Re Zero Volume 10 week 6

Re Zero Volume 10 Week 6

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Start Date: December 21, 2020
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Week 6 Reading: End of the book

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Here is the translations for Garfield’s weird expression.
Not all but well explained
all but not much context

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post-reading discussion is also up

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This week we finish this book on, surprise, a cliffhanger.

This week spoiler

Subaru is right. Echidna looks really nice in that outfit. Will Emilia be able to pass the trial or will Subaru do it. We still have no idea where Puck is. I thought he has gone to look for gluttony but who knows. He would really be useful now.
It’s nice that Subaru finally gets his title of knight. I can’t stop thinking Roswalt is playing 4D chess. He knew Subaru could stop it. It’s either the power of friendship or the power of playing 4D chess. I would not be surprised if Roswalt is the archbishop of lust or something. He does seem friendly so…
In the last part when Elsa suddenly appeared I was like, “Oh no not again”. Seem like the next loop is liberating the sanctuary then bringing people to defeat Elsa. Since Garlfiel seemed to have gotten closer to Subaru at the end maybe he would be good against Elsa

I had a question.
When Subaru is talking with Echidna Bookwalker P.283
“Clear vision(outside view?) have different form isn’t it? For me, I feel that being outside of the expectation not interesting. If you meet with that child outside, a witch would like to transmit word of jalousy.”
Not sure what she meant by that? Does she means that she envy Rem for being with Subaru or that Satella envy Rem for being with Subaru. Can someone help me please?

Thank you

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諦観 means clear vision as in seeing oneself clearly, coming to terms with oneself. She’s talking about how Subaru overcame the trials through a different means than actually coming to terms with his faults and past on his own, by relying on Rem’s view of him.

思惑 means her expectations, calculation, prediction. She’s saying Subaru trial didn’t go as she expected, and that it wasn’t amusing/fun for her.

君をそうした子 is the person who made you like that, who cause you to be like that. She’s saying that if he meets with Rem again, he’s supposed to tell her that a witch has a grudge/complaint against her. Because Rem (indirectly) caused Subaru to pass the trial in this unexpected way.

Answer to Belerith

Thanks for the help. Poor Echidna her trial has been destroyed by one girl’s opinion. Let’s hope Subaru can do the same for Emilia