📚📚 Read every day challenge - Summer 2022 🏖 ☀

Not a huge reading effort today - I went over 4 pages of Spy Family mission 5 in detail so I think I’ve understood most of it. If I keep up a few pages a day I should finish the book before I go overseas in a week.

I’m going to keep looking at the first few pages of Tugumi to see if I’m likely to manage it. Especially since I’ve borrowed it from the library. If I’m going to read it, I’ll have to take it interstate and then probably on a dive trip to Malaysia, which may not be wise!


Good luck with your surgery! Here’s hoping the anaesthesiologist is a real pro.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220714 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 97.23%

Finished the main story, now there’s just the afterword section to read.

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


胃潰瘍「いかいよう」ー Stomach/gastric ulcer
療養「りょうよう」ー Recuperation; medical treatment
癈人「はいじん」ー Disabled person (Derogatory word. More common to see as: 廃人)
腑抜け「ふねけ」ー Coward; wimp; spineless
苦悩 「くのう」ー Mental anguish/suffering/agony
間数「まかず」ー Number of rooms; or…
間数「けんすう」ー Number of ken (measurement, 1 ken = 6 shaku // 1 ken = 1.82m, roughly)
夫婦喧嘩「ふうふげんか」ー Marital quarrel/argument
下剤「げざい」ー Laxative
仰向け「あおむけ」ー Facing upward (like lying on your back for instance)
阿鼻叫喚「あびきょうかん」ー Pandemonium; agonising cries; two ‘hells’ of Buddhism

コスモス ー Cosmos (the plant)
Forgot that cosmos was a plant, thought the story had become weirdly surreal for a moment. With the entirety of the cosmos growing out of a garden.


Congrats! Feels like that was relatively quick for what must have been a fairly challenging read. Good job! Someday eventually I’m going to read that one, too.


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 14:

32 pages of ハピネス vol 2. I’m probably gonna finish this tomorrow. It’s so much more dramatic than the first volume! The art style is interesting, too.

I hope I can dive back into Zero Escape this weekend. I’ve been wanting to all week, but things have been so chaotic. Crossing my fingers for a calmer weekend!

Good luck with your surgery!!!

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Thank you so much! She’s on meds now and sleeping next to me. I hope she recovers quickly, too.

Thank you! I hope your pet is doing okay, too. There’s just such a specific brand of stress that comes with vet visits.


Thank you - the second batch of tests came back fine so we are relieved. Yes, I often say I don’t know how people with children get through the day, because when one of the cats is sick it takes over my whole emotional existence. I hope yours is doing well!


Read the last pages of the first volume of よつばと! today. Will now go back to the beginning and do a much closer read with dictionary in hand. Love this series so much and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next 12 volumes!


Home post :bookmark: July 14th :beach_umbrella:

・詩的私的ジャック - JACK THE POETICAL PRIVATE (63% → 67%)
Read half of chapter 8. This felt so much easier compared to the other stuff I’ve been reading today.

Have also read a few pages of most of the nominations in the advanced book club, so I could vote in the nomination difficulty polls (maybe a bit late at this point) and figure out what I want to vote for in the poll for the next pick. Took me all day… tsukareta… My votes in the difficulty polls look out of place in some of the older nominations. Voting now vs back when the nomination was posted isn’t the same in terms of reading ability across the members who have voted. Just felt a bit surreal. I’m glad I took notes so I won’t have to reread all of those each time I want to vote for the next pick, haha. (Nominations with no ebooks, for instance, are deal-breakers for me, unfortunately.)

Random durtle craving of the day (I might be slightly durtverted):


July 14th!

I read a chapter of Yotsuba today. It was Chapter 86, in which Yotsuba’s Grandmother comes to visit. So that was fun. :slight_smile:

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Oh hey, thanks! I appreciate it.

