📚📚 Read every day challenge - Spring 2022 🌸 🌱

I’m so excited to be back in the challenge again! This is my favourite corner of wanikani, cause all the people and books are so great here :raccoon: :sparkles: And my bookmeter will finally be happy :sob:

Thank you @windupbird for organising it all!


Yes, I’m joining too this time! I’m usually reading every day anyway, so I might as well hold myself accountable. And I really enjoy reading all the comments about what everyone is reading! (So many good tips for what to add to my list.) Good luck everyone!

What I’m going to be reading:


  • 第2次スーパーロボット大戦OG :robot: 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (on PS3)
  • トライアングルストラテジー :crossed_swords: Triangle Strategy (on Switch)

And maybe if I have time left:

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18 :notebook: 19 :notebook: 20 :robot::motor_scooter: 21 :mirror: 22 :mirror: 23 :mirror: 24 :mirror:
25 :mirror: 26 :notebook: 27 :notebook: 28 :older_woman: 29 :older_woman: 30 :notebook:
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02 :crossed_swords: 03 :older_woman: 04 :crossed_swords: 05 :motor_scooter: 06 :crossed_swords: 07 :notebook: 08 :notebook::mirror:
09 :mirror: 10 :mirror: 11 :motor_scooter: 12 :older_woman: 13 :older_woman: 14 :older_woman::mirror: 15 :mirror:
16 :mirror: 17 :mirror: 18 :robot: 19 :motor_scooter: 20 :mirror: 21 :mirror: 22 :mirror:
23 :crossed_swords: 24 :mirror: 25 :mirror: 26 :motor_scooter: 27 :face_with_thermometer: 28 :notebook: 29 :notebook:
30 :notebook: 31 :motor_scooter:

:face_with_thermometer: = didn’t read because I was sick :confounded:


i’m happy to find another otome fan in here (: (my initial reason for learning my Japanese to begin with lol). I’m playing VariBari too (in English, alas) but I try to think of it as good listening practice anyway ;;

is VariBari your first otome in JP or are there others you’ve read too?


You might think I’d do the obvious logical thing like that, but that’s too easy. Instead I found myself scrolling back up for the link in my last post every time, but I have a bug where too much scrolling seems to make this site start skipping replies, so occasionally it was a minor annoyance haha.

You know, with how much I read other visual novels, I’ve been thinking I should check out some otome some day. At this rate it’ll be a while before I could get to one, but I’m not too picky about exact content if it’s a well written work. Taking a quick tour through the higher rated ones on VNDB, so many look extremely appealing aesthetically too…


Another challenge is waiting around the corner :eyes: @Windupbird, thank you for posting~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ll be joining in TINY CHALLENGE mode this time, just like during the :books::books: Autumn challenge :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf:. No crazy plans or expectations or anything (I should focus on uni and exams), so as long as I read however tiny amount and check off a box ( ) every day, I’m happy.

My plan is to finish Honzuki 9 and then read along with two book clubs: Kusuriya no Hitorigoto and Kagami no Kojou. Both are scheduled to finish around the end of May/start of June, so that’s tiptop :ok_hand:

Happy reading, everyone! :durtle_the_explorer:


:bookmark: :books: :cherry_blossom: Redglare’s tiny summary post :cherry_blossom: :books: :bookmark:


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:books: Bookmeter profile :books:

Tiny goals

Hopefully tiny enough. If too tiny, I’ll most likely continue my progress through the Honzuki series.


  • 本好きの下剋上 book 9 (75% → 100%) Finished: April 5th 2022

Read with the book clubs:

Link to tiny updates

I like having the links to my daily updates separate from my box calendar :durtle:

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Previous summary posts


Hey! I started learning in order to play untranslated JRPGs but these days it seems they all get translated so more niche genres like this one really have my interest.
I actually decided to play VariBari motivated by the fact that the English version was coming out. I’m getting through it reeeeally slowly but having fun so far!

Other Otome I’ve tried in Japanese are トリコリティアイズ (I’ve read 4 routes out of 9, it has pretty simple daily life vocab, taking a break from it at the moment) and アムネシア (only one route, also on the easier side, I intend to pick it back up soon-ish). VariBari feels on a higher level of difficulty but not too much, plus the MC being voiced really helps. I’m hoping to slowly crawl my way towards more difficult games…one day.

This is my weakness… I live in fear that I will pick up an extremely aesthetically pleasing game only to find out the story is boring and the characters bland.


