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That worked! どもありがとう!


Apr 1, Sat of Week 1 of Spring Q2 2023 :cherry_blossom:

  • DoBJG: Characteristics of JP Grammar - 6. Politeness and Formality

Characteristic section’s week has came up. Maybe I would talk about it later.

  • 残月記 : 月景石 Ch.8/2

Not yet. Will finish the chapter next time.

  • うらら迷路帖 Vol.4 (26-37%)

はいから still continues to trip me from the sentence scribbles. (It’s ハイカラ.)

Words of the day
  • 悪友(あくゆう) = a close friend, “partner in crime” / a bad friend
  • 師弟(してい) = teacher and student. However, student = 弟子(でし).
  • 相合(あいあい)~ = doing together, e.g. in 相合(あいあ)い傘(がさ). I confused the reading and whether it can be reversed with 相性(あいしょう)   /   合性(あいしょう). Another あいあい is 和気藹々(わきあいあい), which uses different Kanji.
  • 磔刑(たっけい) = crucifixion. Has Furigana. The first Kanji is 磔(はりつけ), but add delivering punishment (刑(けい)する).
  • 鬣(たてがみ) = mane of a horse. Has Furigana. The reading makes sense when thinking of 立(た)てる + 髪(かみ)(の毛(け)). About the Kanji, perhaps 髪(かみ)(の毛(け)) + é¼ (ねずみ)?
  • 節(ふし)くれ立(だ)つ = to be knotty (of a tree; a hand) = 節榑立(ふしくれだ)つ

:cherry_blossom: :tulip: :blossom: April 1 :blossom: :tulip: :cherry_blossom:
Home Post

:speech_balloon: 古見さんは、コミュ症です。 → first 2 chapters of volume 2
:white_flower: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar → 2 sections
:books: Fiction/Nonfiction in English → V is for Vulnerable (start to finish; nonfiction) and some chapter of a fiction book

I wanted to start April 1 strong, and I have by reading a bit of all three different things I want to focus on.

I started volume 2 of Komi-san as an easy-ish manga read to have on the side of my two hard main reads (VNs). There were a few words I could have looked up, and a couple of kanji I recognized from WK but could not place… But I decided not to look it up. Lost some more exact comprehension but nothing beyond that.

Read a bit of the grammar dictionary. Only one section left for this week, so I guess I’ll finish that early.

Lastly I had a bit of an interested experience with the fiction book I'm reading.

I do enjoy reading romance a lot, especially regency romance ones. And I’ve read a few from this author and enjoyed them, but I started the first couple of chapters last year I think and then put it aside, because the plot revealed it was about to go away from all the things I enjoy most. (The high society part, with balls and intrigues. Otherwise I might as well not read a historical romance.) And today, after reading a couple of more chapters, I decided to skip the middle and jump to the end. The end I’ve been interested in reading for a while, because I kept peeking at it as I tried to read the opening to gain enough interest to get there (I don’t really care about spoilers because they do not spoil the reading experience for me in general, plus all romances ends the same: the couple gets a happily ever after :joy:).

And I find myself being immediately pulled into the story towards the end and not feeling like I missed much (I guess I missed the couple falling in love, but since nothing else about that part was of interest…). I’m a few/couple chapters from the end so I will probably finish it before I go to sleep.

This is the first time I’ve completely skipped the middle of a book. Can’t say I ever thought I’d be able to do that, well, I guess most of the time I wouldn’t be interested in the end if the beginning wasn’t engaging enough. xD

@mikeking74 You’re most welcome! :smiley:


April 1st :heavy_check_mark: :european_castle: :evergreen_tree:

かがみの孤城, start-6%
神去なあなあ日常, start-5%

Today I restarted かがみの孤城. I have had the audiobook for ages and had listened to the first chapter or two, but I was dissatisfied with the amount I was missing, so this time I decided to listen to it while reading along. I’m looking forward to reaching the parts I haven’t listened to before, because so far I’m finding it rather tedious. I hope this changes soon.

And for some pure reading, I also started 神去なあなあ日常 by 三浦しをん. This is a joy to read so far. It’s written in a lighthearted manner, and had me chuckling several times. I’m still at the very beginning, with the protagonist just having arrived at Kamusari. Looking forward to his first experiences there. :grin:


:cherry_blossom: Day 1, 4 月 1 日 :herb:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

I’m reading through A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar - Characteristics of Japanese Grammar. I want to read some actually Japanese as well, so I’m re-reading the reading exercise in the first chapter of Tobira.


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Reading material
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薬屋のひとりごと 4 Book 5% → 100% April 17
薬屋のひとりごと 5 Book 0% → 100% April 29
薬屋のひとりごと 6 Book 0% → 100% May 14
薬屋のひとりごと 7 Book 0% → 100% May 21

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1/4 43 pages シャドーハウス, 11 pages 古見さん

Continuing to read ahead with the former and trying to keep up with the other clubs!


Just gonna be reading manga with Jisho open in another tab

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Home post

Today I finally finished the Grammar Term Section of :white_flower: “A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar”, which was last week’s section of the book club. I am a little behind, because reading a physical book is difficult at the moment (I have a 16 month old toddler :baby: here, and when I want to read a book it becomes the most interesting thing in the world for her - which most of the time results in me not being able to read at all :sweat_smile:).

Then I finished this week’s reading of :dragon_face: ルリドラゴン (p. 80 → p. 86)

And I continued with this week’s reading of the Visual Novel :old_key: 999. Which is by far the most difficult thing I am reading at the moment. I have to look up many words/kanji. But thanks to various tools it is easy to do :+1:
I am still not finished with this week’s section though, and I hope I will get the chance to continue tomorrow.


Hi, I join :durtle_hello: Thanks to @windupbird for hosting yet another reaching challenge! :books::yellow_heart:

March was quite a challenge for me, mainly because the book I was reading did not strike a chord with me. So I decided to drop it and read something I know I’ll like.

:bookmark: Home post // April 1 :cherry_blossom: :blossom:

・薬屋のひとりごと 4 (5% → 8%)

The streak of uncommon furigana in this series continues. And I like it.
At this rate I don’t need to learn words in Japanese, only English/waseigo :P

Word Reading Furigana Meaning
型 かた タイプ type, model
按摩 あんま マッサージ massage, masseur
醜聞 しゅうぶん スキャンダル scandal

Thank you for setting this up! This thread came just in time. I was setting up goals for the next quarter of the year, and starting regular Japanese reading was one of them. Even if I read one sentence in Japanese, I’ll count it to get in the mindset of: well a little bit is better than nothing!

Some materials I’ll tackle:

  • 手ぶくろを買いに
  • 春の呪い1
  • Reading Japanese subtitles and Japanese lyrics in MVs
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:hibiscus:April 1:hibiscus:

:white_flower:A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar: Grammatical Terms

Getting through the beginning of 二ノ国, which is a lot of tutorial dialogue still. I plan to read 本好きの下剋上 on slower days later on when I’m inevitably going to have to grind levels and have gone through unlocked マジックマスター pages.

Read last week’s assigned reading for :white_flower:DoBJG. Thankfully, I’m not too far behind and can easily catch up at this point. My main focus is getting through 二ノ国 as I want to actually go through a game from start to finish in Japanese and life has been getting in the way. Thankfully, it’s easy to look up things with all the furigana.


Joining casually again. Going to have to bump book goals out to one every two months–work never let up (it’s getting worse :smiling_face_with_tear:) and with everything else I just don’t have the time.

My plan is still 30min of reading on work days, with longer on off-days. Still one manga a week, a book every 2 months, and a game as long as it takes (P3P on back burner during the 999 VN club reading)


Knowing your reading skills you could probably speed it up to 1.2x or so until you get to a point you’d like to slow down and savor.




答えの半分を間違いました。私が理解できなかった語彙と文法をホーム投稿に入れました。是非, 見に行ってください :notes:

:cherry_blossom: ホーム投稿 :cherry_blossom:


Summary post

Day 1: April 1st
What did I read?: ペンギン・ハイウェイ :penguin:
How much did I read?: 8 pages
How long did it take me?: 37 min

Woooo first day of the challenge! Welcome everyone old and new :grin: :tada:

I inadvertently started off the challenge by…finishing a book in English, because of course I did :upside_down_face: Although it wasn’t really what I was supposed to be doing, it marks the first time I’ve finished an English-language book in…a while, so that’s good at least :joy: If anyone’s wondering, it was called The Attic Child and I thought it was pretty good - the writing style was just ok imo but the story was intriguing and I definitely teared up a few times near the end

I did eventually pull it together and read some of Penguin Highway, too :joy: And I learned a neat word/expression: 万が一, meaning “(if) by some chance; by some possibility; in the unlikely event that; 10000 to 1​”


April 1st!

Today I finished reading Chapter 2 of Ruri Dragon with the ABBC.

(Home Post)


:cherry_blossom: :books: taiyousea’s 花見読 home thread :bubble_tea::open_book:
→ natively → study log

April 1st:
:bookmark: ナルト (Ch.1 completed - 57 pages)

i gotta confess, i always get really nervous about diving into native materials because i get so scared that i won’t understand anything and end up reaching way beyond my ability. naruto has been a longtime favorite series of mine, since i was a wee pre-teen watching three-part episode uploads on youtube every week, so for some reason I’ve always held it up as this suuuper advanced language goal, that maybe someday i might be able to understand it without subtitles or translation… so imagine my surprise when i tested the waters today only to find out that, not only could i read it easily, but also laugh along with the jokes and cry at the sad parts :face_holding_back_tears: all without needing to stop to look up vocab words

i did jot down a few words in my notebook to look up later, so I’m excited to add those terms to my SRS app. but I’m just incredibly jazzed that i get to read something I’ve always seen as this nebulous future fluency goal

@lady_nelle I’m so excited to see that you’re playing 二ノ国! it’s one of my favorite immersion activities for the language level and chill vibe, but i never have time to play lately :sob: i look forward to your updates!!


April 1st :seedling:

Had a busy day but squeezed in a little bit of サクラ、サク! Hoping to get some Tobira and Yotsubato in tomorrow.




  • both volumes of 先生もネット世代 The Net Generation Teacher! It’s so good. This is definitely easier to read on paper than pixiv lol. Anyway, Ueda-sensei looks a lot like Mima. I think Nata-sensei might have a type. It’s soo weird though reading a normal b&w manga by Nata Kokone, I’m so used to the full-color クールドジ男子.
  • 5 pages of 透き通った風が吹いて, leaving off on pg 43
Some vocab of note:

木苺 (きいちご) [n.] raspberry. They don’t even grow on trees…
拍車がかかる (はくしゃがかかる) [expression, ラ五] to spur on; to expedite; to encourage
未然に防ぐ (みぜんにふせぐ) [expression, ガ五] to prevent; to take precautions. Lit. “to prevent before it happens” —a bit redundant lol
ガチ恋 (ガチこい) [slang, n.] being in love with an actor, idol, etc.; a person who is so
ダダ漏れ (ダダもれ) [colloq., n.] big leak; uncontained leak
真っ只中 (まっただなか) [n.] right in the midst of; right at the height of
チクる [colloq., ラ五] to tattle; to tell on; to inform a superior of someone’s actions
寡黙 (かもく) [n., な-adj.] taciturn; untalkative; quiet; reticent; uncommunicative

Hey, I came across this one today, too!