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26th and 27th november

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got distracted yesterday when the ceiling leaked so might as well lump sunday in with today :sweat_smile: mainly more super princess peach, including going through the encyclopedia thingy. it’s still fun to play, even if some of the platforming can be a bit frustrating (for me anyway).

today i finished the main story of professor layton! i forgot how little it explains of the overarching plot cos that’s what the next two games are for, but it was probably very dissatisfying when it came out. the internal story is mostly dealt with at least. now it’s just all the side content plus london life (which is entirely new to me) so i’ll probably still be playing it for a while. depending on how it goes i might move that to the weekend and do something more substantial during the week

today’s nhk article was this one and sort of this one, did half a granblue chapter, and read the entries on までもない and まい in aDoIJG

words that stood out:
ジリ貧(ひん)(situation gradually getting worse and worse)
先々(さきざき)(places one goes to)
柱時計(はしらどけい)(grandfather clock)
投石器(とうせきき)(slingshot) (also 投石機 which means more like catapult)


I think you are excused.

:scream: :scream: :scream:


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:dizzy: 11月26日 Read: Progress:
:owl: ハリーポッターと賢者の石 2%

Not much reading yesterday but was pleased to learn that ‘tabby cat’ in Japanese is トラ猫, tiger cat.


Nov 27, Mon of Week 10 of Fall Q4 2023 :maple_leaf:

  • NARUTO Vol.7 Ch.55-59 (start vol)


References-- are to be expected.

Words of the day
  • ぽっちゃり. = (on-mim) chubby. Not sure if this is much better than デブ.
  • スルーする. = to ignore someone or something
  • 虫むしが好すかない = disliking. 気きに食くわない.
  • 頭あたまが上あがらない = to be no match for, not on equal basis
  • 腹違はらちがい = different mother; half-sibling. Different 腹はら = uterus.
  • 青眼せいがんに構かまえる = holding one’s sword pointing towards the opponent’s eyes (kendo stance). See also 正眼せいがん.
  • 茶髪ちゃぱつ = brown-dyed hair. Brown (tea) version of 金髪きんぱつ.
  • 戒厳令かいげんれい = martial law. 警戒けいかいを厳げんにする令れい
  • 宮司ぐうじ = head priest
  • 歩行者天国ほこうしゃてんごく = “pedestrian paradise”; pedestrian mall. Blocking a part of a road to make a pedestrian mall.
  • 大幣おおぬさ = that thing to be used for purification (お祓はらい). The second Kanji is from 貨幣かへい.
  • コント. = short skit
  • オンボロ. = worn-out
  • 基板きばん = circuit board. Somehow sounds like motherboard.
  • 半田はんだ = solder, to join metal pieces. Seems to be alloy of tin (Sn) and mercury (Hg). Word origin might be a name.
  • 五月雨さみだれ = early summer rain. In 5th month of the lunar calendar.


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A very textbook heavy week for me, which made reading not so fun. I’m going to keep it up while playing Zelda, but otherwise this year I’m not going out of my way to read something.

Had a lot of fun guessing my way through Zelda when a minigame I hadn’t seen before came up. Still no clue what to do in it, but I tried my best! And then I talked a lot with Impa and read some archologists notes.


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:calendar: 11月27日 :calendar:

:question: Title How much read today Currently at Notes
:orange_book: 恋人 2 episodes 23/52 —
:desert_island: ISLAND 2k 156.000 char 16 new words
:kimono: 舞妓さんちのまかないさん 3 chapter 20/261 —

More Quartet today! Almost done with this week’s assignment, only the workbook left.


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・サイレント・ウイッチ 沈黙の魔女の隠しごと (34% → 43%)

Late morning due to many reading. Very refreshing, but also not good for productivity :caught_durtling:


November 26th

Chapter 138 of Shadows House.

November 27th

Chapter 139 of Shadows House - I realised half way through reading that this is actually one of next weeks chapters, but figured since I had started I may as well finish!
Glad I did though, because it was a really good chapter!

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:butterfly: November 27 :ocean:

Seasons :fallen_leaf: was all about swans! I didn’t understand all of it, but it seems like the swans in Japan typically migrate from Siberia. I assume for the winter but I don’t recall Seasons explicitly saying so.

I was able to squeeze in a chapter of Smoking :smoking: before bed. It was such a cute chapter! I laid there reading like
Jeremy Renner > mimimi )) | Jeremy renner, Clint, Renner
internally but I had to hold the book


Would it please you even more to learn that orange tabbies

are 茶(ちゃ)トラ?


Yes… yes… This pleases me. :cat2:


Oh! I finally get the entirety of the Toradora pun then and why they always represented Taiga as a cat.

Tan kawaii! Toradora! (GIF) | Toradora, Taiga anime, Kawaii anime

Nov 28

  • Finished Ms Elf 2 last night. Finding that it has the right vibes where I want to keep reading it, which is nice. I have Vol 3 in my library still to read and then we’ll see if I backburner it for a bit or continue on.
  • I signed up for 3 months of JP Kindle Unlimited for 99Y, so I’m reading some Unlimited series I was curious about (just looking at the titles available … I should probably just stop buying books on Kindle anyway unless I really want them, because there is a tonne on here I want to try out at least. I mean, Yuru Camp is on here, for god’s sakes.)
  • First off the rack is 好きな子がめがねを忘れた 1. While it’s Natively rated 18, I think it’s a good lesson that Natively rating is not the be all and end all of difficulty, because this has a lot more internal narration which seems to be one of the things i struggle with at the moment (probably because I’m not getting as much exposure to it). Hopefully I can use this opportunity to improve.

:turkey: :fallen_leaf: 11月27日 :fallen_leaf: :turkey: (Home Post Link)

Longer work day and took a nap, did some english “just for fun” reading for the first time in a while. I have been feeling the urge to revisit some of the series that I remember struggling to read as a kid, and the Redwall series was high on that list for little 3rd/4th grade me. Found Mossflower at a thrift shop and decided to start chronologically instead of just checking out whatever random ones from the school library :laughing: Honestly, for a children’s book, this is pretty dense on the weirdly specific vocab. Not surprised at all that I had trouble with them as a kid :laughing: Compared to stuff like Harry Potter or Warriors or Eragon, that I would’ve been reading around the same time, the narration is pretty flowery. (I wonder if eragon has a jp translation…)


  • ポケモンオメガルビー 2:30 → 3:10 (40 min)
  • とらドラ!pg 176 → 177 (1 page) - my eyes are so dry i can’t stare at this screen tonight

Is it not just because 大河 (たいが)sounds like タイガー, but she is too smoll and 手乗り to be a big ole 虎, so she’s a littleトラ猫 instead? the series name i think is supposed to be トラ + ドラゴン → とらドラ!, that comparison comes up a few times in the plot + ryuuji’s name gets spelled with a dragon kanji (竜児)



I feel like they draw the palmtop tiger like a tabby cat as well tbh

Speaking of Redwall/Mossflower, I’ve been thinking about that as sort of my goal for JPN reading level right now – like, if I think about what an English natively would be like, it’s like a bit above Roald Dahl, maybe a bit above all those various Nancy Drew or 4-Teens-Solve-A-Mystery books or Enid Blyton, still far below Discworld or Douglas Adams… I wonder what an English natively would look like…


Nov 27
Read 2 pages of my biographies book


28th november

home post

going around the endgame of prof layton is so weird, i’ve used the fast travel system more today than i have in the entire rest of the game. all puzzles done (i was only short ten), plus most of the ‘episodes’ (little side story type content that are purely dialogue). in the main game that just leaves three(?) episodes, the last couple train puzzles, the collection (stuff hidden around the map), and those damn fish puzzles.

today’s nhk article was this one, did half a granblue chapter, and read the entries on まさか and ましだ in aDoIJG.

words that stood out:
ひし形(がた)(rhombus, diamond shape) just when i thought i had all the shapes
くべる (to add (coal, paper, wood, etc.) to the fire)
もろ (both, together, many, all)
ぞい (don’t you think? archaic sentence ending particle, mild emphasis)


Nov 28, Tue of Week 10 of Fall Q4 2023 :maple_leaf:

  • NARUTO Vol.7 Ch.60-63 (end vol)

MCs aren’t so smart today.

  • STEINS;GATE (VN) Ch.1 (1 hour)

Playtime is recorded (now 6:14), so to notice. New chars keep coming up.

  • DIJG : ながら(も)
Words of the day
  • ざっと. = (on-mim) cursorily / roughly
  • ハンデ. = “handicap”. That’s not even dy/dhi.
  • シビア. = “severe”; strict
  • パネェ = 半端はんぱない
  • 一時期いちじき = a period of time
  • 通とおり魔ま = random street killer. Something like 辻斬つじぎり?
  • 要領ようりょうが悪わるい = tactless; not going with the tide. See also 要領ようりょうがいい
  • 正念場しょうねんば = critical moment. Maybe from proving true faith.


Nov 28
I met my reading goal for today!

  • 1 episode of Kona’s adventure and 2 episode rereads
  • 1 NHK news easy article
  • A bit of the second Story for You story
  • 2 pages of the 2nd grade biographies and 1 reread
  • And the first article たすきをつなぐ in Reading road

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・サイレント・ウイッチ 沈黙の魔女の隠しごと (43% → 47%)

Today was a good, but long day. Just a smol read. Tomorrow is the day before exam, so last chance to cram :memo: :fire: (in which netsuben takes a new meaning → 熱勉)


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:question: Title How much read today Currently at Notes
:desert_island: ISLAND 2k 158.000 char 23 new words
My day

Woke up at 6 with the kids, started working at 7 from home with the kids on my lap because had to install something in production, made them breakfast and went to work, worked, came home and picked up my 2yo and 4yo and the 3yo they had a play-date with, had the play date trying to accommodate all the kids, had a small break where I played ISLAND, went to my weekly yoga class (if you don’t do yoga and you think it’s like meditation, think again, it’s more like doing a plank for one hour, a lot of sweating was involved), came home to 300 reviews, did my reviews, and now it’s close to 11pm… So yeah today I’m gonna give myself a break and not read Satori or Kiyo in Kyoto or Quarter, sleep first… before I have to do it all over again tomorrow! :melting_face: