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Not trying to discourage you from posting here! But are you aware that there is a book club for that book, where you can check the weekly threads and also ask questions there? There are still many of the club members around and able to answer your questions. The reason I suggest this is that here, your question and all helpful answers will get lost quickly, while over there, it can serve many other readers even later on :blush:

I'll try!

Roughly: But, Fuuka, instead of saying anything anything and not really meeting her eyes, didn’t seem to be in a bad mood either.

This is rough to get into English :sweat_smile:
だけど == but
何も言わず= without saying anything, this ず ending implies a continuing/parallel action along with the one it negated
こころと目を合わすわけでもない = 目を合わす is to make eye contact, わけでもない is ~“not really”
特別不機嫌 = particularly ill humor / bad mood
代わりに = instead (I put this at the front because it applies to both clauses and it made more sense there in English)
というふうでもない = this is negating the air of having bad humor.

(BTW sorry @NicoleIsEnough you posted after I’d gone through the trouble of doing it :sweat: And since I asked for help a few days ago on my book I felt a need to pay forward)


Ah, no worries at all! I was mainly genuinely wondering whether @ekuroe did not know about the book club or about the fact that one can still ask in the threads.
Thanks for your breakdown anyway, I appreciate it :blush:


Today: p. 138-145 of よつば&!

Just a random comment: I love these books but I’m hoping that Jumbo sexualizing the Ayase girls is not going to be a running gag because that stuff is tiresome.

New things:

探す (さがす): to search for
裸 (はだか): nudity
いかん: regrettable, deplorable
緊張 (きんちょう): nervousness, stress
変わる (かわる): to change, to alter
いつも変わんねえ (いつもかわんねえ): same as always
ガオー: roar
置く (おく): to leave behind
おまたせた: sorry for keeping you waiting


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220801 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

Tanuki Scroll of ナギ :seedling:

Random article - about the Nagi tree, it has its own kanji: 梛

Was also thinking about starting a new book or longer read in August, not sure what yet but I’ll go searching :books: :eyes:

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


「なぎ」ー Nagi tree, can also be 竹柏 (same reading)
雌雄異株「しゆういしゅ」ー Dioecy; dioecism
楕円「だえん」ー Ellipse
披針形「ひしんけい」ー Lanceolate; lance-shaped
「いびつ」ー Distorted; crooked; irregular
帰化植物「きかしょくぶつ」ー Naturalised plant


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day …32?: How do I count the days from now on…

Welcome, new month! Today I just read the subtitles of some youtube video. I think the moving is starting to affect my health. I was soooo tired at work today and almost left early because of it. Tomorrow is another packed day of shopping, painting and assembling furniture :melting_face: Now I understand why moving is considered a stressful event. It’s not like I can take time off work either, so all I can do is power through and rest when possible.


July Review
:tangerine: :evergreen_tree: :cake: :infinity: :cow2:

577 pages read (recorded), plus 3 grazing :cow2: days with unrecorded pages
16% of Loopers

Talking about July

Read all but one chapter of 2 volumes of ホテル・メッツァペウラへようこそ :evergreen_tree: (the first chapter I read in June). Read the 4 chapters of Orange :tangerine: in volume 1 (there is also one chapter of another story in the volume I haven’t read yet). Read 5 chapters of 夜カフェ :cake: (~63 pages). 16% of Loopers :infinity:.

Of those, only Orange and Loopers was planned. Meaning I read the most of something I hadn’t planned to read at all. :joy:

I missed a few more days than I wanted. I don’t mind missing a day or two over a whole month. But stress and overwhelm took center stage towards the end of July and it shows in my lack of reading.

My daily average amount of pages was 18,6 pages, this does not include Loopers for obvious reasons. On days I read though, I’d say I more often read more than that, but my low number days, my grazing days and my missed days really pulls down my average. D’awww.

Also while I can get through 20-40 pages of manga fairly quickly in a day, not as quickly with Night Café.

Overall I’m pretty happy though. I have two full comprehension reads (Orange and Loopers) and then the others I read with much fewer lookups. For Hotels I basically did none, for Night Café I try to stick to only using the vocabulary sheet put together by the club, but sometimes I forget myself and start looking up those not on the sheet too. :sweat_smile:

So yeah, July feels pretty good. Hopefully I won’t have a stress spike in August, so I can read on more days. The main things will be Orange and Loopers and Night Café. But I’m also potentially adding others.

:cherry_blossom: :cake: :infinity: August 1 :infinity: :cake: :cherry_blossom:
(home post)

Loopers :infinity: 16% → 17% (1%) (I adjusted yesterday’s number up by 0,5%)
Night Café :cake: page 67 → 72 (6 pages)
Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya :cherry_blossom: prologue

Very long daily update

So finished off this week’s Loopers chapter, turns out there was a bit less left than I thought, so I adjusted my pretend % a bit. The only sure one is the one for when I finished the chapter. Although we have figured out that the percentage is a lie, because it pretends all chapters are of equal length, but they aren’t. But I have nothing else to track it by. Chapter or percentage amounts to the same thing.

Then because I had time and inclination I started chapter 6 of Night Café. Feels like I haven’t read that in forever, and it has been a week and a half. It is such a comfy read in comparison to my other two main things.

Orange is heartrending if not that difficult. While Loopers story is not what I expected, it has crazy amounts of look ups for me. I did over 200 look ups for chapter 3 of Loopers. In comparison I added about 20 words to Orange vocabulary sheet. I would have looked up a few more (to remind me and such), but no way even as many as 40. Now I don’t know which was longer, but that Loopers chapter was not 4 times longer than Orange chapter 4. So Loopers is hard because so much vocabulary I don’t know.

Night Café certainly have a lot of vocab I don’t know, but with a vocab sheet it goes pretty quick to read.

Then I was curious how hard some of the other VNs I’ve bought are, and picked 逆転 吉原 (Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya). So I read the prologue. It is an Otome game, and apparently was a mobile game (I have it on Switch), so it has a short prologue to get you to the men you’re gonna date. And then it asks you to pick, and that is when I stopped.

So far it doesn’t seem that hard. I looked up quite a bit for the first couple of screens, and those particular paid dividends because those included some main vocabulary. Other than that, I didn’t look up unless it was crucial to understand at all what was being said/what happened.

I really shouldn’t have picked that up though. xD Since I hope to finish Night Café 1 in time to start Night Café 2 with the club, and it starts on Saturday. :joy: I have 110 pages of volume 1 still left, so…

Well, we can’t always do the smartest thing, can we?


August 1st!

I did all of my bookclub reading over the weekend, so I’m back to Yotsuba today :slight_smile:
I read Chapter 94, which had a ridiculously cute page where Yotsuba was pretending to be sushi, and also a conversation about frogs, which pleased me because I love frogs! I had pet frogs and toads for several years as a teenager, though none as exotic as the ones that Yotsuba was talking about!

(Home Post)


Yesterday (August 1st) was a good reading day. I finally started to make inroads in reading Tugumi - I’d been battling through the initial pages then managed to read about 5 pages straight through (I do need to go back over these).

Today will probably not be a good day, as I think I had less than 3 hours sleep on my overnight flight. But I still have at least 4 hours travel to get home, so will try to read some easy things. I’ve just read a few pages to the end of chapter 6 シャドーハウス (re-reading) so better than nothing.


Stressful day, so instead of tackling any novels I picked up Yotsuba for the first time in… I don’t know, forever :melting_face: and have now finally finished volume 1!
I forgot how absolutely adorable this is image Maybe I should read Yotsuba more often.


Not just that, the world around them clearly changes. Like, in the beginning they still had old phones and stuff like that, and now they have smartphones. Technology sure advanced fast in that <1 year! :joy: floating timelines are fun

‘button click texthooker page’ offer stands :joy:

I think we’re a good influence image

This is really making me want to get back to Zero Escape but exams & video games probably wouldn’t mix well :melting_face: soon™!


Home post :bookmark: Aug 1st :beach_umbrella:

・ わたしの幸せな結婚 6 (0% → 27%)

Related to yesterday’s update: The ending of the previous volume wrecked me. I don’t usually seek out spoilers, but I had to look around for reviews on this volume before I could go to sleep last night. Fortunately, it brought peace to my mind. One of the reviews noted that “book 5 and 6 should be read together”. No joke, I’m so happy this volume is released already, how could I bear sitting with that kind of shipwreck of an ending without reading the next part already. Well, I’m only at 27% but I have a good feeling about this one.

cc @Naphthalene


Well, I’m glad I did wait until now to read volume 5, then :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking of which, a bunch of series I am following had a new volume recently (including this one, 宿飯, ポーション頼み, 薬屋, etc). 本好き 30 is coming out in a week too. BUT I still have stuff I bought during the sales back in February rotting in my 積読 pile. sigh.


Home post

Week 6

Chrono Trigger


August 1 :blossom: Home Post

I’m super tired so I just read a few pages of 海辺(うみべ)のカフカ. I should have time for a better reading day tomorrow though :grin:



That fic that was nearly 1500 words a couple days ago? It’s now about 2500 words. If I manage to finish this, it’ll be the longest fic I have to my name.