Hmm, I linked my home post from my name in the participants list so my options were/are to go from my latest post (which I could/can conveniently access from my study log) or from the top of the thread :upside_down_face:


Yeah I see people putting the links in the participant list now and did the same. Last time I either didn’t notice or forgot immediately. That whole list kinda slipped my mind. I don’t think I updated my days.

We’re only going to discover more and more ways to find me missing the obvious and doing something silly; I’m used to it :wink:


For an , you type [x], and for , you type [X] :blush:

Also, a very easy way to steal someone else’s formatting on a post is to reply to their post, then click “quote whole post”. That’s how I got my chart in the first place, haha


I’ve actually wanted to draw us a reading Durtle for so long now… but not just any Durtle will do! I’ve done my best to honour our original mascot, the Tanuki at the same time:

Also I love warm beverages :caught_durtling:

Hope this makes you all smile! What would you name ‘em??


That looks fantastic! Love it. I’m always having a coffee with my reading anyway so I feel perfectly represented, haha.


Same! Reading (preferably near a window) with coffee is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It’s nice to be in good company :laughing:


Oh my god I love him so much! :333 10/10 would hug him be his study buddy. Was about to comment on how racoon-like he is, only then I noticed the rest of your post.
Such a precious durtcoon :cat2:



Hmm… Durtcoon… GASP How about he’s a Durtanuki!?! The “T” fits so naturally :durtle_love:


Oh my god how did I not see that! Love it, gives it a big personality :33 Durtanuki for the win :cat2:


It’s a challenge, not gonna lie :joy: I’ve really enjoyed it though! I knew nothing about it beforehand, just picked it up on and quickly got invested, as you do. I’ve since been side-tracked by Zero Escape but I do really miss it, I miss my boys :’)

But yeah from a language standpoint it has some weird words as light novels sometimes do, and the sentences get pretty long, but it has like half-ish furigana which was what actually motivated me to keep on with it in the beginning. I do really like the writing though, rough as it can be sometimes it’s really interesting, the author messes with the language in some pretty cool ways!

Super relatable, I definitely read more in Japanese these days than I have in English in ages :joy: It’s
been nice to kinda rediscover that love I used to have for reading this way!

Oooh I might have to check that out sometime! I’m always a sucker for sports/club-type stories, and I keep hearing about 2.43, but somehow I hadn’t really registered it as a light novel series :eyes:

Ahhhhh a friend!!! Perfect :sparkling_heart:


2.43 is really great, especially if you like sports dramas. (Part of the reason the recent anime wasn’t very popular, at least in the West since that’s what I know, is a lot of people were thinking, “It’s a volleyball anime, it’s gotta be exactly like Haikyuu” and never gave it a chance. They’re completely different genres, completely different stories.) The books are great, so much better than the anime (which I still love, even though it’s not all that great an adaptation), and the characters are amazing. The majority of them do speak Fukuiben though, which makes it more difficult, but if you know some Kansaiben it shouldn’t be too bad because of the overlap

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Here I am, participating in the spring reading challenge! I will be continuing with reading manga volume by volume, alternating between shounen and shoujo manga. Naturally, I will focus on manga that contain furigana. I am a beginner so I can’t read kanji in the wild yet but I am hoping that constant exposure will impart knowledge of kanji by osmosis. (Or at least, the consistency of routine will build up my reading habits and improve my reading comprehension. I’ve realised that I learn better when I have a routine to follow.)
I will be continuing 山田くんと7人の魔女2 from my extension of the winter challenge. I have only two more chapters to go. Then I will pick a shoujo manga from my extensive collection but that’s probably a week or two off from now.

Previous challenges

Fall challenge 2021
Winter challenge 2022


第15話 キャーキャーキャーツ!! (つづく)
1st April

Read pgs. 159-162.

2nd April

Read pgs. 163-166. End of chapter 15.

第16話 超やわらか~い
3rd April

Read pgs. 167-173.

4th April

Read pgs. 174-183.

5th April

Read pgs. 183-193. End of volume 2.

しゅごキャラ! 1

6th April

Read pgs. 1-15.

7th April

Read pgs. 16-21.

8th April

Read pgs. 22-26.

9th April

Read pgs. 26-31.

10th April

Read pgs. 32-37.

11th April

Read pgs. 38-50.

12th April

Read pgs. 50-53. End of chapter 1.

13th April

Read pgs. 54-61.

14th April

Read pgs. 61-66.

15th April

Read pgs. 67-73.

