
頭蓋骨「ずがいこつ/とうがいこつ」ー Skull; cranium
愚図愚図「ぐずぐず」ー Slowly; dawdling; lingering


September 1 and 2 :heavy_check_mark: :ocean:

Tugumi, chapter 5

Grammar: 間, あえて

It took me two days after all, but I just finished chapter 5 of Tugumi, mere minutes before next week’s thread was up! A lovely chapter about nights that feel special. I’ll probably continue straight on to chapter 6 without taking a break. This book may be no page turner, but it has a very special mood that is enchanting in its own right. Nothing at all like what I expected from the summary, or even the first chapter.

I also started my mini Grammar Challenge. It’s nothing special, I just committed to read at least one entry from the Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns every day. I’ve been using this book for reference, but I’ve always wanted to read it from beginning to end. At a speed of an entry a day it will probably take about two years or more, but I’ll just focus on this one month and see how it goes. I decided to read everything, even the grammar points I’m sure I know already, because there’s always a nuance I may be missing. And the example sentences are quite complex in themselves, so it definitely counts as reading too. Yesterday I read about 間 (yes, nothing really new there as such) and today about あえて.


:cake: September 2 :cake:

Read 2 chapters of 夜カフェ2 today (I think ca 12-14 pages), catching up to the club just as the next week starts tomorrow. I feel like a bit of brain space have become available. I have house things to do, but the most time sensitive stuff should be done tomorrow baring bad weather.

I will also then meet my friends’ new kitten. I can’t promise pictures though, because not mine to share.


September 2nd!

Today I finished Volume 4 of Happiness. I didn’t have to look up a single word so that was really exciting! :muscle:
The ending was intriguing.

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CDJapan was able to purchase VS. アゲイン, so I should be getting that by the end of the month! I should definitely be able to finish 4 books by then, right? lol. I’m gonna try to keep the momentum from last month going and read ~1 vol of manga/day, and if I do, I’ll get close to finishing HQ (well, assuming I mostly read that). I dunno how many more until I feel like I won’t be being too irresponsible if I get another haul (though it’d be less if I stop buying a few here and there!!), but I still have over 100 積読 rn…

Today I read HQ vol 14, minus the Nisekoi crossover bonus chapter because it was boring, and then the first two chapters of vol 15.

I don’t know why I was thinking Koganegawa’s given name was Shinji; it’s Kanji. Wait, what’s KuroBasu’s Koganei’s name…?

Some vocab of note:

仮病を使う (けびょうをつかう) [expression, ア五] to feign illness
猪突猛進 (ちょとつもうしん) [四字熟語, noun, する verb] headlong rush; rushing recklessly
手を焼く (てをやく) [expression, カ五] to not know what to do with; to be at a loss with; to have difficulty with; to be put out
赤子 (あかご) [noun] baby


September 2 :blossom: Home Post

I keep giving myself such little time for anything :joy: still just managed like maintenance mode to read bit of 跡を消す, so there’s that :man_shrugging: hopefully I can get some better progress in over the weekend!