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April 4 :cherry_blossom: Home Post

Another late post oopsies :laughing: yesterday I was busy with fun stuff so I didn’t do much, but I had to write a composition for my Japanese class so I read some wikipedia and such in Japanese for that! Some nonfiction for once haha


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Today I read a birthday card that came in from a dear Japanese friend. It was so so sweet :face_holding_back_tears:

She even added furigana to the kanji :heart: :heart: :heart:

Later I realised, wow, that’s the lengthiest card she’s ever written, and I understood it! So I’m counting it as reading since I probably won’t do more this evening :thinking:


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Wanikani( :crabigator: ) & image ( Box Durtle )

(hello this is box)      (box can be clicked :ballot_box_with_check: )      (now box is checked)     (here is another one)     yay!( )

Furigana script is cool when there is text and emotes (:durtle_hello:) but when there’s an image it can’t convert ruby to furigana markup due to how images are encoded in the text. I ruby’ed the box durtle at the top of this post (and the yay box), while this one is through the furigana script:

Box Durtle(![image|500x500, 4%](upload://uwTKkCOnEIFACOmZT2cpXuTsuKs.png))

So the furigana script has its limitations.
Fun fact: box durtle was an image all along, not an emote.


:cherry_blossom: :tulip: :blossom: April 3-5 :blossom: :tulip: :cherry_blossom:
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3rd: Skipped
4th: :books: Nonfiction in English
5th: :infinity: Loopers : the last bit of chapter 11
5th: :books: many nonfiction blog posts in English

I thought I had more Loopers to read before the chapter ended, but alas not. And my nonfiction reading have been both interesting and very blah. As happens at times.

@mitrac Can I assume a happy birthday wishing would be in order (considering you got a birthday card)?

Happy birthday! :tada:


:cherry_blossom: Day 5, 4 月 5 日 :herb:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Read an informational text in Tobira about あいづち. Those are the responses used in Japanese to signal the speaker that you’re listening. They often contain contractions: for example まじですか has apparently a shortened version of まじっすか. It hadn’t occured to me until now that obviously the spoken version of a language would have contractions of parts of sentences and not only full ellipses.


That’s basically a feature of です. Whenever you want to be casual but still express politeness or respect, you can contract it to っす.


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I think my schedule is a bit too hectic to update every day, so here are days 3-5!

reading: ルリドラゴン 77-80
I know it’s not much, but i’m considering it a win to get any amount of japanese reading in a day haha. especially when it comes to ruri dragon! i think i underestimated how much effort this manga would take, the beginning was so easy but has certainly become harder as we go on.

reading: ハピネス vol 1 pgs 1-13
all the food vocab :face_with_spiral_eyes:
this will be my side reading so i don’t get ahead of the ruri dragon abbc! i’m also a fan of shuzo oshimi’s works so i’m looking forward to this one!! i was so excited when i saw one of his works is such a low level on natively.

reading: ハピネス pgs 14-43
this manga is so much easier than ruri dragon :sob: i’m so glad too because it’s proving to be a nice break between ruri dragon reading sessions! i’m worried i’m going to fly through it though…

New vocab

Word Reading Example Meaning
謝る あやまる 布田くんが謝ることじゃないよ to apologize
未明 みめい 本日未明東京都中野区の路上で dawn
路上 ろじょう 本日未明東京都中野区の路上で on the street
背伸びる せのびる もっと食わないと背伸びないぞー to grow in height

i’m borrowing this format from Tenizey’s study log :smiling_face: it’s not gonna be all the new words i come across, but just the ones that stood out to me the most.


April 1st-5th Days 1-5 :cherry_blossom: :cat2:

Home post :books:

Just a brief little update: I’ve been slowly chipping away at the last bit of1Q84 Book 1 後編 I had left these past few days, and finally finished it today! :cat2:


Thank you for the credit (not that it’s unique to me, I’m sure)! I also only write words that stand out to me / words I know but don’t know the kanji for (or where some usage example really stands out to me). I really hope you’re going to enjoy the format and find it useful :blush::yellow_heart:


Apr 5, Wed of Week 2 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

  • うらら迷路帖 Vol.4 (76-100%)

  • くま クマ 熊 ベアー Vol.1 Ch.2

tbh, I look up vocabularies here too, but just in-built Google translate, and doesn’t worth taking time to copy to dictionary history and here.

