📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Another day done! today I read some more harry potter. It was the bit where they go in the boats across the lake to Hogwarts and a bit of the sorting hat chapter - will probs read more before bed. Lots of nice descriptive vocab of glittering lakes etc etc. The most descriptive bits I had to look up a fair amount of vocab but in between that not so much which is nice. This book does feel like a really nice level of challenge for me right now. Nice easy introduction to reading novels in japanese.

Work is super intense rn so kind of purposefully not recording how much I read per day or setting page or chapter goals just now to encourage myself to feel like I can just read a little and that’s okay.


Summary post・September 2

・Read Honzuki 5. (75% → 77%)

Learned the verb (たまわ)“to be given”, “to give”. Got my attention because during the previous challenge I learned the word 賜物(たまもの) “gift”. My reaction was "oh! It’s the tama again :eyes: "


Today I read a little bit of まいてつ visual novel and continued reading 星と旅する volume 1. Reading visual novels is still really hard and it takes lots of time looking up words but I want to improve therefor I will need to endure regardless how hard it is .


Do you think I could try giving it a read after I learn Genki 2 grammar or should I wait til I have a more expansive knowledge of grammar? For me, vocab isnt always a huge issue its mainly grammar.


I haven’t been able to read in Japanese as much as I’d like lately so hopefully this will motivate me to read more frequently and get back on track, even if I can’t make it every day.

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September Summary

Day 1: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 2: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 3: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 4: Read 1 NHK easy news article
Day 5: Read 1 NHK easy news article (busy weekend and only had my phone but it’s something)
Day 6: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 7: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 8: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 9: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。I
Day 10: NHK easy news
Day 11: NHK easy news
Day 12: NHK easy news
Day 13: Tried to decipher a website without a dictionary.
Day 14: Read random excerpts from VN.
Day 15: Read parts of a website.
Day 16: Read excepts from a VN.
Day 17: NHK easy news
Day 18: NHK easy news
Day 19: Read from Satori Reader’s free samples.
Day 20: Finally back to reading some 乙女ゲーム。。。
Day 21: Read a bit from a VN I hadn’t touched in a while + some 乙女ゲーム。。。
Day 22: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。
Day 23: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。
Day 24: NHK easy news
Day 25: NHK easy news
Day 26: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。
Day 27: Read some 乙女ゲーム。。。 and finished it !!
Day 28: NHK easy news
Day 29: NHK easy news
Day 30: NHK easy news

October Summary

Day 1: Read random texts from TGS videos
Day 2: NHK easy news
Day 3: NHK easy news
Day 4: NHK easy news
Day 5: NHK easy news
Day 6: NHK easy news
Day 7: NHK easy news
Day 8: Reading from VN
Day 9: NHK easy news
Day 10: NHK easy news
Day 11: Reading from VN
Day 12: Reading from VN
Day 13: Started オレンジ manga
Day 14: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 15: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 16: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 17: Read some オレンジ manga - Finished 1st volume
Day 18: Read from VN for ~1.5h and some オレンジ
Day 19: Read from VN for ~2.5h
Day 20: Read from VN
Day 21: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 22: Oh, no, I was sick and fell asleep forgetting to read in JP :pensive:
Day 23: Read from VN
Day 24: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 25: NHK easy news
Day 26: Read from VN + read some オレンジ manga
Day 27: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 28: Read some オレンジ manga
Day 29: NHK easy news
Day 30: NHK easy news
Day 31: NHK easy news


The :maple_leaf:Fall :fallen_leaf: Challenge - I AM IN!
Sooooo, this will also be my first official post since joining WK community :cat2:
I hope that you won’t mind me challenging here with my baby steps :pleading_face:
It will be hard for me to join the challenge, but also fun (at least I hope so), since I started learning Japanese about 5 weeks ago, by myself, and there is still a lot of vocabulary and grammar to get throug. Nevertheless, since I was tired of reading boring textbooks example sentences, I started using Satori Reader and we’ll see how it goes.
We’ll se how it goes!

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Day one (9/2)

I read 1st chapter of かべの穴 (Hole in the wall) on Satori reader and really enjoyed the ratio between being able to recognize few words and connotations between them to the amount of new words or expressions. i added them to my SRS and plan to do this in the future as well. Obviously I also immediately noticed, that I need to i focus on conjugation, since I knew many verbs already, but I was unable to always recognize them correctly.

:open_book: :books:

**Below few words I picked up from this short text:

stretching (e.g. body when waking up) [noun, suru verb]

to be found; to be discovered [ godan verb, intransitive]

to rise; to erect; to get up [godan verb, intransitive]

to wake up; to be awake; to stay awake [ ichidan verb, intransitive]

to sound; to ring; to resound; to echo; to roar; to rumble [ godan verb, intransitive]

soon; momentarily; before long; any time now; by-and-by [adverb]

to search (for something desired, needed); to look for [ godan verb, transitive]

narrow; confined; small [conj. adj.]

cave; hollow; cavity [noun]

softly; gently; quietly; secretly [adverb, suru verb]

to put out; to reveal; to show [ godan verb, transitive]

to make (a noise); to start (a rumour); to raise (a cloud of dust, etc.); to cause [ ichidan verb, transitive]

confirmation; verification; validation; review; check; affirmation; identification [noun, suru verb]

rule [noun]

a law [noun]

to move (house); to change residence [godan verb, intransitive]

considerably; fairly; quite [ na adj., adverb]

really; truly; entirely; completely; wholly; perfectly [adverb]

narrow; tight; cramped [ na adj., noun]

to be found; to be discovered [ godan verb, intransitive]

to finish …; to do … completely (sometimes carries sense of dissatisfaction) [ godan verb]

Day 2 (9/3) & Day 3 (9/4)

Day 4 (9/5)

Day 5 (9/6)

Days 6-8 (9/6-9/9)

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Day 2 done! I read another page from a manga. I understood the overall meaning/ jist, but need to look into some of the grammar a bit more.


Summary Post

Day 2: September 2nd
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 31.
Final Fantasy XIV

Random words

出現 : しゅつげん (making an) appearance, arrival.
地点 : ちてん point, site, spot - (location) .
微笑む : ほほえむ to smile.
日に日に : ひにひに day by day.

Welcome to all of the newcomers :tada:

Also tiny welcome back @Redglare :eyes: To be fair, your “tiny” challenge is probably more than my normal challenge, so don’t feel bad at all, rejoice cause you’ll join us again !!! Praise the crab.


Summary post

Day 2: September 2
What did I read?: ハイ☆スピード!
How much did I read?: 4 pages
How long did it take me?: 1 hour 22 min

Omggggg it’s Rin
It’s Rin, guys
Rin and his cherry blossom pool dreams <3 :cherry_blossom:

I’m sorry, I feel like me reading this book is going to lead to a non-negligible amount of fangirling so uhhhh apologies in advance. Maybe one day I will learn to talk about the things I love coherently and eloquently, but today is not that day.

Favorite words from today:
静まり返る (しずまりかえる) - to fall completely silent; to become still as death
根掘り葉掘り (ねほりはほり) - inquisitively; pryingly; nosily; thoroughly; persistently; through-and-through

I get notifications every time someone edits the participant list, and every time I see a new name pop onto the list it makes me happy :blush: Welcome everyone! :wave: And a special welcome to our first-time-posting-in-the-community-ever participants @Kez, @Mysbis, and @thezoyya, we’re glad to have you here! :confetti_ball: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :confetti_ball:

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I love your tiny summary post so much :rofl: so tiny~


Thank you! :eyes: I’ve been so excited since I joined! :dancer: :sparkles: Praise the crab! :crabigator: :raised_hands:

At first I thought joining challenge while being busy would give me debuffs because it’s going to take too much of my focus and attention away from my studies, but it might not be a debuff after all? :eyes: Like @Thud mentioned when convincing me, taking some time to read can be a nice break from regular studies. I think it’ll be great; instead of going from 100% fulltime JP student to 0%, I can continue by reading a tiny bit every day.

tiny happyglare noises x3


I’m glad you like it :rofl:
Thank you for hosting the thread this round!
:pray: :sparkles: Feels great to see so much activity and enthusiasm for this challenge :grin:

Bookmeter woes

Hehe I noticed the same :slight_smile: I think they are just trying to be smart here. Because when you finish a book somewhat shortly after midnight (Japan time), they seem to understand that you read most of that book on the previous day(s) and so they still add it to the previous day. (Which I think is a good feature, but anyway.) If you want it to go to the September count (btw, why? if you read it in August…) you can set the finishing date on the dialog that lets you confirm the book and enter your comments etc.

You can delete your initial post (there is a small x in the upper right corner) and then you can safely repost your summary :upside_down_face: I’m pretty sure you will lose the likes, though…


Another 6 pages today, but at lunchtime as I had conversation class before work (Japan/UK time differences do not work in my favour…). If it hadn’t been for signing up for this challenge, I definitely would have skipped reading today. This chapter had a lot of puns about Kanji readings and mis-readings that made me laugh and I had to look up the katakana サインペン, although I could roughly guess the meaning from the context (it’s a felt tip pen).


:house_with_garden: post

:white_check_mark: 2日目 9月3日

Today’s NHK News Web Easy article was あたらしい1まんえんのおさつ 工場こうじょう印刷いんさつはじまる


I failed to read something yesterday, but at least today I found some time again to read ^^

I read the second episode of Suzuki and Sakura on Satori reader! I think this is my favorite story so far. I am trying to work through the free content right now, but maybe I will buy the subscription this weekend :blush: So far I’m really impressed by Satori so the money will be well spend!


Home post

September 3rd I read to the end of the prologue for 大海原と大海原 which seemed like a good place to stop, it was only 2 more pages of actual text and some more of just picture panels.


Thanks for the welcome! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Three days in I’m having a lot of fun, I have been reading the Ask Books Graded Readers Level 0 volume 1.
Surprisingly interesting content, the one about how the sakura (桜) bloom from South to North over several months in Japan, the festivals and activities around that. And another about soy beans, and their various uses. Including the Setsubun (節分) where people throw toasted soy beans around to keep demons out of their house!


:ballot_box_with_check: Day 3

Another short reading day! I just started the first bit of chapter 3 in 深夜特急. I want to read more, but on the other hand I’m happy with any progress :kissing_smiling_eyes:

My only new word is 途方に暮れる = to be puzzled, at a loss.

Main Post

Welcome to everyone new!! Can’t wait to hear what you’re reading each day :notes:


.☆:STARDATE: 20210903:☆.

Day III: アイアン・メイデン :metal:

Not a random article this time - today I bought Iron Maiden’s new album “Senjutsu” and thought… why not read about that in Japanese while listening? Seems fitting.

Though I can’t find a Japanese article about the actual release of the album, but I did find an article from a few weeks ago about one of the singles. So I’ll read that.

アイアン・メイデン, that is not how I expected “Iron” to be written in katakana. Looking on the Japanese Maiden-Wiki and reading the band members names - it feels like I could learn all the kanji (okay, maybe not ALL the kanji) and I’d still have trouble with working out katakana names.

I wonder what is more difficult to read, Japanese names in kanji or non-Japanese names in katakana :thinking:


yeah! After covering N5 and N4 grammar I’d say you could give it a shot! worst that can happen (as happened to me when I first tried to read it quite a while back) is that you decide that it’s too much of a struggle and then you can put it to one side and try again later. And it will feel cool when you do come back later and find that you can read it so that’s still not a bad outcome!

I’d say for me (it might be different for others) what stopped me my first time through was mainly that I had such low reading stamina for reading in Japanese that the first chapter took aaaaaaages. I then switched to reading manga for a while and at least partly due to the last of these challenges, I went from a a chapter of manga feeling like a lot to read, to being able to (depending on the manga ofc) being able to read a volume of manga in a day if I was in the mood to do so. Then when I switched back to trying to read novels I found that it felt a LOT more manageable because I was less tired out just by the experience of reading in Japanese. So what other reading you have done in Japanese might also be a factor in how you find it? good luck with it! I’d say definitely get the audiobook if you can as it’s really good.