16th April

Read pgs. 73-76.

17th April

Read pgs. 77-81.

18th April

Read pgs. 82-86. End of chapter 2.

19th April

Read pgs. 87-96.

20th April

Read pgs. 96-102.

21st April

Read pgs. 103-107.

22nd April

Read pgs. 108-115.

23rd April

Read pgs. 115-121. End of chapter 3.

24th April

Read pgs. 122-131.

25th April

Read pgs. 132-136.

26th April

Read pgs. 137-140.

27th April

Read pgs. 141-144.

28th April

Read pgs. 145-151.

29th April

Read pgs. 152-157. End of chapter 4.

30th April

Read pgs. 158-164.

1st May

Read pgs. 165-166.

4th May

Read pgs. 167-171.

5th May

Read pgs. 171-176.

6th May

Read pgs. 177-180.

7th May

Read pgs. 180-184.

8th May

Read pgs. 184-196. End of volume 1.


Chapter 21 痛(いた)かったわ。
Chapter 22 何(なん)て悲劇(ひげき)よ。
Chapter 23 嫌(いや)かしら?
Chapter 24 探(さが)すんでしょーがツ。

第17話 してあげる。
9th May

Read pgs. 1-13.

10th May

Read pgs. 13-19.

11th May

Read pgs. 20-24. End of chapter 17.

第18話 モジモジ
12th May

Read pgs. 25-31.

13th May

Read pgs. 32-37.

14th May

Read pgs. 38-44. End of chapter 18.

第19話 好きにして。。。。
15th May

Read pgs. 44-51.

16th May

Read pgs. 52-55.

17th May

Read pgs. 56-64. End of chapter 19.

第20話 ちゃんと考えて。
18th May

Read pgs. 65-67.

19th May

Read pgs. 68-71.

20th May

Read pgs. 72-78.

21st May

Read pgs. 79-84. End of chapter 20.

第21話 痛かったわ。
22nd May

Read pgs. 85-104. End of chapter 21.

第22話 何て悲劇よ。
23rd May

Read pgs. 105-110.

24th May

Read pgs. 111-117.

25th May

Read pgs. 117-124. End of chapter 22.

第23話 嫌かしら?
26th May

Read pgs. 125-138.

27th May

Read pgs. 138-144. End of chapter 23.

第24話 探すんでしょーがツ。
28th May

Read pgs. 145-153.

29th May

Read pgs. 154-164. End of chapter 24.

第25話 ミーンミーン。
30th May

Read pgs. 165-178.

31st May

Read pgs. 179-193. End of volume 3.

となりの怪物(かいぶつ)くん 1


1st June

Read pgs. 1-15.

2nd June

Read pgs. 16-30.

3rd June

Read pgs. 30-44.

4th June

Read pgs. 45-50. End of chapter 1.

その2 嫌いじゃないよ
5th June

Read pgs. 51-58.

6th June

Read pgs. 59-67.

7th June

Read pgs. 68-84.

8th June

Read pgs. 85-90. End of chapter 2.

その3 変
9th June

Read pgs. 91-99.

10th June

Read pgs. 100-114.

11th June

Read pgs. 115-122.

12th June

Read pgs. 123-132. End of chapter 3.

13th June

Read pgs. 133-142.

14th June

Read pgs. 143-156.

15th June

Read pgs. 157-173. End of volume 1.

実(じつ)は私(わたし)は 1


16th June

Read pgs. 1-20.

17th June

Read pgs. 21-36.

18th June

Read pgs. 36-55.

19th June

Read pgs. 55-60. End of chapter 1.

20th June

Read pgs. 61-68.

21st June

Read pgs. 69-78.

22nd June

Read pgs. 79-80.

23rd June

Read pgs. 81-96. End of chapter 2.

24th June

Read pgs. 97-102.

25th June

Read pgs. 103-116. End of chapter 3.

26th June

Read pgs. 117-125.

27th June

Read pgs. 126-132.

28th June

Read pgs. 133-136. End of chapter 4.

29th June

Read pgs. 137-140.

30th June

Read pgs. 141-146.


Well - I’ve been off the reading bandwagon while I was moving this winter. I am mostly settled. My stress level has come down a bit. I’m hoping to be reading more regularly the next little while.

What I’d like to do is make progress with a book, but probably going to start with some more manga to ease back into things and see how it goes. No promises on what I’ll read - pretty much just going to my shelf and picking something I haven’t read at this point.

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