📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall/Autumn 2021 🍁🍂🦝

Fellow fan :DD I finished it earlier this year, was hyperfixated for a few months. I remember trying to read it a few years ago and couldn’t get past the 2nd book when XL had all the horrible stuff happen to him, but this time I managed and I’m so glad I did! And then got to the book 4. Absolutely crazy, is all I can say. But book 5 was the best :eyes: :butterfly: :revolving_hearts:

Btw, hope you’ll like it here in this thread! :DD



September 7
:maple_leaf: 7
total: 74/100

  • 授乳 (9 → 11%)

September 8
:maple_leaf: 8
total: 75/100

  • 授乳 (11 → 16%)

September 9
:maple_leaf: 9
total: 76/100

  • 授乳 (16 → 21%)

Caught up with the 授乳 book club! Time to read the threads :sparkles:

I was doing so well not getting interested when ABC was reading him, but now, thanks to your discussion here and @Axazel comments about 手紙 I became interested again.
I even considered pushing him to my English queue, as he wrote so many books that even if I get hooked and read everything that got translated I’ll still have tons of content in Japanese left, but… that the problem. I’ll have tons of content if I get hooked. :thinking: And it’s not like my English queue is looking so good either :roll_eyes:
I’m really trying to be resistant, and pass on so many recommendations, but even then there’s so many left… What to do :sob:

Welcome @iterimpius ! :wave:t2:


Sooner or later we’ll get you harharhar :grin:

I’d say his writing is easy enough that you should at least try one of his works in Japanese first. After that you can always reconsider :slight_smile:


Summary post

September 9
・Read Honzuki 5. (92% → 93%)

regrets having spent the morning scrolling through pinterest instead of reading… :writing_hand:
By taking note of this maybe I’ll change my behavior next time.


Yesterday I read some pages of あさこ volume 2.

Today I had no intention to finish it but I was reading あさこ volume 2 and ended up finishing the volume. Furthermore I read some of the texts in the tobira book. They seemed to be rather easy to me. There was hardly anything I didn’t understand.


Home post

→ Days 6-8 (9/6-9/9)

I had no time to post, but I did some readings every day, mostly the example sentences from „1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5 and also one chapter from „Nihongo so Matome N5”. Good feeling to read something where I don’t have to check literally every word.

I also managed to jump into lvl 5 in WK, so spent some time on lessons and reviews, yeeey :woman_cartwheeling:t2:

I hope to do much more reading at the weekends and check on some new vocabs.
Reading your post guys and gals is so inspiring, I wish I could be able to find more time on weekdays.


I’ll probably go for establishing an emotional connection in English first, but thanks for letting me know that I can expect language to be approachable if I decide to continue in Japanese. It’ll make reading the 70 not-translated-books quicker :roll_eyes:

But seriously. How everyone’s resisting 積ん読’ing or starting too many things at once? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It me :eyes: :sweat_drops:


I gave up on that pretty quickly. Let us know if you find a way…? :sweat_drops:

Yesterday I read a page of 使っては行けない日本語, began chapter 5 of リゼロ, finished the week 3 part of 人間失格, the week 4 part of 授乳 (all caught up!) and read a short chapter of 赤毛のアン

I read some キノの旅, a bit less 人間失格 (halfway through week 4), and barely more than a page of 使ってはいけない日本語 (that was still 2 entries, which felt like my limit for today).
I feel like I want to read some before bed, which would be either a bit of 赤毛のアン or リゼロ. I’m also pretty tired though, so maybe I’ll just sleep instead.


Resisting?? What do you mean? :crazy_face:

Resistance is futile

Ahem - the books I own and watch:

The books I’m currently reading (or have started to read at some point):

(and that list is only down to 7 because I removed some of the started-but-will-not-continue-any-time-soon books from it…)


My new place has a weirdly large amount of closet space so most of the piles of books are more hidden from view. Does that count?

If it makes you feel any better @NicoleIsEnough, my 購入済み and Check! numbers are literally an order of magnitude higher:expressionless: I’ll choose to blame all the free manga…

Fairly careful about starting too many things though… but I suppose that just highlights the things not started.


Fair enough! I‘m not really into manga so that might indeed explain the difference in numbers. I picked up a few free ones here and there, and bought some, but the larger part (I think :sweat_smile:) is books…
might need to count them actually, those manga series add up quickly…


Makes sense! If I subtract the number of manga (easy to do since they’re categorized on the library and check screen) the numbers are right alongside yours :slight_smile: manga really does add up…


Most things I read are manga which I can finish pretty fast. But I admit I have already started too many videogames and visual novels in japanese. I will finish reading everything one day but it will take years…


:house_with_garden: home post

:heavy_check_mark: Day 1 (9月 9日) :sparkles:

What did I read:
暁のヨナ, chapter 33, for the bookclub. Approximately 29 pages. This is one of my ‘intensive’ reads, and I actually had to fill up the vocab spreadsheet… wow, that took me 2 hours :sweat_smile:

What I learnt:

  • 勇気ゆうきを振絞る ふ しぼ = to muster all of (one’s strength, courage, etc.)

  • 募集 ぼしゅう = recruitment; taking applications

  • はまぐり = clam

  • たらたらこ = cod roe
    food vocab always useful, you know it


hi, hi~ Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Main post

Day 8 :heavy_check_mark:
I read three chapters of Barakamon volume 3 (one of them is only 2 pages long haha). :open_book:

Orientation day

I was very stressed out because I thought uni started today and I couldn’t focus on anything. Turns out my master’s degree starts on Monday and I attended the wrong orientation today :laughing:

Day 9 :heavy_check_mark:
I read two chapters of Barakamon volume 3.

Card captor sakura 誤解

At the beginning of the chapter I thought I spotted a reference to Card Captor Sakura because Naru talks about ケルベロス and I was like!! just like “Kerobero” from CCS (French name of Kero). Then I googled it and realised for the first time that Kero was a ‘reference’ to Cerberus :joy: I’ve been a fan of Sakura for YEARS and I never realised it.

  • 幼虫 (ようちゅう) : larva
  • 晒し (さらし) : public humiliation, doxxing
  • ほじくり返す : to disclose
  • 高飛車 (たかびしゃ) : high-handed
  • 画商 (がしょう) : picture dealer (makes sense)
  • 嘸や (さぞや) : surely
  • 一睡 (いっすい) : wink of sleep
  • 竿 (さお) : rod; pole
  • 愚民 (ぐみん) : ignorant people
  • 陥る (おちいる) : to fall; to surrender
  • 具現化 (ぐげんか) : embodiment
  • 撤収 (てっしゅう) : withdrawal (of troops)
  • 残骸 (ざんがい) : ruins

Welcome @_ishi and @iterimpius :cherry_blossom:


I’m glad it was useful, and of course, thank you for the follow in the first place :smiley:

Welcome aboard, very glad to have you with us on this adventure!

I think there is a teeny tiny typo in your calendar for Sept 2nd, an extra ] has snuck in, so you may want to change 2][] to 2[]


Short answer: Am not.

I was doing a pretty good job at first. My entire study pattern was literally just to understand everything in a book, so it felt more like fun study materials rather than just like some piece of entertainment. From that viewpoint, there wasn’t much drive to switch to something else partway through since the main point was just to learn stuff and that was a majority of the fun. As the scales have turned (less stuff to learn), I’ve actually started switching between stuff more and have a bit of a to read pile.

I happen to currently be working through that pile, however. I think, in total I have like 10 or so books I need to get through which definitely isn’t a lot compared to some other people lol. 6 of them are imouto sae ireba ii volumes and I’ve been able to knock out those books in one sitting so I’m not too worried. On the other hand…one of them is shin sekai yori and that knocks me out in one sitting.


Summary Post

Day 9: September 9th
Satori Reader: Secret, episode 35.

Random words
  • 弱気 = よわき faint-hearted (ness).
  • 一方 = いっぽう various meanings but in today’s context: “on the other hand”.
  • 足場 = あしば foothold, footing (apparently it’s also scaffolding).
  • 確実 = かくじつ certainty, reliability.
  • 振り返る = ふりかえる to turn one’s head, to look back.
  • 山火事 = やまかじ mountain fire, wildfire.
  • もくもく(と) = rising, billowing up (smoke, etc).
  • 立ち上る = たちのぼる to rise up, to go up (again smoke, etc).
  • 咳き込む = せきこむ to cough violently, to have a coughing fit.

Today’s episode was a nice one, I enjoyed it a lot. It had me almost skipping words to see what was happening next. Looking forward to tomorrow’s. Which is awesome, considering how this series in particular has had me a bit bored at times; but then it has episodes like this and my interest goes up again. What a roller-coaster. :eyes: