📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2023 🧣🍂🍁

日 月 火 水 木 金 土
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日 月 火 水 木 金 土
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日 月 火 水 木 金 土
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17 18 19 20 21 22 23
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It’s my second anniversary challenge. This year, I don’t have any Otomen volumes to read so that will be one thing different from last year and the year before. Perhaps, I should set a goal, then? Goal- to be the first anniversary challenge with no broken streak. I just finished September with a 30-day streak so let’s keep up the momentum into October! :raised_hands:

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My mistake



Ah! I made a mistake. I didn’t mean to reply to a specific post. I thought I was posting in the thread. Is there a way to fix that?



I decided not to bother. It seemed like it would be too much trouble. I couldn’t get the post to delete anyway. Next time, I will just pay attention.

神のみぞ知るセカイ 2

FLAG.7 IDOL BOMB!! アイドル.ボム
FLAG.8 UP TO BOY アップ トゥ ボーイ
FLAG.9 ワタシ平凡(へいぼん)?
FLAG.10 Shining Star シャイニング スター
FLAG.11 エリー SO SWEET ソー スイート
FLAG.12 Coupling/With カップリング ウィス
FLAG.13 大(おお)きな壁(かべ)の中(なか)と外(そと)
FLAG.14 あたしの中(なか)の
FLAG.15 扉(とびら)を開(あ)けて
FLAG.16 おしまいの日(ひ)

神のみぞ知るセカイ 2
1st October

Read pgs. 1-10.

2nd October

Read pgs. 11-16.

3rd October

Read pgs. 17-22. End of FLAG.7。

4th October

Read pgs. 23-28.

5th October

Read pgs. 29-35.

6th October

Read pgs. 36-40. End of FLAG.8。

7th October

Read pgs. 41-45.

8th October

Read pgs. 46-53.

9th October

Read pgs. 54-58. End of FLAG.9。

10th October

Read pgs. 59-67.

11th October

Read pgs. 68-76. End of FLAG.10。

12th October

Read pgs. 77-82.

13th October

Read pgs. 83-94. End of FLAG.11。

14th October

Read pgs. 95-103.

15th October

Read pgs. 104-112. End of FLAG.12。

16th October

Read pgs. 113-116.

17th October

Read pgs. 117-123.

18th October

Read pgs. 124-130. End of FLAG.13。

19th October

Read pgs. 131-134.

20th October

Read pgs. 135-140.

21st October

Read pgs. 140-144.

22nd October

Read pgs. 145-148. End of FLAG.14。

23rd October

Read pgs. 149-157.

24th October

Read pgs. 158-163.

25th October

Read pgs. 164-166. End of FLAG.15。

26th October

Read pgs. 167-170.

27th October

Read pgs. 171-178.

28th October

Read pgs. 179-185. End of FLAG.16。

29th October

Read pg. 186.

30th October

Read pgs. 187-188.

31st October

Read pg. 189.

1st November

Read pgs. 190-193. End of volume 2.

カードキャプターさくら 2

カードキャプターさくら 2
2nd November

Read pgs. 1-11.

3rd November

Read pgs. 12-17.

4th November

Read pgs. 18-27.

5th November

Read pgs. 28-32.

6th November

Read pgs. 33-38.

7th November

Read pg. 39. Actually, the chapter ends on pg. 39 but the book counts the next 3 pages as part of the chapter though it seems to be the break page and cover page for chapter 7. Of course, there are no chapter numbers so it’s hard to keep track. However, page 39 has ‘to be continued’ written on it so I will stop there.

8th November

Read pgs. 40-51.

9th November

Read pgs. 52-55.

10th November

Read pgs. 56-60.

11th November

Read pgs. 61-66.

12th November

Read pgs. 67-73. End of 第7話。

13th November

Read pgs. 74-83.

14th November

Read pgs. 84-95. (excluding the side panel)

15th November

Read pgs. 95-102. (side panel on pg. 95.)

16th November

Read pgs. 103-107.

17th November

Read pgs. 108-110.

18th November

Read pgs. 111-115. End of 第8話。

19th November

Read pgs. 116-127. (excluding the side panel)

20th November

Read pgs. 127-139. (including the side panel)

21st November

Read pgs. 140-143.

22nd November

Read pgs. 144-149. End of 第9話。

23rd November

Read pgs. 150-158.

24th November

Read pgs. 159-167.

25th November

Read pgs. 168-182.

26th November

Read pgs. 183-196. End of volume 2.

実じつは私わたしは 4

第だい26話わ 「いい加減認かげんみとめよう!」

第だい27話わ 「ちゃうもん!」

第だい28話わ 「限定品げんていひんを手てに入いれよう!」

第だい29話わ 「新車しんしゃに乗のろう!」

第だい30話わ 「親父おやじさんを知しろう!」

第だい31話わ 「白神家しらがみけに泊とまろう!」

第だい32話わ 「白神家しらがみけに泊とまろう!!」

第だい33話わ 「いってきます!」

第だい34話わ 「誤解ごかいを解とこう!」

27th November

Read pgs. 1-6.

28th November

Read pgs. 7-14.

29th November

Read pgs. 15-20.

30th November

Read pgs. 21-28. End of 第26話。

1st December

Read pgs. 29-36.

2nd December

Read pgs. 37-43.

3rd December

Read pgs. 44-50. End of 第27話。

4th December

Read pgs. 51-56.

5th December

Read pgs. 57-63.

6th December

Read pgs. 64-70. End of 第28話。

7th December

Read pgs. 71-74.

8th December

Read pgs. 75-79.

9th December

Read pgs. 80-85.

10th December

Read pgs. 86-90. End of 第29話。

11th December

Read pgs. 91-95.

12th December

Read pgs. 96-100.

13th December

Read pgs. 101-105.

14th December

Read pgs. 106-110. End of 第30話。

15th December

Read pgs. 111-116.

16th December

Read pgs. 117-120.

17th December

Read pgs. 121-130. End of 第31話。

18th December

Read pgs. 131-137.

19th December

Read pgs. 138-144.

20th December

Read pgs. 145-150. End of 第32話。

21st December

Read pgs. 151-160.

22nd December

Read pgs. 161-174. End of 第33話。

23rd December

Read pgs. 175-178.

24th December

Read pgs. 179-188.

25th December

Read pgs. 189-191.

26th December

Read pgs. 192-194. End of 第34話。
Looked at pg. 195. There was no furigana so couldn’t really read the kanji. It was mostly names, anyway.

27th December

Read pg. 195.
The omake is handwritten so there is no furigana. So I have to try to read the kanji by myself.

28th December

Read pgs. 196-197.
Still only picking out words here and there. The handwriting is a bit hard to read as well.

29th December

Read pg. 198.
Tired, so only read one page.

30th December

Read pgs. 199-200. End of volume.
I really can’t read kanji without furigana yet and it didn’t help that it was handwritten.
Now I’ve finished the volume, what will I read tomorrow? I don’t want to break the streak.

31st December

Read subtitles for YouTube videos just to keep the streak alive.