📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

Oooh that’s really helpful <3 thanks for taking the time! :raccoon:


Is that words or characters? I haven’t logged that stat for my past books, but for my current one it’s about 356 characters/page :thinking:


Nice catch! You’re right, I was looking at the word count instead of the character count :sweat_smile: Fixed now! cc @rikaiwisdom


Kinda funny, since the average is so close to 365, if you e.g. read 10000 characters per day you’ll also read about 10000 pages in a year.


…omg, this is making me question my reading goals :joy:

I don’t know if you saw in the tadoku/extensive reading thread, but @Naphthalene conquered the amazing achievement of reading 300 books in just over 7 years and is almost at 100 000 pages too (95188 pages). I’m just like, … that’s a crazy pace! Such consistency! How in the actual! :exploding_head:

consults bookmeter how many pages I’m at now :female_detective:


If I remember correctly, @Naphthalene’s bookmeter stats doesn’t include manga, so that is even more :exploding_head: !


True! :exploding_head: I’m gonna keep using bookmeter for both manga and books, so I’ll have to keep track of those pages manually. I kinda knew already, but now I definitely can’t keep using google docs for tracking books anymore, I must switch to excel. Docs can only hold so much reasonable table in one page :sweat_smile:


:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 2

Had some time to read so I read some more 狼と香辛料 (8% → 12%), pretty decent progress compared to other days.

:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 3

And some more 狼と香辛料 (12% → 14%), but it’s slow going. Hopefully I can get back to reading one of the VNs soon, but finding time has been hard lately.


I hate how frequently this comes up, so let’s just say what’s a Daisoujou reading post without constant, seemingly un-diagnosable health problems making it harder? Keeping this short cause my hands ache –

It’s pretty good that I read 4200 characters of Flowers today, all things considered. Still slipping on so many kanji I know, but the actual understanding portion was easy. There’s been more character development and I quite like pretty much the whole cast at this point. I’ll try to talk in more detail soon since it’s been a while, but my very slow on and off pace has left me not that far in still (just started chapter 6, right after solving the “disappearance” of Ichigo.


October 3rd!

Today I read chapter 20 of Shadows House. This week the bookclub is reading chapter 19 and 20, but I accidentally read 19 last week so I only needed to read 1 chapter today.
The story is getting super interesting, I really want to see where it goes.

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Home post :bookmark: Oct 3 :maple_leaf:

・ 本好きの下剋上 11 (20% → 26%)

Today was great! :3 Why youtube while eating dinner when there are books to be read? #ascendance-of-a-reading-habit

(I might actually need to acquire some eye drops for more intense days tho :caught_durtling: )


Today I only managed to read 4 pages of the Shin Kanzen Master Reading JLPT N1 book.

For some reason I’m always super busy and don’t have much time to read.


Yes, I am using Natively to track the total. One advantage is that it gives you a separate page and book count for different categories, thus avoiding @Redglare‘s problem.

The issue instead is that Natively only tracks unique books, you can’t add re-read.
I have 940 unique books on Natively, but that includes 2 short stories, so 938. I’ve re-read at least 1+1+1+30+20 volumes from manga series I dropped for a while and decided to re-read from the start, some first volumes that got free on Booklive (even though I had previously read the physical version) and 薬屋のひとりごと 1 with the WK book club. So at least 991… soooo close.
(The first manga I completed was back in 2009 though, so that’s over more than 13 years… someone born the day I read my first manga in Japanese is now old enough to use WK :joy:)


On October the 3rd I’ve read:

  • Today’s NHK Easy News
  • Finished reading わんわん探偵団。I managed to understand most of it, but I do need to reread all three stories again – this time more carefully, taking notes on items I don’t know. There are also two more わんわん探偵団 books, but I don’t have them and I want to concentrate on the books I do have.
  • Played some more 二ノ国、which provides a good source of reading – quest log, item descriptions, dialogues, including those with ordinary citizens, tutorials, the マジックマスター book…

October 3 :heavy_check_mark: :crab: (actually :parrot:)

化身, 59-63%

Read the start of the third story in the book, 幸せという名のインコ. It was all about how the middle-school age daughter really wanted a pet bird, and how the parents had reservations, but when they went to the pet shop they were all completely charmed by this one particular albino cockatiel, to the point of not even considering any alternative. The cockatiel seems to have a connection with them that not even a dog might have this soon, meeting their eyes, answering with bird calls when they talk to him, moving his plumage expressively in reply. They take him home and set everything up and are all three so completely taken by the bird, that I can’t help but feel that they’ve invited an impostor, maybe even a criminal into their home.
This is only a very vague impression of course, no idea how the story will unfold. Given that an animal is involved, I’d much rather the whole family was slaughtered by the bird than the bird itself be harmed :sweat_smile:. From what I’ve seen from the author so far, he seems to have great respect for nature and wildlife, so I suspect (and hope) the bird at least will be fine, whatever happens…

In other news, I bought two more books. :see_no_evil:
Because I really needed my unread pile to reach the round number of 10 :roll_eyes: , not counting two more books for upcoming bookclubs, and several manga. I keep buying books much faster than I read them. One way or another, this needs to change. And since I can’t see myself not wanting to read any more books, I need to drastically increase my reading speed. ASAP :books:


:lady_beetle: Home :lady_beetle:

October 3

124 - 147

ah, kinda bummed. I thought I had read a lot more ):


You probably did read a lot in those 23 pages. I remember reading Berserk vol. 24 feeling so frustrated because I had spent the previous week reading 2-4 volumes a day and basically only read one volume that day because there was a giant lore dump. お疲れ様!


I doubt it unfortunately. It was Ojisama to Neko, which has a pretty low text density and was a good fit for the abbc. I’m mostly trying to finish off the vols I have in order to resell them


Summary Post

Day 3: October 3rd
What did I read?: 夜の名前を呼んで
How much did I read?: 24 pages
How long did it take me?: 39 min

I’m crying over how cute this is, I cannot :sob: In this chapter, they went out and collected some falling stars and made jam out of them, like :pleading_face:

Also I'm sorry but LOOK AT HIM

2022-10-03 20.24.36


Why is he so :face_holding_back_tears:

They made the star jam together, which was incredibly adorable, and Mira ate some, and it’s kind of a long story but it kind of made her a little drunk accidentally lol
She started telling him all the stuff she likes about him and she told him he had pretty star-colored hair, I’m :sob: He does have pretty star-colored hair :sob:


Hello Read every day challengers! I miss you all very much, and wish I could be cozily reading every day with you. I hope you all have a good challenge and a cozy season!