📚📚 Read every day challenge - Fall 2022 🍁🍂

Today I didn’t have much time to read. I finished chapter 10 of the Monobeno visual novel and read two more pages of Shin Kanzen Master Reading N1.


october 2 :fallen_leaf: home post

Decided to start reading 田中くんはいつもけだるげ today. I watched the anime for it way back when it came out but had mostly forgotten about it.

I also finished up the first section of 時のオカリナ. So next I’ll either continue reading the second section, or I’ll read the side story that’s between sections first. I might just skip the side story for now since I feel like reading it now would be weird, pacing/tone wise. And besides, it was at the end of the original edition anyway. So I’m thinking of reading it after I’m done with the rest of the book.


On October the 2nd I’ve read:

A few pages of the final story of わんわん探偵団
Some more 二ノ国


Tried to read Jujutsu Kaisen and that manga/anime gives me literal brainrot. I feel with every attempt to understand a each speech bubble my brain degrades and becomes smoother and smoother. Its not a dumb story, I just have an incredibly difficult time trying to understand it. UGH. Strangely enough doing my jpdb flashcards gave me some confidence back but HOLY MOTHER OF GARY!


Summary Post

Day 2: October 2nd
What did I read?: 夜の名前を呼んで
How much did I read?: 32 pages
How long did it take me?: 30 min

Some ~actual~ reading today :joy:
Amazon recommended me this manga and I bought it because the cover was beautiful :star_struck: Honestly so happy to have the physical version of this manga, it’s so pretty, the title page is this beautiful sparkly black night-sky paper and I just :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The premise of the story is that there’s this little girl, Mira, who turns everything into night when she gets anxious. She’s living in this magical little cottage in the woods with a magician man, Rei, who seems to be trying to help her with this condition. But he’s like the cutest, sweetest gentleman ever, I love him so much >< He’s so casually magic, I love his shoes, and he has such pretty hair, like ugh, bye, I love him ><
/me chaotically gushing over this manga man except I’m totally gonna gush more later, I can feel it
He’s cute, she’s adorable, they’re so wholesome together, I love this so far
Please enjoy this precious picture of the two of them from the back cover


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Current Reading Streak: 103 days (as of 12/31)

Hello! I am new to the forums but have been a wanikani/natively user for a little over a year. I have been looking to start doing more reading recently, and this seemed like a good opportunity to start! Joining a little late, but I have already been reading every day for a few weeks now.

I will also be keeping track of my readings over on my Natively profile.

My goals for this challenge are to finish reading all 15 volumes of よつばと!and move on to a harder series (I am also doing the level+1 challenge with series on natively, so I will be moving on to a level 19 after. Probably しろくまカフェ). Also just in general I’d like to have fun while doing this! I’m not focusing too much on sentence mining unless words/grammar seem particularly important, and if I don’t understand something entirely but get the general vibe I’m trying to just move on quickly instead of digging.

Currently reading:
Manga: ホリミヤ 6 (goal is at least 1 ch per day)
Textbook: 新完全マスタ 日本語能力試験N3 (trying to do a few pages per day, but we’ll see)

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:fallen_leaf::maple_leaf: October 2 :maple_leaf::fallen_leaf: home post link🏡

Read two short stories today. First one was 何を飲みますか?, and the second one was . Both are level 0 books on Tadoku. The simplicity of the books has me wondering if I should move on to harder books on the website lol! I’ll need to dig around on the website and see what other kinds of books are on there.


October 2 :maple_leaf: Home Post

Alright, day 2 went a bit better! I’m still a bit thrown off by various life happenings, but I managed to sit down and have some chill time reading ブルーロック today :tada: Actually getting back into it, it’s definitely just as fun and wild as I remember, so it was really nice to actually read a few chapters! Small victories :muscle:


Read more 青ブタ9, much easier to read than JK T-T (still not over it). Will play Danganronpa V3 later. Finally learned 悠長(ゆうちょう)which is used a lot and I never knew what it meant before.


:jack_o_lantern: October 2nd:jack_o_lantern: (Home Post Link)

Read chapter 23 of よつばと!This was a pretty dense chapter, probably the hardest one to read since the very first. Even knowing a little bit of fishing terminology from どうぶつの森 I had to stop and look up a lot of vocab for things as ジャンボさん was teaching them how to catch and clean the fish. A lot of it used one or two kanji I already knew, so I had some idea of what they were saying in context (背骨 being ‘backbone’ for example) but it definitely slowed down my reading quite a bit. I do like fishing though, so I was still enjoying it.

I also played a little bit of どうぶつの森, I had a backlog of stuff to donate to フータさん from the last few days, which is always a struggle to work through at my reading level. Running around and catching a bunch of アキアカネ was fun though :grin:


:books: :maple_leaf: softlyraining’s spooky book stack :jack_o_lantern: :open_book:

October 2nd:
:orange_square: とつくにの少女1(14% → 35%)

Little by little, more is being revealed about the world that シーヴァ and せんせ live in. He’s cursed, and she’s forbidden from touching him, lest she become infected with it. At this point in time, there’s no cure. She made a flower crown for her aunt for whenever they meet again, and she made one for him, too. :face_holding_back_tears: After she went to bed, せんせ went into the forest and found something quite spooky and disturbing. The art style made it a little difficult to make the whole picture out, but I in general I understand what he found. シーヴァ is also just a little cutie. They had a bit of a tea party (せんせ doesn’t eat or drink, so it was really just for her own enjoyment), and afterward she wants him to read her a story. The way she glances up at him is adorable. :blush:

The panel


Keeping up with things while traveling is tough. I read all but the last… 10-15 pages of the mystery book club book which my phones keyboard refuses to populate the right kanji for and I’m too tired to individually search for. I’ll probably finish the book tomorrow morning but I’m beat today! :sleeping:


Sorry for the off-topic question, but I know we have some Spanish speakers/readers in here, and my question is about books, so I thought I’d try asking. :books:
Does anyone have recommendations for good mystery/suspense novels in Spanish, for a friend who’s learning Spanish at a good enough level to read not-too-literary books? Humour is also greatly appreciated, but I’m not talking about cozy mysteries, rather a suspenseful book with a complex enough plot that keeps you guessing (and possibly worrying) till the end. As an example, the Spanish translation for 三毛猫ホームズの推理 (Los misterios de la gata Holmes) has been a good fit.
Thanks for any input! :pray:

And to stay on topic, I’ve started reading the third and last story in 化身. It’s called 幸せという名のインコ and it seems to be about an all-white cockatiel called Happy. Reviews say it’s the scariest of the three stories, so I’m curious how it goes.


October 1
Yotsuba Chapter 1
October 2
Yotsuba Chapter 2


This is my first time doing this challenge, so I’m going to try my best :smile:

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夜カフェ :cake:

Didn’t get to reading until late. So only read 3,5 pages of 夜カフェ chapter 7 (current chapter being read with the off-shoot club). Can already tell there will be a lot of drama in this chapter.

@windupbird You are always reading such cute manga.

@natarin I just wanted to say, it has been inspiring to see you read every day as you got busy, even if it was only a little, maybe especially since even a little seemed fine by you. I hope I can do as well now that I’m once again committed to every day. (The off month turned into a true off month for me :joy:)


I don’t usually read suspense (more fantasy, historical, or romance), but I googled it in Spanish and found a few articles that you could send to your friend.

  1. https://www.hola.com/seleccion/20211020197694/mejores-libros-de-misterio/
  2. Los 12 Mejores Libros de Misterio | Comprateunlibro.com
  3. https://infolibros.org/libros-recomendados/mejores-libros-suspenso/

I hope there’s something on there that looks good to them! I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.


Oct 3

かがみの孤城 44%

Just managed to read one page, but I’m at the end of a section and it’s already late, so I’ll stop here for today.


Day 3 - I didn’t have much reading time, but since Tugumi has become a bit easier to read, I managed 6 pages, plus 4 pages of Spy Family.

At this rate I should finish last week’s reading of Tugumi tomorrow, which will be the closest I’ve been to catching up for a while!

I’m slightly neglecting the other clubs but have an 8 hour flight on Friday. All the books are online except Tugumi, and I probably can’t fit it in the hand luggage! (I have a lot of camera gear in my bag…)


Thank you so much for taking the time to look! Much appreciated!