Words of the day
  • もふもふ(.) = (on-mim) soft to the touch. I think, it must feel like 毛布(もうふ).
  • 屈指(くっし) = outstanding; one of the best
  • 多才(たさい) = talented; having plentiful skills. Similar reading 多彩(たさい) is just variegated; multicolored.
  • 求愛(きゅうあい) = courting
  • 滝行(たきぎょう) = meditating while sitting under a waterfall
  • 瞑想(めいそう) = meditation
  • 解雇(かいこ) = layoff; firing. 雇用(こよう) (= employment) is being undone.
  • 毒舌(どくぜつ) = abusive language; blistering remarks
  • 裏表紙(うらひょうし) = back cover of a book. Apparently, 表紙(ひょうし) is just book cover, but the first two Kanji, 裏表(うらおもて), or reversed, 表裏(ひょうり), gives different meanings.

this is everywhere for me atm, it’s probably the fact that i’m reading a lot of works featuring young people, who seem to use it more often (plus a more in a certain dialect?) but i can’t escape it! it’s fun tho


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Thanks to everyone who replied to my question about furigana in the forum!!! :smiley: As I am mostly using my phone to browse/write here, I guess I’ll stick to the ruby tags.

:mag: 名探偵コナン vol. 1 (p. 89 → p. 100)
Again I didn’t have so much time today. So I only finished the chapter I started yesterday. I must say even though there often are walls of text in this Manga, it is easier to read than I first thought it would be. Maybe it is because I know the anime and read the manga in german some time ago. (That said, I still have to look up way too many vocabularies :sweat_smile: but that is okay)

Words of the Day
特定(とくてい) - specific, particular
可能性(かのうせい) - possibilities


:cherry_blossom: :tulip: 4月5日 :tulip: :cherry_blossom: (Home Post Link)


  • 四月は君の噓 ch 5 - oh man that one was a struggle, so much music terminology, and then

かをり’s little archaic spell? prayer? エロイムエッサイム 我は求め訴えたり I tried reading a bit about it but couldn’t find anything super informative about it other than it’s just something that she’s using to psych herself up, and is maybe referencing an older anime that’s kinda playing with the vibe of european mysticism

Word(s) of the Day:
五線譜(ごせんふ)ー staff notation (sheet music)
天真爛漫(てんしんらんまん)ー innocence, naivete
奇想天外(きそうてんがい)ー fantastic; bizarre; incredible; unbelievable​





Tired of reading in Japanese? English version here~

Read Everyday Challenge • Day 5

Todays study was good! I got every answer right. For a brief moment I thought, “there might be a small possibility I’ll pass the N2.” :laughing:

It’s almost 1am, so I’m off to sleep now. Good luck everyone! See y’all tomorrow!

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:cherry_blossom: Pflaumentee´s Home Post :cherry_blossom:

I feel like this might be my first post on this forum so I feel a little unsure what to write. I have always seen those challenges come and go, and even though I felt a little urge to try, I never really found a good time or reason to join. These days I have been in a slump regarding or Lord and Savior WaniKani, as well as Japanese in general, so I thought I might as well try and give this a shot now. Finally. I would have never thought about joining a challenge while it´s already going, but here I am now and looking forward to this little journey!
よろしくお願いします :cherry_blossom: :sunflower:

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April 5th!

Today I read the next chapter of Teasing Master Takagi-san, and also a chapter of Mitsuboshi Colors.
Thats all my bookclub reading for the week done, so I’ll need to have a think about what to read tomorrow!

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Summary post

Day 5: April 5th
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 6 pages
How long did it take me?: 25 min

Felt more motivated today, so that was good - I do have a headache though, and my eyes are kind of unhappy with me today (because I’ve been looking at screens too much, I’m guessing) so I will keep this update short. Poor Aoyama getting his bathing suit snatched off his butt :see_no_evil: He was like so cool and collected about it though, like how lmao


:blossom:April 5:blossom:
|||||Home Post|||||

:white_flower:Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
Reviewed some more, added tabs for the beginning of each section and appendixes, read through some of the appendixes and a few entries just to get more familiar with the way the dictionary is structured. I’ll probably start reading ahead tomorrow.

Completed more side quests. Named my はつがピックル「ミドリ」and leveled it up a bit. Everything feels so expensive, thankfully, some of the side quests give equipment so that’s nice.




Help I keep eyeing アオのハコ. That club ain’t starting ‘til the end of this month. Even if I don’t end up contributing much, I still like reading with scheduled clubs because then I’m pretty much guaranteed to finish and not get (too) sidetracked. Outside of that, I’m utterly subject to the whims of my ADHD. I have so many unfinished books/series* I’m afraid to count them (and I keep starting more…)

*Not counting the ones where I’m caught up, whether to what’s currently published or with what I currently own.

  • SPY×FAMILY mission 33
  • 43 pages of サマーサイダー, finishing ch 2 and leaving off on pg 108. Okay so we’ve gotten to the part where I start understanding that “exuding a faint sense of terror” bit in the summary. It’s definitely more weird than scary though, but intriguing-weird rather than boring-weird. Sano’s always bringing up cicadas, and in response to a question about when his first time was, he said he was still a 幼虫 larva, taken to mean that he’s a virgin (which is presumably true). Now it’s toward the end of tsuyu and he’s fallen ill, and he says he is a cicada, and his father was too. He’s 28 (or will be soon) and this will be his last 脱皮 molt (though it also has the figurative meaning of freeing oneself, which I’m sure it was taken as when he said it in reference to himself before) and he’ll be a 成虫 adult, at which point he’ll only have a week to live. These numbers are significant because cicadas (according to popular saying, though really it depends on species) live for 7 years underground before emerging, then have only 1 week to live as an adult. Apparently Sano and his father (who presumably died at 21) “molt” every 7 years. Now, this could all be fever-delirium, but we are approaching the time when we know he mysteriously dies too…
    All the mention of cicadas throughout the story is making me wish I was reading this with cicadas crying outside my window… I’m not sure when they start coming out though, but currently the crane flies haven’t even disappeared yet. That’s what I get for reading a summer story in the spring, I suppose. The temperature might be close, but the bugs are all wrong.
Some vocab of note:

屁理屈 (へりくつ) [n.] sophism; far-fetched argument; quibble; cavil; argument for argument’s sake
とりつく島もない [expression, い-adj.] left utterly helpless; having no one to turn to
先手を打つ (せんてをうつ) [expression, タ五] to forestall; to beat to the punch; to anticipate
ウドの大木 (ウドのたいぼく) [expression, n.] good for nothing (of large people); large but useless. Lit. “a large udo tree,” and udo is a plant related to ginseng.
柄にもない (がらにもない) [expression, い-adj.] out of character; unlike oneself
浮き足立つ (うきあしだつ) [タ五] to be prepared to flee; to become restless; to become agitated
自棄になる (やけになる) [expression, ラ五] to become desperate; to give in to despair
図に乗る (ずにのる) [expression, ラ五] to get carried away; to become over-excited
角が立つ (かどがたつ) [expression, タ五] to cause offense. I actually came across 角を立てる, which Shirabe doesn’t have, but though they’re defined differently in Goo, I think they’re mostly the same. Goo also mentions that 角 here is sometimes read as つの and that that’s incorrect.


:cherry_blossom: April 5th :cherry_blossom:

Read 4 NHK Easy articles and pages 176-182 of Chamber of Secrets. Did some more reading in the form of a traffic safety workshop at work. Usually I just tune out the meetings because they don’t apply to me but the vice principal handed me some paperwork and was like “hey you should fill this out too” so I did. It was mostly contact information stuff in case we got in a traffic accident (one form had a space to list family members so I asked “uh hey do I need to put that in? They live in the US” and the vice principal laughed and said no it wasn’t necessary). However, the fun part came with the case studies. There was three short stories about varous ways you can get into traffic trouble: rushing to work and getting a speeding ticket, not paying attention and rear ending someone, and drinking so much the night before you are still drunk on your way to work in the morning. I don’t think I was expected to fill them out but I could read them and generally understand (plus checked the details with Google Lens) and decided to fill out the paperwork just like the rest of my Japanese speaking coworkers. It was a fun exercise in reading and writing. The vice principal was very impressed and surprised when I handed in that piece of paperwork. I hope he enjoys my somewhat poorly worked responses :joy: