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Playing Final Fantasy VII at home and Shin Megami Tensei 2 on the way home. Getting ready for Persona 5 Royale!


:jack_o_lantern: October 12th :jack_o_lantern: (Home Post Link)

Just one chapter today, I think I’ve picked up a cold from somewhere. Read chapter 41 of よつばと!

Definitely! I’ve found it’s a good way to keep my hands occupied while doing podcasts (both japanese and english) as well, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t fishing on the side during most of my college lectures on zoom. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Isaac Meyer’s History of Japan Podcast recently, and that has been great for some cultural/historical context. But it’s definitely a game where you can learn on the side while playing, whatever you want that learning to be.

At some point, I’ll actually go through and count a full volume and do a real character count/average, but I started to do it today for volume 1 and was just too exhausted.

Good Words

離れる「はなれる」ー to be separated
添付「てんぷ」ー attaching (documents)

also finally starting to get the hang of ば form verbs as conditionals


October 12 :maple_leaf: Home Post

I keep saying I’m through the worst of the semester but I’ve still got a teensy bit of extra busyness hanging on, so just counting my reading for class today! I’m almost in the clear for real this time though :joy:


oh hey! If you’ve finished Chapter 1, you’re 5% into the book already :smiley: :partying_face: (In my bookwalker version, ch. 2 starts on page 11 out of 213 pages, so 11/213*100% = 5%)


:books: :maple_leaf: softlyraining’s spooky book stack :jack_o_lantern: :open_book:

October 12th:

Had homework to finish, so only did some Satori Reader today. This one was a two-parter, though, which hasn’t come up before. Kind of interesting.

I’ve been…forgetting…to move the decimal over?! :scream: That’s it: I’m not allowed to post right before bed (like I’m doing right now) anymore!


Continued reading in 鹿の王.


:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 11

Finally got back to playing ルーパーズ and managed to get through the club’s Week 8 in 55 minutes. Also did my daily 狼と香辛料 (34% → 37%)

:books: :video_game: :maple_leaf: :fallen_leaf: October 12

Read the usual 狼と香辛料 (37% → 40%)


Finished a chapter in the manga 鳥人大系.


Oct 13

かがみの孤城 53 → 54% (page 195)

Read three pages today. Either the section I’ve been reading recently is easier than usual, or I’m improving. :thinking:


Home Post

I claimed that I wanted to report here weekly, but I already got delayed on the first full week :sweat_smile:

Here is how much I read:

I caught up to the TUGUMI book club, overtook the club and finished the book (well, technically I did not (yet?) read the あとがき but I finished the main thing). :tada:

Then, I decided to drop the 狼と香辛料 book club (I explained a bit of my reasoning in its thread). :sob:

And finally, I switched to catching up on the 海辺のカフカ book club and also started to read Flesh&Blood vol. 5 :pirate_flag:


Main Post

On October the 13th I’ve read:

  • Today’s NHK Easy News

P. S. Decided to switch the system I use for replying. I used to make each day a reply to my main post, but now I see that it’s much more convenient to reply to the last post. The only disadvantage is that I need to provide the link to the main post and change the bookmark to my latest post every day, but it is a very minor disadvantage.


:tiger2: :books: The Tanuki Autumn Onsen :hotsprings: :raccoon:

20221013 - 吾輩は狸である progress: 52.54% :evergreen_tree:

Well, that was a huge paragraph (though very amusing)
(most of it was Wagahai-cat still thinking about all the different types of exercise he could do, rather than actually doing any exercise, including a very detailed how-to guide of hunting mantis and cicadas)

The best exercise he recommends:
Jumping on the back of a child unexpectedly

The worst exercise:
Getting your head stuck in a paper bag

:fallen_leaf: Japanese found under the leaves :fallen_leaf:


愛嬌「あいきょう」ー Charm; attractiveness
鰹節「かつおぶし」ー Small pieces of dried bonito
大活躍「だいかつやく」ー Being very active/useful; playing an active/important part; great effort
梧桐「あおぎり」ー Chinese parasol tree (Firmiana Simplex)
執念深い「しゅうねんぶかい」ー Vindictive; tenacious; persistent



Uhhh so I’ve been super tired these past few days, the increased busyness lately at work is really starting to catch up to me. I have read at least a little bit every day since I last posted, though! Just haven’t finished anything. Also I figured out yesterday that the person translating 2.43 on tumblr is literally. just feeding it into Google Translate. No wonder it sucks and has a bunch of glaring mistakes. Like that putting “Stand up” instead of “Can you stand?” for “立てるんけ”? Yeah, that’s exactly what GT gives you, and it completely changes Yuni’s attitude and tone. And the thing is, I’m pretty sure they don’t say anywhere that they rely on GT, they present it as if it’s actually a good translation. Ughhhh I’m even more motivated now to get to the point where I can at least translate the short stories, but… no energy…

Also, my TOM birthday order arrived yesterday! It only took 2 months this time instead of 4 months to even be shipped (and I assume another month or two after that to arrive but I don’t remember). Anyway, I got 魔法使いの騎士 because of the title and I wanted another fantasy. It’s one of the few manga I’ve gotten knowing nothing about it. Anyway, I’d thought it would be het since I’d assumed the other person on the cover was a gal due to being thin and delicate and having long hair, but it turns out he’s a guy! So it could be BL or no-romo, we’ll see (considering the cover though I kinda doubt the latter, so it’s probably gonna be at least a little gay, even if only subtextually). The art’s pretty, too.

Three days ago:

I read 2 pages of 2.43. Yuni’s apparently in the habit of reminding Chika to charge his phone, as Chika has let his die more than once (not many friends, so not on it much, so he forgets about it and it dies, I figure).

I miscounted the day before and I’d actually only read 7 pages of 夜カフェ (that post has now been updated), so I had 11 to read. Although I passed out in the evening after only having read 6.

Day before yesterday:

I read the last 5 pages of 夜カフェ ch 8. I wasn’t expecting the fight to be resolved quite that quickly, even if still within this chapter or possibly in the next.

I really don’t like how if a single bit of dialogue spans multiple paragraphs in this series, the subsequent paragraph(s) don’t get opening quotations. And I’m pretty sure that’s not a feature of the language but rather a (poor) stylistic choice, because I know I’ve seen multi-paragraph dialogue in 2.43 and each chapter does get an opening quote. Y’know. So your brain can actually tell the character’s still talking and this isn’t narrative now so you don’t gotta go back and reread it and lose your patience. (Unless I’m misremembering and this is a feature that’s gonna make me wanna bang my head against the wall in every novel I read…)

I started 晴れのち四季部 vol 2 and read ch 6-7. Somehow this volume, I haven’t had any trouble reading 一瀬 as ひとせ.

The weather’s still hot even though it’s moving into autumn, and Haruno has commented on/complained about the heat a few times. The baseball club have been witness to some of their club activities today, so as everyone’s heading home, a couple of them tease Haruno and Yamato, “Still lovey-dovey (お熱い) as always, huh!” but Haruno misinterprets and replies, “Yeah, it sure is hot (暑い)!” Yamato repeats “おあつい…” to himself on their way home, and considering his blush, I’m pretty sure he does know what it means.

Some vocab of note:

お熱い (おあつい) [い-adj.] passionately in love. Often used teasingly.
以心伝心 (いしんでんしん) [四字熟語, noun, の-adj.] telepathy; tacit understanding; thought transference


I read ch 8 of 晴れのち四季部. Haruno and Yamato are so friggin’ cute, I’m gonna die.

Some vocab of note:

思いの丈 (おもいのたけ) [expression, noun] one’s whole heart; everything one feels


:fallen_leaf: Day 13, 13th of October :maple_leaf:

:open_book: Back to my Home Post

Time for チーズスイートホーム chapter 6. Chi is finally taught how to use the トイレ and loses her playpen.


Funassyi book Day 4,5,6:

The woolen hat that funassyi has found on the ground turned out to be a puppy. It did something around funassyi‘s leg (didn’t really understand) which scared them and they ran away thinking the puppy wants to eat them.

Trying to not read the furigana is harder than expected :see_no_evil:


My new dog ate the computer, so I have no Jisho for vocabulary, so reading is tough right now. I have to wait till December to get a new computer. I am asking everyone in my family to give me a gift card for Christmas so I can buy a Japanese-English dictionary. Then watch me read! I miss the reading. I was really on a tear earlier in the year, but vocabulary is still too new for me in the books I have. The reading is easy if I have the words.


Oct 13, Thu of Week 3 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

  • SHADOWS HOUSE Vol.2 Ch.17-19 (34% => 57%)

Everything is about reading comfort, and whether I can learn well from the material or not. I read manga on my tablet, but I don’t take it everywhere.

The story is interesting, and I haven’t been spoiled by anime or translated version yet. I am yet to catch up with the club.


Home post :bookmark: Oct 13 :maple_leaf:

・本好きの下剋上 11 (43% → 45%)

Due to busy, just a tiny read.

Spoilery thoughts: I find it hilarious how エックハルト is super excited about being able to serve フェルディナンド again as his official guard, rather than attending the 星結び where he can find a potential girlfriend. There are no illustrations, but I can see the sparkles in his eyes xD


October 13th!

Today I read chapter 3 of Haruiro Astronaut. I’m quite enjoying it, though the way it’s a chapter at the end of each volume of Orange means that it takes me a little while to remember what was happening in the story since I’m reading the chapters about 4-5 weeks apart!

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:maple_leaf: :jack_o_lantern: :snowflake: :christmas_tree: October 13 :christmas_tree: :snowflake: :jack_o_lantern: :maple_leaf:
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Orange :tangerine:

Stress and anxiety stops me from reading more than anything else, which is why I didn’t read yesterday. My brother is now here, but after driving for 8 hours, he was too tired to socialize. Therefore I started reading volume 3 of Orange, aka chapter 9. I’m currently taking a short break slightly more than halfway through the chapter because emotions.

I didn’t really feel like bawling my eyes out with my brother on the same couch as me. So break it was to get my tear ducks to chill out. :joy:

Really amazing chapter so far, and hopefully after this chapter I’ll never forget what べつに means, nor its versatility. :sweat_smile:

And now, I’ll return to read the rest of the chapter.