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July 31st

I spent ages reading today.
I read the fourth chapter of Orange, which is a book I find quite challenging so it takes me a while. I’m really enjoying Orange even though I find it tough, I’m really looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

Chapter 4 is the last chapter of volume 1, but after it there is the first chapter of another story and It felt kind of like cheating to say I’d completed the volume without reading it… so I figured I’d go ahead and read it. It was quite an interesting story, so I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter at the end of volume 2 now :slight_smile:

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Eh, as an American it reads weird to me. Too try-hard on the swearing and roughness. “you assholes” and “kiddo” mixed together in the same monologue just sounds…odd. I’m guessing maybe the translator is newer to literary translation?

Strong agree.


:infinity: :video_game: July 31 :video_game: :infinity:
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Loopers :infinity: 11% → 16% (5%)

How much I read today is a guess. Because the game won’t give me next completion percentage until I finish the chapter and I tried to read the whole chapter today, but I’m finally giving up. I looked up 175 words (and some of them a couple of extra times)… This chapter have been a slug even if the story is worth it.

The chapter ends at 17% so I should be able to finish it easily tomorrow. My brain is mush… so much in fact that doing a quick review of July is not in me tonight.


July summary!
Lots of personal records broken this month, including most pages read in a month! (1417 pages, previous record was 607 pages) And most pages read in a day! (149 pages! I was speeding through S&M vol 3, 笑わない数学者 in an attempt to catch up to vol 4, which I’ve been slacking on :smiley:)

Books finished this month:

Currently reading:
詩的私的ジャック (S&Mシリーズ Vol. 4)
デボラ、眠っているのか? (Wシリーズ Vol. 4)

And some pretty colors!


I was tired today I just read two pages in the Shin Kanzen Master Reading N2 book.

Talking about translations yeah there are lots of poor, bad or weird translations especially videogames. It’s sometimes so bad that I can’t even play videogames in english with japanese audio. If possible it’s better to read things in the original language.


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July 31st
What did I read?: Orange Vol 1
How much did I read?: 43 pages
How long did it take me?: 52 min

Me sitting down to read Orange: ok, I can handle the emotions today
Me two pages later: Oh no oh no it’s the time capsule trope, help me ;_; No no no no no no are they going to read Kakeru’s no no no no no already crying THEY READ IT DAMN IT KAKERU :sob: YOU- WHY

Look at how cute and happy this first page of the chapter looked, and for WHAT


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・ わたしの幸せな結婚 5 (34% → 100%)

I finished the fifth volume.

…There were many good and funny moments, but author’s note in the atogaki sums up the ending quite well: もはやタイトル詐欺のようになってきた気がするものの、」 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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Week 5
:confetti_ball: 1 0 0 % :confetti_ball:

July 31
ルーパーズ , half to end of chapter 3.


:green_heart: Home :green_heart:


140 - 189

I forgot how much I like the way Alessi gets beaten up. It’s very satisfying. Plus the last chapter of the volume heavily featured Dio, so it was a great end to my day.


36 pages

This one is the first volume of a series. I need to find the rest :eyes:



I watched some calligraphy videos today, and I learned that 櫻 is the traditional Chinese form. I’ve definitely seen it at least once in a name before. Anyway, I suppose you could count the sentences in the “If kanji disappear from Japanese” videos as reading. I think my brain short-circuited when I saw 李も桃も桃のうち in all kana: すもももももももものうち. That’s way too many もs…

I read 5 pages of 強者の同盟, leaving off on pg 29. I am now caught up to where I left off previously! It seems Akao doesn’t much like Hacchi (while Hacchi looks up to her) because she sees Hacchi as weak and she only wants to associate with other strong people (like Jungo and her best friend Terakawa a.k.a. Teka-chan). I have a feeling that’ll be a point of tension between her and Jungo. He does consider Hacchi a friend, and he thinks that Akao’s line of thinking is scary. Y’know, I wonder if most of this story is gonna be in middle school and not high school.

Oh, and we got a title reference with Akao calling their group a 同盟 after calling them strong.

