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Day 14 :heavy_check_mark: :cyclone:

~ 53-57%

The time jumps in this story are crazy. It spends pages and pages on describing the events of one night (a portion of it really), then suddenly jumps ahead without even stopping for breath (or changing the paragraph, you know?). Some things are so well described I feel I can smell them even, and some, even though they’re not insignificant at all, are just mentioned in passing. Very strange feeling.
Oh, and I still don’t know where the author is taking this. :grin:

Congratulations! It seems like yesterday when you said you were thinking of starting it. Amazing progress.

(looks guiltily at 糞尿譚 that’s been left unread for ages) :eyes:


Oh hey it’s me. :eyes:


You called? :grin:

That’s quite amazing, isn’t it? I really like this.

I haven’t read the two other stories yet, but the first one stays consistent in its difficulty. So yes, I agree that it’s not really at L37 (it already dropped one level since I started reading it, so maybe it will move in the right direction) but I thought that the narration style still had some difficulty to it, with its long sentences and casual speech, especially at the beginning. But I also feel that one can get used to it rather quickly. Looking at other books on Natively, I rather think it should be in the L30-L32 range, really. :woman_shrugging:


:tangerine: :books: July 15 :books: :tangerine:
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Orange :tangerine: page 59 → 67 (8 pages)

Just a quick read today. I don’t have more time because of the gaming & drinks fun tonight. I think I’m just falling more and more in love with the art. I find myself rereading a panel just to get to look at the art a bit longer. ^^

@meagstudies Congratz on finishing your first book!

@Zakarius Congratz on finishing the main story!

So nice to see people expanding their reading horizons.


Now that you mention it, I guess the difficulty polls might serve more as a function of gauging whether the book/manga is of suitable difficulty for the book club it was nominated in :thinking: If the majority finds the book/manga to be too much effort, someone usually proposes that it might suit a book club of higher level, vice versa if the book is too easy. What’s special about the advanced book club is that it is already the highest level we got on here, so there’s really no cap on what gets nominated (as long as it is not too easy&short - would get moved to intermediate instead). I guess what I wanted to say is that difficulty polls are more relevant to the time they were posted compared to 2-3 years later.

Maybe I’m thinking too deeply about this :sweat_smile: (but I think it is interesting - the more proficient one becomes, the less of an issue difficulty becomes. It is all relative, just like ratings on Natively(?)). For the record, I like difficulty polls, I don’t think they need to change.

Question for further research: “How does the function of difficulty polls change across the different levels of book clubs?” xp


15th of July

Read page 101 to page 103 (28 – 29%) of かがみの孤城 today. Late night reading again :joy: I’ll try to get reading straight after WK reviews back into my morning routine. Got to wake up early enough for that


Today I just went over another 3 pages of Spy Family. I feel I should have managed more with a day off, but I was tired, and am giving myself bonus points for listening to the American Life podcast. I saw it recommended in another thread - I don’t understand a lot, but I’ll listen to each episode twice, and at least I’m doing some listening practice. Which I need, since I’m going to sign up for the December N3 exam.


I picked up a new VN called Monkeys!! to read on the side so I don’t get tempted to read ahead in Loopers for the VN book club. The basic premise of this game is the all-boys school is about to close down due to a low number of students, so the MC has a plan to save the school by merging with a local school. The closest local school to merge with is a prestigious お嬢さま school. The MC is like the most “bad ass delinquent” at his school but he has to attend the girls school to convince the girls in power there to agree to merge the schools. I’ve seen people mention “boy attends an all-girls school” plotline a lot but first time I’m actually reading one. It seems to be more of a comedy game and the game has pretty high reviews everywhere so I hope I enjoy it!

One of the scenes I enjoyed so far is when the MC is explaining what the girl’s words really mean :joy:


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Beach Resort: Date 20220715 :beach_umbrella: :raccoon:

No Longer Tanuki Progress: 100% - Complete!

Finished No Longer Human, which means I’ve also finished my first book in Japanese!

:beach_umbrella: Japanese found in the sand :beach_umbrella:


綴る「つづる」ー To spell; to write/compose
提琴「ていきん」ー Tiqin (Chinese instrument)

Replies and Ramblings

Thank you all!! And for the encouragement in the beginning! I think it was the first of June I started, pretty sure it was, I don’t remember now :laughing:


But that’s 45 days, and I read for about an hour, give or take, each time, so that’s about 1,670 characters an hour (that’s including kanji, kana, and punctuation)… I have no idea what that means though, I don’t really have much else to put that up against. I think it sounds like a lot more than I probably read, there was so many commas everywhere that they probably make up half that number and the word 自分 made up another quarter :rofl:

But I’m surprised the Japanese wasn’t super unintelligible for being an older book. As in, I found it difficult and I think a lot of the grammar went over my head and I probably missed some of the finegrain nuances. But I was expecting the Japanese equivalent of reading something from the same time period in English, like James Joyce or Virginia Woolf (hard to get the meaning in a huge maze of words), but most of it was pretty clear and easy enough to pick out the main parts of each sentence - like which verbs are affecting which nouns and such - just again, some of the in between grammar left me confused.

頑張って!! It’s never too late to read about manure!


Today: reread the first 11 pages of よつばと! Vol 1 with dictionary help.

Some new things I learned:
そういや which reminds me; come to think of it…
手を振る (てをふる) to wave one’s hand
手が離せない (てがはなせない) right in the middle of something
〜てくれ to do something for someone
用が入った (ようがはいった) had something to take care of
セルフ stock line or phrase
偉い (えらい) great, excellent, admirable

I never used to look up onomatopoeia but I’ve decided to start doing so because they’re fun.

ブウン hum or buzz
ブンブン shake with vigor

I’d love to create the little dropdown arrows for word lists here but can’t figure out how to do it; can someone help me with that?


When making a reply, you can click the little gear (furthest right option) and select “Hide Details.” The part that says summary is what the drop down will be called, and then the section with “this text will be hidden” is, well, the text to be hidden haha.


Ah, I see! So simple. Thank you!


Congratulations! I had no idea this was your first actual book! Dazai is quite a challenging author to dive into as your first!


Thank you for the well wishes! My anesthesiologist was definitely heavy handed yesterday so I’m still out of it! I tried doing my reviews and my poor brain is struggling. I’m hoping to get back into my reading later today. I hope everyone is well and staying cool! :beach_umbrella: :sunny:


I haven’t read any of my books for several days. Work stress basically - I drowned myself in terrible (but Japanese!) television instead. Things have eased up so I picked up 硝子の塔の殺人 again and oh my goodness. That twist. Love it. I’m so excited to finish out the last piece. If I have energy after I run my various errands today I might do just that! Mystery novels with good twists throughout are just the best.


Congrats on finishing your book! For what it’s worth stats-wise, I also took about 40 hours to finish my first book in Japanese, so that’s something to put your numbers up against. :woman_shrugging:


:sunny: :beach_umbrella: Memoria’s Summer Readin’ :beach: :sunny:

Day 15:

Finished reading ハピネス volume 2 today! The action is ramping up, so I guess I need to read the third volume too now. I’m so glad it’s the weekend - hopefully I’ll have some more energy soon. Have a great Friday, everyone!!


I’ve been reading assorted things, a bit every day.

I wanted to read something around 4th grade level that wasn’t a story about children. So I got the digital version of ガリガリ君ができるまで。 It’s a children’s semi-fiction book with full furigana about the development of a new popsicle flavor. ガリガリ君 is a real brand known for their seasonal/limited edition flavors. This is my 3rd book by 岩貞るみこ. There are a few of these semi-fiction books by her, where she’ll research some product or topic, and write a story about fictional characters going through the process of making or doing whatever it is. Last year I read 青い鳥文庫ができるまで and found it really interesting learning about how Aoi Tori Bunko books are made — writing, editing, printing, binding, etc.

彩雲国物語 is getting easier! The first 50 pages were rough because there was a lot of vocabulary establishing the situations and characters, and I needed to adjust to the author’s style. But then it started to noticeably smooth out. I’m glad it turned out to just be a “50 page wall” rather than “too hard.”


Thank you! Think I’ll take a break now though with something light and easy-ish for the next few days, it’s been pretty exhausting everyday.

Thank you! And thanks, that’s helpful to know!


July 15th!

Chapter 13 of Happiness today. It was interesting. The artwork continues to be beautiful (though also mildly disturbing at times). I still can’t tell if I actually LIKE this series, since it often makes me feel kind of uncomfortable… but its definitely compelling.

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