When I put the poll together this morning, I actually thought about the same - “would we still vote like this today?” :thinking: I guess there’s nothing that can be done about it. At least in the Advanced Club, I’m pretty sure people form their own opinions anyways and take those numbers only as a small data point (if at all)…


I completely ignore how difficult it is and go entirely based on how excited I would be to read it :stuck_out_tongue: Something easy but boring I have to drag myself through but hard and intriguing I will absolutely lose myself in the process.


I enjoyed the ninth short story so much that I could not stop reading before I finished it. Today I read 14 pages 5分で読める恐怖のラストの物語 just one more short story and I will be done.


:infinity: :cake: July 14 :cake: :infinity:
(home post)

Night Café :cake: page 16 → 35 (20 pages) (chapter 2)
Loopers :infinity: 0% → 5% (5%) (chapter 1)

It rained today so no yard work. Hurray! I celebrated by spending extra time on reading. Both to read all of chapter 2 of Night Café and in the evening Loopers chapter 1, but I’ll get to that.

I’m really enjoying Night Café. It is very easy for me to read in general, just missing vocabulary. Thankfully, the excellent vocabulary sheet from the club helps a lot there. Although sometimes I find it interesting that some pretty hard sentences didn’t get asked about in the club. *slow blink*

However, with some DeepL assistance (knowing how wrong it can be, but it can help give me a pointer about what I’m missing in my understanding), I can usually figure it out.

Gotta say I’m falling in love with Hanabi’s aunt. Especially when she said that sometimes people just need a good (verbal) whack. Also glad that Hanabi is finally somewhere where she’s being taken care of and listened to. Yeah, she didn’t tell her parents anything, but if they’d paid better attention, I feel like they should have noticed something was off. The bullying at school have been going on for years…

I spent extra time to finish all of chapter 2 from start to finish, so I wouldn’t be in the middle of a chapter when the club reading started tomorrow.

And then I made plans with my friends for Friday night (aka tomorrow) for gaming, which we usually do until late and then I tend to be pretty tired the next day. Drinking might also be involved. :innocent:

So considering:

a) I had no idea how long Looper chapters would take to read
b) I didn’t want to accidentally delay my Orange reading until after the weekend (I try to read as early as possible for each new club week to help fill in the vocab sheet)
c) I wanted to finish Looper’s weekly reading before I moved on to Orange
d) I wouldn’t have much time to read on Friday

I decided to get started with Loopers today, and by the time I started to feel 満足, I could guess that the end of chapter 1 was close (due to helpful chapter ending screenshots), so I just finished the chapter (and therefore the weekly reading).

So yeah, I accidentally started early and finished week 1 before it even started. :sweat_smile: Oops?

Well, the good thing is that if all chapters are roughly this long, then it takes me less than 2 hours to read unless the difficulty ramps up a lot. Of course, I have a suspicion that maybe the other chapters are longer. But I will leave talking about it specifically for the club, just like with Orange.

Now I’ll probably start Orange week 3 early tomorrow. What a weird club week this turned into. :joy:


So many reading people Yotsuba& and enjoying it. :eyes: If I had more hours in the day, I would add it back into my active reading list, but I already have a lot on it. And with a tentative deadline to finish Night Café 1 by early August, I can’t afford to lose my focus from that when I’m not reading for clubs.

@LoudLibrn I hope surgery went smoothly and well. Wishing you quick recovery! :green_heart:

@Daisoujou So glad to hear that you might have found something that works. I hope it continues to help! I enjoy your Flowers updates. The prettiness of it and wanting to eventually tackle something with flowery language (the pun is in the name, #sorrynotsorry) means I’m keeping a close eye on your updates to see if Flowers might be for me. ^^


Thanks! Happy to talk about it when I can. Seems like a lovely game so far. And it’s good that reading Loopers wasn’t too much of a strain! I’ll be doing so tomorrow for sure.

I read a little more today but I’ll keep this actually simple for once. Nothing big to report, hit 6000 characters so I’m still managing to push further. Reached the first hint of a mystery, maybe? But mostly it’s the section of awkwardness about being forced to do ballet, haha. Gotta say, just like Summer Pockets, individual scenes come and go pretty quickly, so I’m liking the pace. Even at a slow speed I get through a pretty satisfying amount of stuff per session.


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Week 3

July 14
Chrono Trigger → 1 h 15 min.


:fireworks: two weeks done! :fireworks:

finished volume 7 of Kase-san, and the first chapter of volume 8

i liked the end of volume 7. it feels like Kase and Yamada have both grown since entering university. on the one hand they’re both more independent than they used to be, and on the other they are closer to each other. they have more trust, and are developing a comfortable sort of intimacy.

maybe i’m overthinking, maybe i’m projecting, but i like it ^^

volume 8 started a little more difficult. a few months timeskip, a whole bunch of kanji and vocab i’ve not seen before. i hope it doesn’t stay like this, because it’s taking it into “i really ought to look up some of these words, or i won’t understand the story” territory. there’s a tv-celebrity-gardener visiting Yamada’s university, and it looks like that will be creating some of the obstacles for the two to overcome together. and they’ve decided that they’re going away together for christmas.

very cute scene where they’re on the phone together, talking about a necklace Kase gave Yamada for her birthday. and Kase is disappointed that Yamada isn’t wearing it, because isn’t it special? and Yamada is like, it’s special, so i want to wear it when i’m with you! and the problem is resolved and they’ve learned a little more about each other. and are both happy. i like that kind of thing :smiling_face:


:spiral_calendar: Day 14: July 14th :tropical_drink: :wind_chime:

☖ それでも歩は寄せてくる Volume 12 (0% ➨ 100%)

Ever since I almost read the first volume in one sitting, it’s been fairly traditional for me to read a new release quickly.

Following directly from all the good stuff in the prior volume, this one doesn’t disappoint as we see spoiler excluded in case anyone following the book club sees this and likewise for this one as well. And naturally, there’s a cliffhanger right at the end as spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler.

What’s interesting about this one is the digital release includes what’s on the cover of the manga (underneath the removable cover). This wasn’t the case for any prior digital releases.


(They’re talking about enter spoiler here.)

There’s also the back cover of the removable cover and the original sketch version of the cover art (both normally not included).

I wouldn’t mind if they retroactively added those to the earlier digital releases.

Some nice panels (minimal spoiler)



(Avoiding spoilers for this volume is difficult.)

spacer:male_detective:t3: SPY×FAMILY Volume 1 (74% ➨ 87%)

🐇 ご注文はうさぎですか? Complete Blend Volume 1 (44% ➨ 48%)

I’ve finally reached the end of the original volume one, which was the first manga volume I ever read. Back then, it was intensive reading. This time, it was part of extensive reading.

Next up will be the second half, comprising the second volume of the original release, which I mostly pushed through reading with few lookups and relying on recalling scenes from season one of the anime to cover for what I couldn’t read. Re-reading that material will be a much better experience now that I have Mokuro + Migaku to help out. (Although maybe if I put more focus into kanji learning, I’d be able to recognize more than I do…)


July 14 :blossom: Home Post

I played a bunch of バディミッションBOND today and it was sure a wild time! Language-wise there’s still plenty of interesting words and phrases thrown around, but I feel like I’m generally looking up less than I’ve had to in the past which is cool. チェズレイ still wrecks that pretty much whenever he talks but I think he’s just like that lmao.

BOND things!

A lot happened today as always! Perhaps most importantly, look at this sweet boy:

I latched onto シキ so quickly :joy: He deserves good things only!! Alas…

But yeah things are getting real wild, and major モクマ angst is pending for sure. I’m starting to get more of an idea of what actually happened (though definitely not the whole picture yet) and just… ouchies. Going to that town is gonna hurt real bad huh… I have no idea how anyone’s going to react and I’m very concerned :sweat_smile:

ルーク’s vague childhood continues to feel very relevant; the code to open up the gem is in the researcher’s son’s head huh… I wonder :sweat_smile: I really feel like アーロン knows that too, he had kind of a weird reaction and clearly he knew ルーク then, and I think he remembers so that’s gonna be whole thing at some point, but who knows when!

Anyway I’m excited (yet afraid) to go to ninja village, that’ll be fun :grin:

Congrats, that’s super exciting!! :tada: :tada:

That’s great, I hope it keeps working for you!

Belated best of luck on your surgery!

Congrats!! That’s so impressive honestly, powerful stuff :muscle:



I read 6 pages of 2.43, leaving off on pg 112. lol apparently Subaru uses his networking skills so he can get local snacks from wherever a tournament is being held, and either Takasugi or Asamatsu (there aren’t any tags so I dunno!) is like, “Use your networking for more useful things…” (Can’t. He needs his sweets. Y’all should know this.) Anyway, it seems this subchapter is all pre-practice-game stuff, and the game itself will be the next one.

I hope dialogue with few to no tags gets easier. Because I can follow along with few mix-ups in English even with three characters, but in JP I often get lost, even when there are only two.

In non-reading news:

While working on painting my shelves today, I put on the audio dramas I have saved on my phone (the 2.43 ones included with the anime, plus various monologues and pair dramas from the 黒バス character song albums that I’d found on youtube). I didn’t particularly concentrate on listening or anything, but I did still pick up on a little bit. Like in 英雄のいちごタルト, it wasn’t that Subaru ordered one (he’d tried to get one, but a group of girls got the last one, I think), it’s that he got it for free (and with 5x the number of strawberries, to boot!) because Yuni went off to pull some strings since the 洋菓子メーカーの社長 is one of his relatives. He seems very used to doing shit like that lol. And that in one of my fics, I wasn’t far off in having Aoki give in to Oda trying to get him to join the VBC with a small sigh and an “All right,” because in 犬とキリンのヒストリー, at the end of Oda’s appeal, he gives a small sigh before saying, “ほんなら、おれにバレーを教えてくれや.” I’m surprised by how much I picked up mostly passively.

I also watched the ep 1-8 of アオアシ. It’s really good. (I woulda watched more, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.) Bit disappointed I can’t try watching it with JP subs, but, well. Also I knew Umehara Yuuichirou was in it, but not Enoki Junya or Ono Kenshou, that’s funny (or I’m just way too obsessed with 2.43 lmao). Tomoki’s seiyuu too, although he used a different voice for Kuroda than for Tomoki (not that I remember Tomoki’s voice, but I know no one in 2.43 had one like Kuroda’s, so) (At least I think? I even just listened to the Fukuhou audio drama a few hours ago, but suddenly I’m not sure anymore…), so that’s not why I recognized his voice; actually, I think I only thought I recognized it, since I had an image of YoI in my head from it, and he wasn’t in it.

On Aoi’s acceptance letter, they used 殿, which was totally unexpected, especially since on the envelope they use 様. But apparently 殿 is standard in official letters like that. I’m used to it being used for like lords and stuff lmao this is nearly as big of a shock as seeing きさま used in the polite sense in S×F.

Some vocab of note:

主導権を握る (しゅどうけんをにぎる) [expression, ラ五] to seize the initiative
鉄壁 (てっぺき) [の-adj.] impregnable; invulnerable; unassailable; cast-iron
八方美人 (はっぽうびじん) [noun, oft. derogatory] everybody’s friend; people pleaser; person who’s affable to everyone
初陣 (ういじん) [noun] one’s first campaign; one’s first battle. My first (ha) time seeing this reading for 初, too.


:green_heart: Home :green_heart:


31 - 54
I felt sleepy so I figured I could get an early start the next day :clown_face: I fell back asleep after waking up I think. I’ve started setting 2 alarms, although I think I may need to start setting a 3rd. It’s honestly embarrassing as I used to be so consistently on time in high school and college.

I’m pretty sure tonight I’ll reach the part where they have to avoid making noise, so I’m sure I’ll knock out a bunch of pages very quickly in that section.