Some vocab of note:

弾 (だん) [counter] counter for parts, stages, installments, etc. (of a story, series, project, campaign, etc.). Usually as 第~弾.
親愛 (しんあい) [な-adj.] dear; beloved. Often in the opening of a letter as 親愛なる.


I read several chapters of 本好き 1 today and my obligatory 5ish pages of 闇祓. I am wondering a bit if I’m having more trouble reading it because I’m reading it on my computer (Honto app) and I’ve gotten so used to reading all my ebooks on my iPad (Bookwalker). Pity the Honto iPad app is region locked. Looking things up in the app is a pain (you to have to Google it, no built in dictionary and no option to side load one). That said I’m not looking up a ton of words, so it can’t be only that. I’m resigned to it being

  1. The sense of dread I get in reading the awkward social interactions. I struggle with TV shows and movies like this too
  2. Longer, somewhat circular feeling sentences (as in, I have to look back to the beginning of the sentence to make sense of the whole)

Anyways, nothing too rough today, but I thought this sentence was interesting:


Both いざ知らず and 今日び were new to me. I thought the comment on Japanese companies changing their drinking culture was notable though.
Honestly despite the uncomfortable social dynamics of this book I’m continuing to push along because this book more than any other has felt incredibly Japanese. The social interactions, the tug and pull dynamics, the ways characters think and talk about each other feels very, very Japanese and I guess, foreign to me, in a way that much of what I’ve read thus far has not. TBH I’d be tempted to nominate it for the ABC if not for the fact I’m trying to finish it :joy:


Days 29 and 30

Read the カリスタルハンータズ本4 guide and also spent quite a bit of time practicing looking up unknown terms in my new Basic Japanese Grammar Guide and Japanese to English Furigana Dictionary. Some days I am just not up to staring at my phone/screen to read and I wanted a way to wrestle through some of the actual paper books I bought! I’m excited!

Today I plan on reading more of 本4 after I tackle my reviews. I’ve been sitting at 88 new lessons for over a week, buuuut that’s a problem for another day! :grimacing:If I stop posting it’s because the crabigator came for me… :crabigator:


July 31 :blossom: Home Post

Hmmm, バディミッションBOND decided to make me cry today :joy: Things are definitely happening, more and more pieces are coming together and it’s all just gonna get wilder from here! I’m not sure if it’s actually gotten easier for me to read or if my brain is just invested enough that it’s figuring stuff out easier, but either way it’s been good! The most progress truly is made right after getting stuck in a rut huh :sweat_smile:

BOND stuff!!

Well… some stuff happened. フウガ’d been planning an attack on the city, but apparently the explosives were already in place to blow up a dam to take out ブロッサム, so the マイカ village people decided to blow up their own village to open up the caves under it to catch the water so the people of ブロッサム wouldn’t be hurt, which is wild in and of itself. But someone had to stay behind to set of the bombs directly, basically sacrificing themselves. A couple different people tried to claim that role, including the leader of the whole village just wracked with guilt over everything, but シキ said he could do it with his robot remotely so everyone could escape. But… he was lying. The robot couldn’t do it, he just stayed behind himself :sob: I really wasn’t prepared for シキ of all people to die, so that one hurt a lot. He’s just really sweet and tragic, he didn’t deserve this :sob: He left a dying message too and it really had me crying:

So yeah I’m sad :cry: That’s not all though; apparently チェズレイ learned his disguise stuff from ファントム which makes sense, but also ファントム has been disguised as アッカルド for like 5 years? You know, スイ’s dad? The guy behind like all of the development on this island? Yeah so where’s the actual one huh?? Truly what is ファントム’s deal, what happened with チェズレイ, I still don’t know anything :joy: チェズレイ seems to know some stuff about ルーク’s past though :eyes: so that’ll probably come to a head soon. All of it will really, things are happening :flushed:

Anyway have アーロン pulling a whole tree out of the ground to throw at someone:

And that’s another month down huh… the passage of time is crazy haha. It’s been good I think! I’ve been following along with the 海辺(うみべ)のカフカ book club, started on ルーパーズ, read a few manga, and went through so much in バディミッションBOND (and those random 1bitHeart and Steins;Gate days, forgot about those :joy:). It’s cool to think about how much I’ve actually experienced in that time! Would’ve seemed impossible not too long ago :blush: Here’s to another month!

Lmao for real, I absolutely love his stupid outfit, it makes no sense :joy:

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I was kinda late for this challenge. Better late than never. I’ll try to read something everday even if its just a short paragraph. More about building a habit than trying to read a whole lot of things.


Aug 1: メキシコの犬 – にほんごたどく


:spiral_calendar: Day 31: July 31st :beverage_box: :volleyball:

spacer:bust_in_silhouette: シャドーハウス Volume 1 (23% ➨ 31%)

spacer:mask: 幸色のワンルーム Volume 4 (88% ➨ 100%)


Home Post

Here are my July statistics :blush:

New monthly record of 640 pages (not including manga), new daily record of 55 pages :tada:


:sunflower: DAYS 19 - 32 :sunflower:

I finished chapters 15-18 in 海辺のカフカ - Kafka on the Shore :beach_umbrella: (Advanced Book Club)

This is the most success I’ve had since doing any of these read everyday challenges! Not just reading every day, but also in that reading has become a habit! I used to have to “decide” to read. On days where I was tired, it was a hard choice to make. Now it’s how I either start or end my day :two_hearts:

I’m all caught up with the book club again. Hopefully it stays this way!

Sorry I haven’t been responding to/updating with everyone here—now that I’m back from vacation I’ll be around more frequently.

Welcome @bluegoldsince96 !! Never too late to join :smile_cat::paw_prints:

Woah!! Impressive stats @NicoleIsEnough :star_struck:


Main Post

Finished reading Nagatoro volume 3 over the weekend and I’m now halfway through Yoru Cafe volume 3. Almost thought I would break my streak, but yesterday I managed to read two chapters of Yoru Cafe.

Yoru Cafe volume 3

Yoru Cafe went in the direction that I thought it would with the aunt collapsing and her bully working alongside her to help manage yoru cafe activities. Also had the suspicion the aunt was hiding her condition and they had just revealed it was a brain tumor. Hanabi has been in the dumps since, but Ryoma has been taking her out of it and trying to cheer her up by bringing her to the batting center. I had to look up some terms there. Definitely think this range of different topics can be a good reminder that you never know what comes up your way. One moment you’re reading a teen drama and the next you’re in a medical drama before you’re in a sports drama.

In turn I didn’t get to play any Digimon Survive yesterday as I was too distracted. Funny enough I did want to finish this part of Persona 4 Golden, so I did just that. About 15 hours into the game and the story is picking up again soon. Sometimes I can breeze to most of the dialogue and other times I need a finecomb bits and pieces. I’m especially bad at hearing names, the girl from the wind instrument orchestra I just had to look up her name and only then could I hear it again. Anyway I’m happy with my progress even if it is slow going.

Probably gonna put P4G on hold for a bit so I can focus on Digimon Survive a little, which I wanted so bad I forgot that I could buy a Japanese copy as the western versions don’t support JP text. There is Japanese voiceacting and it’s actually been weird that normally I would not pay it no mind that there’s english subs, but I have had my headphones on and I kinda just either take in the voice acting in dialogue and ignore most of the english. It’s not exactly that the localization is bad (like Cyber Sleuth) although there are some mistakes that should have not made it in the final game. Either way it is neat game both for Digimon fans and Japanese learners from what I can tell so far (early part 3). It is very much a visual novel with choices and there’s tactical rpg battles in between.

Also July passed by and I’m glad with most of my progress. I think it helps having some lighter reading and just knowing that in summer I’m not gonna be doing much of anything to save energy… This month my goal is build it up a little more. Finishing Yoru Cafe 3 and Zenitendo 3 is gonna be part of that, so I can start looking at one of the novels I have. For manga I’ve been thinking it’s past time I started the Kindaichi volumes I have on kindle. With P4G it would be nice to do another arc at least.


1st of August

Read from page 136 to page 139 (38 – 39%) of かがみの孤城。There was a sentence I just couldn’t understand though:

The sentence


If someone doesn’t mind breaking it down for me, I would appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face: