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Day 19 :heavy_check_mark: :cyclone:

~ 62-66%

Day 20 :heavy_check_mark: :cyclone:

~ 66-71%

As I mentioned in a previous post, I finished the first story, and started the second. I’m finding it a little bit harder, as it’s almost all dialogue up to now. Different feel to the first story so far, I wonder how it develops.

Interesting expressions I came across:
やるかたない - unable to clear away one’s negative feeling, not able to do anything (about…)
訳知り顔 - know-it-all airs
手を焼く - to be at a loss, to not know what to do with
いたちごっこ - going around in circles, pointless and repetitive back-and-forth. (いたち means weasel, and the original meaning of いたちごっこ is a children’s game where the two opponents pinch the back of each other’s hands in turns?)


Yeah, it’s like manga genre definitions – there’s a strict definition that says ‘shounen is anything published in a shounen manga magazine’ and so on, and a looser definition that is more “I know it when I see it”. Similarly if you want an “always gives a bright line answer” definition of “light novel” you kind of have to go with the “which publishing imprint is it”, but because in practice light novels aim at a particular reading audience they tend to have enough traits in common that you can use a loose definition too.

For me, at least, a light novel is a subtype of novel, rather than a completely separate category, incidentally.


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・詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (75% → 81%)

The vocab is fun. Lots of katakana and technical terms. Most of the katakana are familiar stuff, but other than those I essentially have to look up everything. But that’s fine, I have a low threshold for utilizing yomichan. If there’s anything I’m unsure about I look it up. It’s almost like SRS in a way.

Sometimes I make mnemonics, sometimes the mnemonics make themselves. For instance, just one radical sets this pair of words apart: 捻る and 唸る. (ひねる and うなる). I’ve been struggling with remembering the correct reading of the latter one (almost believed it was ひねる). However! This time the latter showed up describing a character going 「うーん」. That’s similar to the sound of うなる itself. うーん(aru). Not too farfetched imo xD. In addition, it makes sense that the mouth radical would be used for that meaning. Meanwhile, the hands/fingers radical is used for the “to twist” meaning (ひねる). So, I didn’t construct any mnemonic, it constructed itself.


I likewise view it as a type of novel. To me LNs are roughly equivalent to the English world’s young adult novels. I wouldn’t say a YA novel is not a novel, but they have different tropes and writing styles which make them stand apart from the broader “novel” pool.


Today I just read three more pages of Shin Kanzen Master Reading N2 a miracle happened and I choose the right answer twice consecutively. Maybe there is still some hope that I will become good at reading in japanese.


July 20th!

Today I read chapter 88 of Yotsuba. There has been some Kansai-ben in the last few chapters which I find a little difficult to parse sometimes, but its mostly been fine :slight_smile:

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I agree wholeheartedly with this view. A LN is still a novel, just part of a subset of novels that are generally aimed at young people and have some tropes that appeal to that audience.


July 18th-20th - Day 11-13 - Home

Chapter 1 - 雲のはなし - Progress 21 (+4, + Column 1) / 21 (FIN).

Articles on more strange clouds, including Noctilucent cloud, and earthquake cloud (???). There’s also article about fog.

At the end of every chapter there’s a column article. At the end of the first chapter, the column is about meteorologists and what they do.


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179- end (203 I think)


start - 13

Hey, Mariah Carey’s in this volume!


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Week 4

July 20
Monster Hunter World


I’ve made it to about 75k total characters read now in Monkeys which is about 20%~ of the way done (jpdb has the length at 346,739 characters).
There was a funny scene in my last reading; Nobody in the school outside of カラス knows that the MC is actually a boy, so when he lost his cellphone she was worried that someone might find it and see photos that would out him or something worse. She was asking what his cellphone wallpaper was and listed off a bunch of options

The randomness of the まさか焼きそば at the end mixed with the upset face was great. His wallpaper actually ended up being a photo of himself (as a boy) and someone found it. He was worried that he would get kicked out of the school for being a boy but the person in question thought it was a picture of his lover :joy:


And all this time, I’ve been reading the katakana for this game in the thread as “Body Mission BOND”. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:



Days 17-19

Started Book 3 of カリスタルハンータズ

Day 17 all I managed was the new book guide, Day 18 was 1 page, and today I’m still making my way through my daily reading, I just know I will forget to post :sweat_smile:

This has honestly been such a hard month. If I’d known what was ahead I probably wouldn’t have committed to this challenge, but at the same time, I’m glad I did. Pushing through the hard spots with any new skill is how you grow! Hoping to finish book 3 by the end of this week :heart:


finished the first volume of アネモネ

i really enjoyed this. for reading difficulty it hit just the right spot, not too easy, but not too difficult either. tried something new, and wrote down the names of the characters as they appeared. because in books with sparse furigana i’ve repeatedly found myself having to just guess at what name those kanji might stand for.

the story so far leaves me feeling a bit melancholic. it’s a cute little falling in love story, but it’s overshadowed by the illness of the love-interest, and a vague sense of foreboding. after important events, there’s a lot of 「あの日。。。」and somehow heavy thoughts. chronic illness can definitely influence how a relationship feels. it can add a shadow of uncertainty, anxiety, a feeling that things might fall apart at any time.

the first page really set the mood for me:

白い天井、白いカーテン、白いベッド。私はその場所嫌い。でも。。。あなたがいるなら。and in the drawings we get a glimpse into the infirmary, where two girls are hugging each other. :heart:

deep sigh


:spiral_calendar: Day 20: July 20th :watermelon: :cup_with_straw:

Super-small reading day today.

spacer:ninja:t2: くノ一ツバキの胸の内 Volume 3 (20% ➨ 37%)

This is the same reason I try to push new learners to the Absolute Beginner Book Club here on the forums. If one can get through one manga volume, asking questions and reading book club discussion threads along the way, it makes the possibility of reading another volume feel doable. Then another, and another. Learning grammar and vocabulary along the way.


July 20 :blossom: Home Post

I wanted to play more than I did today but alas :joy: I got some バディミッションBOND in anyway, and things sure are wild! There’s some pretty serious plot and character stuff going on, so I’m really invested at the moment. I’ll have to check out more tomorrow :eyes:

BOND angst hours

Yeah モクマ continued to have an awful time :sweat_smile: I’m too sleepy to delve into it too deeply right now but things are rough; it was a lot of モクマ seeking his death/punishment for whatever actually happened 20 years ago, and チェズレイ complicating all of it, and the messiness of all of their interactions in that capacity, and yeah fun times! I think they’re past the worst of it though? It seems like they’ve come to a more solid sort of understanding. They’re both just very complicated people with complicated situations and a lot of complicated feelings so it can get messy fast :sweat_smile: But they’re making progress!

チェズレイ got pretty wild though:



I read 4 pages of 2.43, leaving off on pg 155. Since I’m copying it into a document as I go in preparation for when I translate it (and often translating a bit as I go) (this is why it takes more time and energy to read this than most anything else), I get to practice typing and also get immediate feedback on whether the reading I’d guessed for something was right or not. Typing it helps me remember the item a lot better, and, sure, the meaning often still takes me longer to learn through this since I’m not typing that too and I don’t always understand enough to work it out from context, but the reading at least is faster. And it’s easier to look words up when I know how to read them! Anyway, today was the first time I remembered the reading for 及ぶ and didn’t have to look it up, even though I haven’t seen it in a while! It’s always exciting when that happens.

I may say, “言い方、言い方!” like I’m Yuni, but I have no idea how to put it less bluntly, either. This is the blind leading the blind, here. Although, I’m not so sure that Yuni does, either, and it’s not just that he just recognizes that, yeah, that was definitely not the best way Chika coulda put things. Which way, then? Well, not that way, that’s for sure…

In non-reading news, I watched the rest of the 2.43 anime, 9 eps. I’m not sure I should include this under my 観たもの, since I didn’t even do all that much actual listening.

This ended up mostly just being rambling about differences between it and the book, and also about sub/translation errors, and also just general fannish rambling, and it got super long, so, under a cut it goes:

I never paid it much attention, but Chika got Yuni 麦茶 (took me a mo to read the kanji because of the font though, but that could also be since it was only visible when upside-down or mostly so) from the vending machine at the coin laundry. In the novel, it was diet cola, but also, the scene was longer and Yuni was actually out there when Chika got drinks. He asked for cola since it was the first thing that popped into his head, and Chika made the executive decision to get him diet. Also there was a lot more time between when Yuni said that he wants to be Chika’s ace and when Chika finally answers him and says that he’s basically already the ace. He spent like the entire walk back from the 合宿所 wanting to die of embarrassment and convincing himself that maybe Chika didn’t hear him, it was great.

On the one hand, I’m disappointed that the anime cut out the bit where the second-years play a prank on the first-years, because Yuni freaking out at every little noise in the dark (and at the dark itself) but then being totally unamused by the second-years’ “ghost” was hilarious, but on the other hand, it brings back Chika’s trauma, and I’m not sure I could handle seeing that. But on the other other hand… the anime really coulda stood not to gloss over just how the events at Meisei affected him so much. Sure, we get bits of it, but episode 5 was just kinda like, “…Okay, then.” Chapter 5, on the other hand… man. (Plus, the 道場破り?? Granted, Yuni declaring one probably wouldn’ta been any less embarrassing than what the 道場破り was reduced to in the anime, but that subchapter was pretty great.)

(I can’t say if I was right or not though about Horie-san using a different voice for Tomoki and Kuroda, as now I don’t remember Kuroda’s…)

Huh, that scene where Subaru and Ochi are talking outside about Subaru always making Ochi tell him to make him a manager on HaruKou’s center court did make it into the anime, but they completely changed it. It’s a flashback, rather than Subaru dragging Ochi outside when he starts being negative before their practice match with Seiin. They’re not facing each other, but sitting facing opposite directions on a bench. Ochi doesn’t start crying, and he doesn’t rest his forehead against Subaru’s clasped hands when he finally tells him. Also, Subaru doesn’t tell him to say it, “even if it’s a lie.” He stands on the bench and turns to him, then orders: “言え、光臣.” And then we flash back to the present for Ochi’s line (skipping, of course, the “嘘なんか……言わんわ”). I’m happy that exchange wasn’t cut, but it was so much better in the novel. (Though, I suppose that’s true for most of it lol)

I’ve talked about this before, but in the LN, Subaru refers to everyone by surname (except, I think, Kouhei), but in the anime, he calls everyone either by their given name or a nickname (except for Ochi, except when he’s serious). I like it better in the anime, though. He’s supposed to be this affable guy (at least that’s the façade he wears; it’s not entirely a mask, but it is about half one; he’s not quite as cheerful and outgoing as he lets on), and him referring to all his teammates familiarly makes him feel more like one—and makes Fukuhou feel closer—than him using their surnames. It’s not like he doesn’t wear the mask with the team, either. He doesn’t want them to get down and would rather take everything onto himself anyway, so it’s not as if him using given names or nicknames along with having everyone call him “Subaru” doesn’t make sense. When I translate the novels for fun and practice, I’m gonna go with the names he uses in the anime. It’s just for myself, so why not? My next watch-through, I should make a list of what he calls each of his teammates, then.

And as always, I keep expecting to see wings spread out from behind Yuni’s back when he jumps for that first back attack in the second set in ep 8. HQ has spoiled me lmao. God, I love that clicking sound on the particularly powerful spikes, though. The music and SFX in this anime are great.

lololol Yuni finally gets called a 単細胞, and of course it’s by Aoki.

I just figured out from Yuni’s “何回でも見せたるわ……いくらでも見せたるわ!” before the end credits that 見せたる is a contraction of 見せてやる.

And, man, the end of that ep, after the credits… Putting aside that it’s hilarious that Yuni’s just standing around all like “Whuh?” even though Chika literally just used him in a declaration of war against Subaru and Fukuhou… That scene was so great. It practically gave me chills the first time I watched the ep, and I still feel the same even after watching it, what, a dozen times? I so cannot wait to get to this scene in the book—I think it’ll be at the end of ch 2, so I’ve still got a fair ways to go. Less than 100 pages, though.

Aoki gave me a scare in ep 9 though. I thought I was completely misremembering him hinting that he was planning to keep playing volleyball in college if that’s what Oda wanted, but all I got wrong was that he always was planning that, and also that he said it to Kanno (I forgot he also talks to Chika in this scene). Because at first he says that he’s not continuing volleyball after graduating high school (and in the subs, it’s just “graduation,” but he says “高校卒業”), but then after a flashback to the first day of first year (which is actually a scene from ch 3 of vol 1, and which makes it seem like he was drawn in by how cool super aces are, when it was actually by Oda’s passion and seemingly unfounded optimism), he says that he doesn’t see himself continuing after college (and he does say 大学以上 here), so. I guess he changed his mind halfway through the conversation then, while thinking about how grateful he is to Oda and how, even though this was just a club to him, he’s had fun playing volleyball—and playing volleyball with Oda—these past three years. Geez.

I heard Ochi say ドジ when he said, “Make sure they just laugh at how clumsy I am,” in ep 10. I never heard it before since I only learned it because of クールドジ男子, and I haven’t watched this ep since starting it. It’s a small word, but it’s still nice.

While Hata-kantoku’s giving them orders after the second set, Subaru’s just staring down at his water bottle, at a side that never faces the screen. I wonder if he’s staring at Ochi’s message? I wonder if we’ll get it in the novel? I wonder if this is where we finally learn what Ochi’s message on it is?

Ooh, now I know how to read that banner that Yuni’s grandfather made in ep 11! 全国(ぜんこく)飛翔(ひしょう). I knew the meaning even without the subs, but not how to read that word for “soar.”


Damn, this series is so good.

Ah, okay, I misremembered the scene with Ochi and Subaru alone in the locker room after the match a bit. Ochi does say that he can’t cry if Subaru isn’t, but he isn’t crying at that point. And when he does start crying, Subaru only comments that his cast is pushing into his back. Ochi’s determined that Subaru shouldn’t cry alone, and Subaru’s like, “あほ。誰が泣くか,” but though we don’t see him do so (here), he sounds like he’s about to. And when he finally does, it’s in front of/with the team Well, ep 12 is the one I’ve watched the least number of times, though.

Aoki’s expression when Oda asks him to continue playing volleyball with him in college… that boy is so gone for him. lol and Chika saying that Yuni is his limbs and Yuni being like, “I have no idea what you just said to me but I know it was an insult,” and then he clarifies that Yuni has wings (!! 羽, just like in his name, 黒羽!) and that those wings are his limbs, and then Yuni gets all fond. I so cannot wait to get to the epilogue of vol 2 and get these scenes in all their glory!

黒羽、一緒にやろう! ずっと、バレーボールを!

(Though that doesn’t end up happening lol. Chika transfers to Keisei at some point, not sure when, if it’s during/for second or third year, but then they’re reunited again at Keyakisha Uni, along with Subaru and Ochi.)

I’m annoyed that Funimation never changed the bits they messed up on in the subs for the official release. They went back and added the translations for the OP and ED themes in the first few eps that didn’t originally get them, but they never fixed any of their mistakes.

  • In ep 5, they say it’s spring break rather than summer break.
  • They start out by calling the 新人戦 the Rookie’s Match in earlier eps, but then in ep 6, it’s the Newcomer Match, which is just an inconsistency rather than a mistake, but still.
  • Also in ep 6, that Fukurou TV cameraman says that it gets boring “if Fukuhou’s always a shoe in.” It’s “shoo-in.”
  • Or: “…not only can he pull of spike serves…” It’s “off.”
  • They forgot the second ‘on’ in “I can’t have you distracted by what’s going on on another court at qualifiers.”
  • In ep 7, they have Ochi say, “Cheering for you guys on the bench at the Spring Tournament is my dream,” but he doesn’t say 春高 here, he says センターコート, because Fukuhou have made it to HaruKou every year (and Ochi’s cheered for them from the bench as their manager every year), but they’ve never made it far enough to play on the center court. It completely changes the feel of the line! Like, there’s a reason Subaru wants to make Ochi a manager who stands on the center court at HaruKou and not just to bring him to HaruKou, and it’s because they’ve gone to HaruKou every year, but they’ve never made it all the way.
  • “Don’t panic and cut them off!” Uh, yeah, that construction applies the “don’t” to both verbs. Ya either need a comma or to make them separate sentences. Or even, “Don’t panic, cut them off!” That’s probably better.
  • And they translated Subaru’s “ここでブレーク!” as “We got the break!” rather than making it a declaration in the future tense, 'cause, uh, that wasn’t a break. That was the 27th side-out in a row. Chika scored with a dump, bringing the score to 13-13, then Subaru scored, bringing it to 14-13, and declared that they’ll get a break here, and then they got it on the next point when they blocked Seiin’s spike, making it 15-13. That’s also why Fukuhou were only fired up at his “ここでブレーク!” but started celebrating after the block point—that was the actual break.
  • And there’s one bit in ep 8 that always stalls my brain because it doesn’t make sense, and my brain can’t consolidate the two halves quick enough into something that does, so I always miss the next line too. “Yeah, but you’re not really setting to Aoki-senpai / the more strain that’s going to Uchimura-senpai…” Yeah, as I thought, even when you read them as one line, it’s nonsensical. Replacing the “the” with “so that’s” would actually make sense, and it doesn’t even take that much longer to read—actually, it takes less, since ya don’t gotta do any mental gymnastics that disrupt your reading flow. Ay, and this is my favorite ep, too…
  • And this is more just annoyance than a mistake, but when Yuni slips on sweat and starts to curse, “しまっ,” the subs say, “I sli—” Like, yeah, we know he slipped, and also that’s not what he says. Why can’t they put “Shi—”? (lol and when Chika says the same when one of his tosses is off in ep 11, the subs say, “Shi—” so like.)
  • In ep 10: “Don’t lose heart and turn things around in the third set.” Again, you need a comma… Like this, Hata-kantoku’s ordering them not to lose heart and not to turn things around.
  • “He’s planning coming right back to the bench.” Uh, ya need an “on” in there. Y’know, I wonder if the same person was in charge of the subs for ep 6, 7, and 10, since they’ve got the most mistakes, and the same kinds of ones too.

Does no one proofread these? They’re a big-name company, not some no-name amateurs. I’m also annoyed that they drop さん and くん, though I suppose I should be glad they at least keep 先輩 and ちゃん, even if they annoyingly italicize them. They also don’t translate the entirety of the eyecatch cards, and they slap the subs overtop the text, so you can’t read most of them. Ugh, well, at least with time, I eventually won’t need them at all anymore and can exclusively watch on my BDs (since you can’t turn subs off on this, since I bought the season rather than am watching on the website. I ain’t paying a subscription).

I did not lie about this getting super long.

But the visuals and the sound effects… actually getting to see (and hear) some of this stuff is so cool! Even if I’m annoyed at some of the changes and like the novels better, I’ll never not love the anime.

Y’know I wonder how the second half of the novel is handled, though, because there’s a lot of going back and forth between Fukuhou and Seiin during this portion. I was thinking at first that we’d get ch 4 from Subaru’s POV and then the 5th from Chika’s, and there’d be some overlap in timeline until the 代表決定戦 at the end of ch 5, but actually there are parts of the match and just before that are firmly Fukuhou, and while some of them I can see Chika being nearby to hear/see, there are others that can’t be from his POV (or anyone else from Seiin for that matter, but it’ll most likely be him), and they definitely can’t all be anime-original. Of course, ch 5 could be Subaru’s POV, but I don’t really see the titular match being from Fukuhou’s POV since it is, after all, 2.43 Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu, even if Fukuhou are just as much main characters as Seiin in this novel, plus that still brings up the same problems. Unless sensei breaks her pattern until now where only the epilogue would switch POVs between subchapters… Well, I suppose that’s another thing to look forward to!

Some vocab of note:

には及ばない (にはおよばない) [expression] When used after a verb, it means, “there is no need to; it’s fine if you don’t; unnecessary.” When used after a noun, it means, “does not match; out of reach of.”
台無しにする (だいなしにする) [expression, する verb] to spoil; to ruin; to destroy; to make a mess of
突っ立つ (つったつ) [自タ五] to stand in one place, doing nothing in particular; to stand around; to stand flat-footed
忌々しい (いまいましい) [い-adj.] annoying; provoking
反感を買う (はんかんをかう) [expression, ア五] to antagonize; to provoke antipathy
挑発 (ちょうはつ) [noun, する verb (他)] provocation


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Flaked out on Monday but apart from that I’ve read a solid amount every day (solid for me anyway, I know I read slow).

Finished chapter 1 of ツバサ-RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE and just got through Kurogane’s intro. Now I’m wondering if Princess Tomoyo has her own Sakura in this world? It would be so sad if she didn’t!

Also I keep finding little sticky notes full of kanji from the last time I tried to read this. :joy:



Posting here can be a great way to learn new stuff as well, like I didn’t know how to write dates, so I looked it up and I’ll use it from now on :slight_smile:

Reading wise I continued with the Level 0 graded reader free PDF; I read three additional chapters:

  • 赤ずきん - pretty straight forward, even though I wasn’t sure about the last page (I’ll look it up, when I’m on my PC). But I felt quite happy with 大きい目 and 大きい口, which I recognized from WaniKani (and therefore could also deduce 大きい耳 as well as 食べました, where I didn’t know the Kanji but the word (from the Michel Thomas audio course).

  • よむ - here I wasn’t sure at first, but soon got it. I knew よみます from Michel Thomas but didn’t drew the connection first, and I am not sure about every word; but again I could pull from my knowledge (like ひとり and ふたり, which I wouldn’t have recognized without context because of the non-Kanji writing :rofl:).

  • たいへん - this one was the hardest yet. Still, I get the gist of it. I found it a bit weird that they removed the furigana for してんしゃ. Made it harder to read. And I don’t get all the text, so this would need the most dictionary work. But I get the gist and that’s rather fascinating.

All I all this reading experience is surprisingly pleasant. It’s really fun to understanding these sentences or the gist of the story. I would have never considered myself to be even close to “reading” something, but now I do. Great experience that I can only recommend anyone that is starting off. You don’t need to be some JLPT level before you can start and it’s so rewarding.

I am now at page 50. Lots to go, but it’s fast to read and I even reread the last story as well.


:books: :video_game: :shallow_pan_of_food: :sunny: July 20

Finally started ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 ! I’ve only read the prologue so far though ( 0% → 4% ).

I also re-read the 5th and final chapter of 青のフラッグ Vol.1 ( 80% → 100% ). I’d only read the 1st volume before, so after this refresher I can start reading new (for me) content in volume 2.

I’ve been negelcting バリバリ lately so hopefully I can go back to that as well…


I had my second Covid booster yesterday and I’ve been feeling intermittently terrible today, plus I leave for an overseas trip in the morning.

I couldn’t even manage to read the ABBC prefectures last page of the week today, can’t get the words to make sense! But I think I’ve just found a random sticking point, since I’ve managed to read 6 pages of Shadows house chapter 2 as an alternative.

Really hoping I feel better by morning for my trip!