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October 8 I’ve reached the answer :eyes:
・Honzuki 6. (41% → 42%)


8日10月 :bookmark:
今日の日本の本: 文プロの短編集
Today I did a review of the Bunpro [N5] 1-3d passages! It’s really amazing how much you can improve over time. Because alot of times with me constantly moving forward on to new words, kanji and grammer it’s hard to notice that I’ve made progress!!! Keep reviewing it’s worth it :durtle_noice: gn


Summary post

Day 38: Today I read another five pages of よつば&!


:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 28 (10月 6日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
TODAI app article. Just one article while I was on the metro. It was about this fossil

this thing is a microorganism Tardigrade, the fossil was found in the Dominican Republic and the little insect was trapped in amber over 16 million years ago :exploding_head::exploding_head: it was mentioned as the smallest animal with legs, since it’s less than 1mm long! It seemed to be preserved intact inside the amber too!

Also, how is ミリ an N2 word

暁のヨナ, read-aloud with bookclub gang, this was the shortest chapter this volume, we were done in less than an hour!

:heavy_check_mark: Day 29 (10月 7日) :sparkles:
I was so busy and out running errands all day. I remembered just before bed, so I read
暁のヨナ, ch40, almost all, and looked vocabulary up, 40min.

:heavy_check_mark: Day 30 (10月 8日) :sparkles:
WOW!! 30 DAYS!!!
What did I read:
TODAI App , and article about China fining some huge company a ridiculous sum for violating the no monopoly law

I also found interesting the furigana for this name

Lastly, started reading on 徳島県, but I will conclude tomorrow!


Summary Post

October 8th
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 見失う = みうしなう to lose sight of.
  • 悪化 = あっか deterioration, growing worse, aggravation.
  • 手放す = てばなす to let go of, to release, to relinquish.
  • 予想 = よそう anticipation, prediction, expectation.
  • 守り抜く = まもりぬく to protect to the end.
  • 順調 = じゅんちょう favourable, doing well, alright.
  • 経過 = けいか passage of time, elapsing, progress.

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OK. I’m going to read too. I was actually reading everyday but I found myself making excuses to take breaks. So I will use this post to start holding myself accountable.

I have two options: reading kanji lyrics while listening to the songs or reading manga in Japanese page by page (right now I am going through Cheeky Angel. I got it free on Bookwalker).

10th October

Read pgs. 29-34 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1

11th October

Read pgs. 34-40 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 1.

12th October

Read pgs. 41-47 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

13th October

Read pgs. 48-51 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

14th October

Read pgs. 52-57 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

16th October

Read pgs. 58-62 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 2.

19th October

Read pgs. 63-68 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

21st October

Read pgs. 69-72 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

22nd October

Read pg. 73 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

23rd October

Read pgs. 74-76 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

24th October

Read pgs. 77-78 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

27th October

Read pgs. 79-82 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

28th October

Read pgs. 83-86 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 3.

29th October

Read pgs. 87-88 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

30th October

Read pgs. 88-93 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

31st October

Read pgs. 93-98 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

1st November

Read pgs. 99-104 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 4.

2nd November

Read pgs. 105-109 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

3rd November

Read pgs. 110-113 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

4th November

Read pgs. 114-118 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

5th November

Read pgs. 119-122 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 5.

6th November

Read pgs. 123-126 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1

7th November

Read pgs. 127-130 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1

8th November

Read pgs. 131-134 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1

10th November

Read pgs. 135-140 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 6.

11th November

Read pgs. 141-150 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

12th November

Read pgs. 151-155 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

13th November

Read pg. 156 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 7.

14th November

Read pgs. 157-161 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

15th November

Read pgs. 161-166 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

16th November

Read pgs. 167-169 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

17th November

Read pgs. 170-174 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1. End of chapter 8.

18th November

Read pgs. 175-179 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

19th November

Read pgs. 180-183 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

21st November

Read pgs. 184-185 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

23rd November

Read pgs. 186-188 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

26th November

Read pgs. 189-195 of Cheeky Angel Vol. 1.

Anisongs in kanji
  • 15th October
  • 17th October
  • 18th October
  • 20th October
  • 25th October
  • 26th October

オトメン(乙男) 1

27th November

Read pgs. 1-14.

28th November

Read pgs. 15-21.

29th November

Read pgs. 22-35.

30th November

Read pgs. 36-39.

6th December

Read pgs. 40-42.

7th December

Read pgs. 43-52.

8th December

Read pgs. 53-56. End of chapter 1.


10th December

Read pgs. 57-62.

11th December

Read pgs. 63-67.

12th December

Read pgs. 68-74.

13th December

Read pgs. 75-78.

14th December

Read pgs. 79-86.

15th December

Read pgs. 87-95.

16th December

Read pgs. 96-102.

17th December

Read pgs. 103-108. End of chapter 2.


18th December

Read pgs. 108-116.

19th December

Read pgs. 117-121.

20th December

Read pgs. 122-125.

21st December

Read pgs. 126-131.

22nd December

Read pgs. 132-136.

23rd December

Read pgs. 137-145.

24th December

Read pgs. 146-154.

25th December

Read pg. 155. End of chapter 3.


26th December

Read pgs. 156-163.

27th December

Read pgs. 164-168.

28th December

Read pgs. 169-172.

29th December

Read pgs. 173-178.

30th December

Read pgs. 179-185.

31st December

Read pgs. 186-194.



1st December

Read pgs. 1-7.

2nd December

Read pgs. 8-9.

3rd December

Read pgs. 10-13.

4th December

Read pgs. 14-17.

5th December

Read pgs. 18-21.

6th December

Read pgs. 22-24.

8th December

Read pg. 25.

9th December

Read pgs. 26-27.

25th December

Read pgs. 28-30.


Summary post

Day 38: October 8
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 2.5 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 10 min

A tiny read today, but a good one <3 I guess it doesn’t look that tiny time-wise, but that’s because I spent some time learning about swimming from Youtube during that time also xD

Literally these pages were just Makoto swimming backstroke, but :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He’s so happy, you guys :sob: He’s not swimming like he’s trying to run away. The scary monster in the water’s suddenly not so scary anymore. He can see the sky :dove: And he can swim the way he was always meant to swim, feeling the water without fear <3 I’m so happy for him, this sweet baby angel

I also learned about S字プル today (which I awkwardly misread as S字プール at first :joy:). As this fine gentleman on Youtube demonstrates, it’s basically moving your arm in more of an S shape as you move through the stroke, instead of just keeping your arm straight (which is ストレートプル). It’s faster :swimming_man::dash: I feel like I actually knew this at one point but forgot…I did swim quite a bit as a kid, but I pretty much stopped some time in middle school

Good words
  • お負けに (おまけに) - to make matters worse; besides; what’s more; in addition; on top of that​
  • 束の間 (つかのま) - moment; brief space of time
  • 魔物 (まもの) - demon; devil; evil spirit; monster; goblin; apparition
  • 竦む (すくむ) - to cower; to shrink in on oneself​ (can also mean to freeze (from fear, etc.); to be unable to move (e.g. from surprise); to be paralyzed (with horror, etc.))
  • 海獣 (かいじゅう) - marine mammal
  • 充実感 (じゅうじつかん) - sense of fulfillment; sense of completeness; sense of accomplishment; sense of contentment
  • 満たす (みたす) - to satisfy (conditions, one’s appetite, etc.); to meet (e.g. demands); to fulfill; to gratify
  • 高揚 (こうよう) - elevation (of spirits); raising (of morale); uplift; upsurge

Me: immediately worried I used the word wrong
I think we’re ok wipes sweat from brow

Woohoo! Welcome, glad to have you join us :partying_face:



October 3 → 8
:maple_leaf: 33 → 38
total: 100/108 → 105/108

  • 授乳 (21 → 26 → 29 → 31 → 37 → 43% → 51%)

caught up with the book club!

:hugs: welcome!

and @Axazel welcome back!

Ahh, I could never remember what it means and was really proud to finally have the right suspicions :smiley: (but had to confirm anyway)


Welcome!! It’s amazing what a motivator putting that little tick in the box is.

As my reward to myself for managing every day in October, I bought a book called まいにち暦生活 日本の暮らしを楽しむ365のコツ and my intention is to read a page of it everyday next year. Each page is dated and tells you about seasonal produce, animals or japanese festivals and traditional activities. The illustrations are also really cute! I’m really excited! I may have bought some other things while I was on the site too…

I’m intending to keep going with novel reading as well as I’m definitely noticing myself getting quicker, but I thought this new book looked like an achievable way of setting a whole year challenge to myself. Also it’s an excuse to buy a cute calendar and put a sticker on every day that I manage to read because stationery, yes?



October 9
(I lost count which day)

Read three pages of Kiki in about half an hour, and just finished Chapter 4! Coincidentally that’s also Page 99, so I’ll have read more than 100 pages by tomorrow. Chapter 4 took me a looooong time haha


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 39

I read (thoroughly, not skimming) the text in animal crossing.

Not that I need an excuse for a relaxing day, but I have two! One, I read more than ever before yesterday, and I’ll be reading a lot tomorrow I guess (since I’m on a plane for 10 hours :flushed:). Two, today was my last day in Japan for a while! I’m soaking up every second I can <3

Waves eagerly back

Thanks for the welcome! (⌒▽⌒)

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:fallen_leaf: :raccoon: :waxing_crescent_moon: :: TANUKIDATE 20211009 :: :waxing_crescent_moon: :raccoon: :fallen_leaf:

Day XXXIX: この音とまれ! pg. 23-31 & 10月9日:塾の日 :books:

8 pages today of この音とまれ!, currently 31 pages in and these two have done nothing but shout at each other, calm down guys :rofl:

And read today’s 記念日, which is cram school day!
Surprise (!!), it’s another pun: [10 (じゅ) と 9 (く) ] - じゅく —> 塾

There’s a comic with this one, which I struggled to read because it was so small, then I found the link to the bigger version. Which has job details and is basically a giant ad for going to cram school (and to become cram school teacher).

~ New Words! ~
強制的 (きょうせいてき) - Forced / Compulsory
トラック - Truck, putting this here because it’s also Trucking Day and my New Words list was looking a bit lonely.


Home post

Day 38:

日本語: I read a lot of 伯爵と妖精 19.


中国語: I read 检查作业 and 唠叨. I added 唠叨, 如何, 不用, and 答应.


I’ve decided to ditch audiobooks for now.
I always complained in various threads that I hate listening and that I feel like, while my hearing is fine, I’m not processing human speech correctly.
But I assumed it isn’t something measurable - that while of course problems with processing speech might be connected to other disorders (like autism spectrum), it’s entirely subjective and that typical auditory tests are all about the physical ability to hear.
…So, I was wrong. Yesterday I stumbled upon the term “auditory processing disorder” (APD) and everything fits so perfectly.
Fortunately, testing if I have it seems to be easy enough and can be done within one visit. I already contacted a clinic specializing in auditory disorders and the quickest date is the second half of November, which isn’t that far away.
So, while eventually, the way to work on APD-related problems is putting extra work into polishing the hearing-the-speech skill (there are pro therapies out there, but everyday stuff counts too), I want to wait with audiobooks until I talk to a specialist.
…Now I also wonder if it would be enough to get to do the listening part of JLPT in headphones if I would get an official diagnosis. :thinking:


:jack_o_lantern: My tiny summary post :ghost:

October 9 I did a read instead of other stuffs :durtle_megane:
・Honzuki 6. (42% → 47%)


Summary Post

October 9th
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words
  • 称賛 = しょうさん praise, admiration, commendation.
  • 装着 = そうちゃく equipping, installing, putting on.


Summary post

Day 39: October 9
What did I read?: 夜は猫といっしょ Vol 2
How much did I read?: 30 pages
How long did it take me?: 21 min

I was very much not feeling that great today, so it seemed like a good time to start reading the second volume of the kitty manga. This cat is so squishy :sob: All these illustrations of the guy petting the kitty are making me want to pet one too. Alas, I do not have one :disappointed:

Here's some pictures of キュルガ obstructing everything in the cutest way possible

Here's some good words
  • 不服 (ふふく) - dissatisfaction; discontent; disapproval; objection; complaint; protest; disagreement
  • 威嚇 (いかく) - threat; intimidation; menace (this was written in kana but I like how the second kanji literally looks like people standing there trying to intimidate you xD)
  • なでなで - patting; stroking; caressing​ (“children’s language,” according to Jisho)
  • 痺れる (しびれる) - to become numb; to go to sleep (e.g. a limb)​; to get an electric shock; to tingle (from an electric shock) (I’ve very pleased that I know how to say “my leg is asleep” now)
  • 気が立つ (きがたつ) - to be wrought up; to be on edge; to get irritated; to get excited (about); to be unsettled
  • のしのし - walking heavily; lumbering​

I also found a little leaflet inside the manga that’s literally just advertising a bunch more cat mangas to me - thanks, random leaflet, I’mma have to check these out :+1: lol I definitely already own one of these

well this looks adorable and I want it
I want that 365 day color book, too, it looks so pretty :o


How do you get the black arrow in your post?


if you make a reply to their post and within the reply editor click the left most button ‘quote whole post’ it will show you the markup they used.

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which will give you something like this

I think in this case it might be ‘hide details’ from the editor

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Yes, that is the way, @saidahgilbert! Thanks, @chrisosaurus!