Today I read ch 2 of キミに言えないことがある. Ugh, my heart hurts. In second grade, Kyousuke had a crush on the older boy who lived next door, but he didn’t recognize what those feelings were until he overheard his mother saying that, the way he was reacting to the boy moving away, it’s like he’s in love with him… about two seconds before he heard his father tell her, “Don’t say disgusting things.” A few years later, he met Kasumi, and he later developed a crush on him. But when Kasumi confessed to him in college, he remembered the wish Kasumi had written for Tanabata in 5th grade (to marry someone he loves and be happy with them), and he remembered his father’s “気持ち悪い,” so he turned him down and told him that what he feels isn’t love. Because he doesn’t think he can make Kasumi happy. Augh

Though Kyousuke’s father is also just a dick. He’s obsessed with “correctness” and perfection and instilled that in his son, and he’s never proud of him no matter what he does because success is expected. “Of course he got that result, that’s nothing to be happy over.” And of course, anything less is meaningless. Like, yeah, no wonder your son has self-worth issues.

Some vocab of note:

オンボロ [prenominal; noun; な-adj.; の-adj.] run-down; shabby; dilapidated
転げ落ちる (ころげおちる) [自一] to tumble down
愛でる (めでる) [他一] to love; to cherish
千載一遇 (せんざいいちぐう) [四字熟語, noun, の-adj.] once in a lifetime (opportunity); (a golden opportunity that may) happen only once in a thousand years


:spiral_calendar: Day 32: August 1st :strawberry: :deciduous_tree:

July in Review

I hoped to complete 10 to 15 volumes within July. If I did a decent job of marking off volume checkboxes in my home post, I’m at 16, which nicely exceeds my goal.

Completed volumes, in unicode-alphabetic order:


🔍 名探偵コナン Volume 11 (0% ➨ 11%)

The plan was to finish volume one of Kaito before buying the next volume of Conan, but it’s a new month so I’ll make new rules. Since Kaito is one-chapter-per-story, I’ll aim to read at least one chapter of it per volume of Conan I read.

With the first chapter finishing off a case, tomorrow(?) begins a new case.


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 29

Another busy day, played like 10 minutes of バリバリ.

:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 30

Snuck in 5 minutes of バリバリ while waiting for someone.

:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 31

Finally some time to myself. Played the entire 2nd chapter of ルーパーズ in 1:10h and later I played バリバリ for another 1:10h (total coincidence).

And July is over! It’s been a busier month than I expected. I missed 3 days but had a bunch of others where I didn’t read too much. I have a vacation coming up in August so hopefully I’ll have more time for reading and all things Japanese.

(I’ll probably do a double post to start August off right, sorry in advance P:)


:books: :video_game: :thong_sandal: :sunny: August 1

I’m trying to make ビブリア a daily reading focus since I want to read it within this month. Today I read 3% (5% → 8%). I’m really enjoying the introduction of the MCs trauma with books, and have a few theories of how that will tie into the old bookstore stuff. Already getting into it.

I also read the first chapter of 青のフラッグ Vol.2, I have no idea what to expect from this series so I’m pretty intrigued.

Then I played some バリバリ before bed ~20 min since I don’t want to lose my streak with this VN either.


:star2: Home :star2:


start - 20

wth D’Arby the Elder looks nice. Robbed by the anime we’ve been
He kind of looks like their lovechild in a complimentary way :thinking:



home post

July progress: what I finished

ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟 (had already started)
彩雲国物語 vol. 1
夢から醒めた夢 (a short children’s book)

東京タラレバ娘 vol 1, 2
暁のヨナ vol 10, 11, 12
薬屋のひとりごと vol 1
天使なんかじゃない vol 1
バンギャルの日常 vol 1

And some book orders arrived, mostly from CD Japan. Photos and comments

A whole pile of 彩雲国物語 light novels.

And the rest of 鹿の王, a history/look back at the visual kei rock scene, and a reading diary.

The 読書ノート is a reading journal for children with pages for 50 books. It has spaces and suggestions for comments about the books, a sheet of stickers to use when you finish a book, and every so often there’s a congratulatory page with praise and encouragement. And since it’s a paper book that nobody can see except me, I think I might try writing it in Japanese.

There are other 読書ノート journals available for older children and adults, with more pages. (100冊、200冊, etc) But right now, 50 books is a good goal for me.

Yesterday’s reading was some more 鹿の王、and some of a pulpy horror novel 異端の祝祭。